Yobaby Giveaway Winners

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In hindsight, since I didn’t give Yobaby a very favorable review, it was probably foolish to continue to offer the giveaway part of the deal, but I did, and here are the results via a random integer generator:

1. (for a bowl/bib/spoon set and 3 packages of yogurt) Denise

2. (for 2 packages of yogurt) Meggan

Be sure to visit the Yobaby Review post again and check out the comment by the Styrene Research Council defending the use of plastic number 6 (styrene) in the yogurt cups. I’ll tackle the issue more later with a Food for Thought on plastic number 6, after I complete more thorough research.

And once again, I must give Stonyfield Farms (makers of Yobaby) props for their great adult products:  organic, unhomogenized, healthy yogurt. Mmmm! Please patronize them when you can!

If you’re ready to tackle homemade yogurt, try a starter from Cultures for Health. They even sell some that incubate on the countertop. That means the whole yogurt making process is:  Heat milk. Cool milk to room temp. Stir in starter. Leave on counter. Put in fridge. You can’t get much easier than that! Click the banner below to learn more:

Upcoming giveaways include:
Mrs. Meyer’s dishsoap
Organic Mama’s nursing bracelets
Cultures for Health yogurt starter

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