Analyzing Aluminum in Vaccines

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I know, I know…August is long over already. So I’m a little late and playing catch-up. This information is so interesting and vital, though, that we’re going to Analyze Aluminum in September for one day to finish out the series. (See all the Analyzing Aluminum in August posts here.)

Let me start by saying I’m not anti-vaccine. I am cautious, though, of things that are new, not tested thoroughly, or questioned. I am cautious if there are alternatives to the questionable subject. In the case of vaccines, I will be making 12 different decisions for Lovey Girl, each one based on:

  1. the severity of the disease we’re trying to avoid
  2. the prevalence of said disease
  3. the severity of the possible side effects
  4. the frequency of the side effects

I look at vaccines this way:  I am definitely, 100% certain I’m putting something foreign into my baby’s body when they get a shot. Dangerous reactions or complications are unknown, of course, but I have made a choice to start a potential process. There’s a chance that, vaccine or not, my child will never even be exposed to a given disease. In considering the odds, sometimes I feel that NOT giving them something potentially toxic is better than taking a CHANCE of them contracting a nasty disease. Is that crazy? I’m not comfortable with it, but it’s the best I’ve got right now.

vaccine-thumbphoto source:  AJC1

Aluminum, in particular, is in most vaccines as a preservative. There is about 0.85 mg/dose, which is far less than the 7-9mg it’s estimated that an average person ingests in a day. Here’s the catch:  some infants, already a small percentage of the mass of an average adult, receive up to 4 vaccines in one day. That brings them up to half an adult “dose” of aluminum. Here’s the really scary part:  there has been no research on the safety of that amount of aluminum in an infant’s system.

I can’t find the source right now (was probably The Vaccine Book), but there was some research done on aluminum exposure for IV patients, and the safe limit was less than an infant would receive if s/he got multiple vaccines in one day. That’s why some people prefer an alternative vaccine schedule, and others delay the vaccines until the child is older.

Vaccines are a serious issue, and I’m going to leave you with that to chew on and some great resources:

  • I learned about vaccines from The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library). I would highly recommend getting the book from the library (but if you want to buy it, you can use that affiliate link there). It’s written in a very non-judgmental, easy-to-read fashion and gives you straight facts to help you make your 12 different decisions. You can also find information and updates online at
  • Generation Rescue is an advocacy and research organization that calls for eliminating toxins in vaccines and delaying shot schedules. They’re not anti-vaccine, either, just anti-dangerous-vaccines. Jennie McCarthy got involved after her son developed autism, possibly as a result of a reaction to a vaccine.
  • I’m alarmed to find out recently that some vaccines are made from aborted stem cell lines. If preserving the sanctity of life is important to you, as it is to me, you’ll want to read this article (Is Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines Linked to Autism?) at Catholic Exchange.
  • Find out which brands of vaccines are ethically produced at COG for life by clicking on “Vaccine Sources”.
  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a round-up of fascinating vaccine resources called Vaccine Decisions.
  • UPDATE Nov. 2009:  Kelly’s new post on her vaccine decisions is up, and it’s excellent – 7 Factors in Making the Immunization Decision

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13 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Tanya Brown says

    This is a very interesting post. I did not realize there was aluminum in vaccines.
    And if you don’t feel that I am ‘stalkerish’ enough, I follow you on Twitter now:)

  2. says

    This is a good post. I’m with you on the whole issue. I’m not against the vaccines, but there is a whole lot more to consider than do I want my kid to get the shot or not. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned and your resources. I came over from Finer Things Friday, and stopped to look around a little.

  3. says

    COG for Life also has a section where you can find a pro-life doctor (which, presumably, would not use vaccines derived from aborted fetal stem cells). I’m SO pleased to be able to utilize a Catholic clinic for our health care services.

    • says

      Ooh, good question . . . and I’m curious to hear what you have to say, Katie! Since my little one doesn’t go to daycare and our outings are limited to Walmart a couple of times a month, I’m leaning toward a LOT of good hand washing and no vax.

    • Katie says

      The first thing I know is that it hasn’t had long-term tests, right? That alone scares me. The fact that there’s so much hype and scare tactics by the government gives me pause. Beyond that, I honestly haven’t looked into it yet. I can’t decide if that’s irresponsible, or just that I don’t want to waste my time researching something that I’m already too skeptical of to go for. My m-i-l had heart surgery this summer, so we may have to vax the kids for her sake. ?? Or just start taking cod liver oil… Anyone else have any insight?

  4. says

    You are doing a really great job on your blog mixing health food and green connections. You tags, widgets and creative commons licensing are nice to see. I post environmental stories and food links at and find that your approach is very informative. Keep up the good work

  5. says

    Does anyone else discuss the things they read on a blog with their husbands? I was telling Honey Bear about the camping trip I read about on your blog. Well, naturally he asked questions. He’s an engineer. He always wants to analyse things. So, he wanted to know where you were camping. Hmm, I couldn’t remember if I read that. So, I went to kelli’s place to try and find the link to the post I’d read. It wasn’t there. Or if it was, I couldn’t find it. Finally, today, I had the bright idea to just type in camping trip and the website popped up. Now, Honey Bear knows you were camping in Michigan and beside Lake Michigan. His company has a plant in Coldwater so he is talking to people there every week. He knew it had been chilly. He was impressed with the ice cream by the campfire, wanted to know how you did that. Did you have electricity? I didn’t think so. So was it a crank freezer and did you trek in the ice?
    So happy to have found you again so I could answer his questions.
    Mama Bear

    • Katie says

      Mama Bear,
      Your comment made me giggle tonight! My husband is an engineer, too (computer), and we actually sat by that campfire discussing how many forms of energy there are, through the lenses of physics and chemistry. :)

      We actually have an ice cream ball, so you put ice in one side and it surrounds a can/tube of ice cream mix (milk, cream, sugar, vanilla) that you pour in the other side. Add rock salt to the ice and roll around for 10 minutes, and you’ve got soft serve ice cream! We should have planned to do it the first day, but it was so cold, and we were lucky that it was so we had ice enough left in the cooler the second night.

      The campsite is a national forest near Ludington, about 1/3-1/2 of the way up the state on Lk Michigan.

      Fun questions! Katie

  6. says

    I am SO with you on this. In fact, I just got my son started with his vaccinations today and he is 14 mo. old. I find it sad that so many people just do things because it is the accepted thing to do and they don’t question it or research it at all.

    Don’t know if you feel comfortable answering this or not, but I am curious if you found it easy to find the ethical vaccines for your child. I think I’m going to have a few hurdles to jump over to get them for my son.

    Just discovered your blog and am “wasting” :) lots of time reading it. Looking forward to learning more!!
    .-= Lydia ´s last blog ..Coupon Help =-.

    • Katie says

      I am ashamed to admit: I just found that portion of the information last month, and although Lovey Girl has had one vac since then, I forgot to ask if it had aborted cells in it. :( Next time, I’ll be more on the ball. A friend in the area said they asked at the health dept, and it just happened that all the brands available were the “clean” brands, so that was encouraging news.
      Welcome to KS! Sorry I’m sucking you in…the Internet is sure like that, isn’t it? 😉 Katie

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