Super Foods Break Down part one: What’s in There?

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October Fest CarnivalJust in case you were missing posts about Super Foods, I’m coming back with a few more. :)

I’ve had a few honest people (best friend and pediatrician) tell me that they tuned out of the Food for Thoughts on the Super Foods. I get that. There was so much information, and really, who cares why most things are healthy, just make sure you’re eating them! (Do check out the Super Foods list, print a copy for your fridge, and make a concerted effort to include more of them in your weekly routine.)

I realized that rather than a list of vitamins and such in a given food, it would be even more helpful for folks who are seeking to prevent/heal/improve certain conditions to have a list of the super foods organized by how they will help. I know when my mother-in-law had a sudden double bypass, we all wanted as much nutrition information as we could…but only about heart health and diabetes.

Scan the list below for the health issues you’re most interested in. The link for each food will take you to its Food for Thought, which goes deeper into the health benefits and sometimes shares recipes and/or preparation and storage tips.

Remember that Super Foods are given that title because they belong in more than one category. When you choose these foods on your plate, you’re getting a two-for-one deal (or three- or four- or more-for-one deal) on the ways it will help you stay healthy.

Here is the first installment of the Super Foods Break Down:

Eat Them for WHAT?

First, here are some of the top nutrients you might be looking for in your dinner:

1. Protein

2. Fiber

3. Iron

4. Folic acid (remember ladies, important in pregnancy!)

5. Calcium

super foods

Some helpful Super Food functions for your health:

6. Eye health

7. Improves digestion

8. Feel full longer (good for dieters)

9. Builds immune system

10. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal

Of course, the disclaimer for all this is that I’m just a mom, not a doctor or even a nutritionist. The Internet told me this, and it can tell you, too. Make sure you don’t make any medical decisions based on the information here, just ask medical questions of your doctor.

There are two more sections of this compilation, (see them here and here) culminating with the October Fest Carnival of Super Foods on Thursday. It’s a Super Foods Fest of recipes this week! If you have a recipe that includes two or more Super Foods from the list under the tab in the top menu bar or one that highlights a particular super food, please share in the comments or link to your blog post during the carnival on THURSDAY. My recipe has NINE Super Foods, sometimes more. (Yes, “honorable mentions” count.)

Let’s load up on the healthy foods as we head into hibernation (I wish!) for the winter. Find over 60 bean/legume recipes and lots of ways to use broth at the past two weeks’ carnivals, then look forward to the “Un-Processed” foods and Healthy Fats themes (and you can win some healthy ingredients for participating the last two weeks). I’m looking forward to building some great resources!

Someone else who knows about eating good food:  Nina Planck. Win her Real Food books here through 10/24!

See Top 10 {Tuesday} at Oh Amanda for more top 10 lists, and Ann Kroeker’s Food on Fridays.

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