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Advent Daily Dose: The Jesse Tree

November 30th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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As a Catholic schoolteacher I was introduced to the Jesse tree.  It’s an Advent devotion that traces the genealogy of Jesus from Adam and Eve to the Gospels.  It’s the perfect daily activity to help prepare children for the birth of Christ, and there’s often a lot to learn for adults, too.

We made a valiant effort last year to do the Jesse tree ornaments, but we couldn’t choose a good time that we were consistent with.  We only got through about half the items on the list.  This year, I’m committed to making it work.  After work is too hectic with dinner preparation, and after dinner doesn’t always work because of trying to clear the table, baths, etc.  We’re going to integrate it with nighttime prayers this year and prioritize by praying before reading books.  I think we can be successful – even if we have to let the children stay up five minutes later, that five minutes won’t kill anybody.

Here are some links to printable Jesse tree ornaments.  Mine are just printed on paper, cut out, and hung with yarn taped to the wall.  Nothing but class at the Kimball house! ; )

We use a combination of the two devotionals so that we can include Scripture, explanation, and real-life connections.  The ornaments (which vary slightly) can be printed here or here to fit with either version of the reflections.

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