End of the Week Hodgepodge

Dearest Readers,

I was hoping to have a Kitchen Stewardship Gadget Wishlist update for you by today, as well as the rebuttal to the whole “soaking grains” practice that I alluded to on Monday.

Those aren’t prepared.

Maybe I’ll work on posting the whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe that people (my own mother included) keep asking me for.  :)

In the meantime, here’s some info to whet your appetite for the soaking whole grains update:

I read an interesting article months ago that seemed to corroborate at least part of the Nourishing Traditions idea that whole grains have phytates that bind to other minerals and prevents them from being assimilated by the body.  I was curious for more, and asked a question about soaking grains, which received a very lengthy response from a doctor on staff.  He didn’t seem to think that soaking would be very helpful for mineral absorption.  I followed up and received another, even more detailed response.  The doctor basically says that Sally Fallon is wrong.

So I emailed Sally.


Yes, dear friends, I have an email from Sally Fallon in my inbox.  I feel like a VIP!  I’m still working on connecting the two experts and getting them to directly respond to each other’s claims, but I think you can look forward to some intriguing information…and probably more to confuse you as well.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. says

    I found a scientific journal article on phytic acid when I was googling something about soaking times, so it really is based in science and not just some mumbo-jumbo.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Soaked Carob Buckwheat Pancakes =-.

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    Katie Reply:

    Absolutely…it’s just that scientists can’t always agree, and the research is sometimes lacking in the area of traditional foods. There aren’t many corporations who stand to gain from a return to traditional foods, so no one is putting up money for research into why we should process things so much, you know? It’s a tricky subject with LOTS of good answers – now to find the best one! :) Katie

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  2. says

    I’m curious to hear more. I’ve wondered if we’d be safe to eat grains (we’ve been gluten-free on and off) if we soaked them first. But I’ve seen a lot of arguments on both sides so I’d be interested to see a good summary. Thanks!

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    Katie Reply:

    I read a LOT about sourdough in particular being better for gluten-sensitive folks. I hope I can provide a good summary – there is SO much information!

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