Advent Daily Dose: We Wish You a Holy Christmas (List)

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Advent Daily Dose ButtonWhat are you doing this week to make Christmas holy? I have to admit, I started the novena to the Infant Jesus one day late, then forgot the second day. So I’m not doing that one.  I need to refocus (again, didn’t I just do that Friday?) on the point of the holiday. Join me?

I want you to make a new list today.

I know, I know. You’re drowning in lists.

I promise, just one more.

Make a list titled “How to Have a Holy Christmas.”

Figure out at least three things you can do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to pull the focus of your family back to Christ as we all get distracted by family, food, and presents.

Here’s my list, but you can do anything you want:

  1. Pray HARD to enter into Christmas Mass, whether it’s in spite of squirmy kiddos or because of them – I’m going to work to offer up my parenting during Mass, even if it means sacrificing listening to the homily because I have to take a toddler out. I will make that sacrifice count for something instead of getting crabby about it.
  2. Invite the family with whom I’m celebrating Christmas Day to pray a decade of the Rosary together. This is going to be a bit uncomfortable…but I think I’ll enlist Buddy Boy to bring it up, and that should go over well.
  3. Have some sort of prayer service with my family Christmas Eve. It’s going to be just the four of us that day, so we should be able to do something special with Scripture, blessing each other with holy water, and praying for intentions and the gift of Baby Jesus. I’d like to honor all Buddy Boy’s really, really incredible efforts with his manger hay, too, and try to figure out how to keep up the idea of doing good works for Jesus the rest of the year, too.

Have a Merry, Blessed Christmas. There’s one more installment of the Advent Daily Dose coming tomorrow, about the importance of holiday FOOD. (What else?)

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