Can You Decorate for Lent? A Mary and Martha Moment

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Why not? The Church does. We decorate our houses for everything from quasi-religious holidays to seasons in our culture. I say: why not make Lent a time where even your house slows down and fasts from culture?

Note:  This post was originally published for Lent, 2009. If you’ve actually been around that long, pat yourselves on the back. You’re a true original follower. I figure most people haven’t seen this one, though. Lent starts next Wednesday!

When Ash Wednesday hits, my house is doused in purple. I am reminded of the season – the Church season – everywhere I look.

I take down some of my everyday “pretty” decorations and replace them with signs to remind me of Jesus’s 40 days in the desert.

My Lenten House

The candy dishes (sniff, sniff) are filled with sand (Oh, how far I’ve come. I haven’t had any candy dishes out for quite some time now. Good job, Katie! Just don’t look in my pantry. There might still be some sugar bombs in there!):

candy dishes

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Now, should you decorate for Lent? I don’t think you have to. It’s just one way I participate in the season. It works for me! What do you do to make your space remind you of Lent?


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  1. says

    I’m just starting on the real food trail. With Lent beginning next week, I’m looking for some meatless ideas that are not based on pasta and tomato sauce. Do you have some ideas? Especially since I’ve been reading about the importance of animal products in our diet but my husband has not and he has asked that we eat meatless all weekdays throughout Lent…

  2. says

    Since Lent starts after Valentine’s Day, I’m going to find it very easy to simplify the living room and dining room this year. I haven’t decided on my centerpiece yet, though I was thinking of setting up the good shepherd parable since most of my kids are six and under. I also love the idea of using purple fabric and ribbon to decorate. I usually do this during Advent as a way not to decorate for Christmas.

    Mostly my plan was to simplify the existing decorations as much as possible and to use a Lenten calendar and Lenten tree to mark the time.
    .-= Barb@My Daily Round´s last blog ..Soaked (Pumpkin) Gingerbread =-.

  3. Joann says

    Love this post, Katie. As far as decorating for Lent goes, we definitely follow suit with purple on the dinner table. I also set up a “quiet time” station with a basket of reading material. We each pick out a book (or a few) to read for Lent. The books stay in this special place where they are retrieved during quiet time (around 2:00 PM) each day. Dad catches up on his reading in the evening since he’s not home at 2 like the rest of us. This is spiritual/lives of the saints type reading, by the way. I really love the penitential seasons.

  4. says

    I have never heard of decorating for lent before, but I love the idea of making this time of year something tangible that you encounter every day, a reminder of quietness and simplicity as we prepare for Easter. I also agree with waiting on the Easter decorating – it really does make the day that much more special.
    .-= Andi´s last blog ..Bedroom Book Organizer =-.

  5. Sarah W says

    Great ideas! We are the domestic church afterall and I think it is good to make our homes physically resemble the church in small ways such as you have done here.

  6. jeanne says

    My lenten decoration usually consist of a purple cloth on my entry way table with a grape vine wreath layed on top and a large cream colored pillar candle in the center. I use the type of wreath the has the vines poking out from the center, not the weaved type. It reminds me of the crown of thorns.

  7. Rebecca K says

    Any suggestions for where to find sand? In my small town and surrounding area I have struck out so far. Or, any alternatives come to mind?


    I love the suggestions!

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