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Announcing the Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out! Carnival

March 10th, 2010 · 30 Comments · Uncategorized

Get out your calendars, ladies and gentlemen bloggers, and mark down the dates for a 10-week rotating carnival called Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out!SPRING CLEANING BUTTON

We’re going to spring clean here at Kitchen Stewardship in a unique way.  Instead of focusing on your physical space, we’ll look at a myriad of issues that you may want to get out of your diets, cleaning cupboards, bad habit collections or mental baggage. Each week, a different blog will host a theme that fits their mission and a linky for YOU to link up any pertinent posts.

Related posts for the linky might include a tips post, a recipe, a personal story of getting that issue “out”, or even questions you have about the issue.

Here’s the list of hostesses and weekly themes so you can plan to participate. There will be giveaways for each week, with entries both for linking up at your blog and for leaving comments for all you non-bloggers.  New and old posts welcome!

  1. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship: antibacterial soap/bleach LIVE!
  2. Amy @ Simply Sugar and Gluten Free: gluten LIVE! (link here)
  3. Beth @ My Plastic-Free Life: plastic food containers LIVE! (link here)
  4. Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up: refined sugar LIVE! (link here)
  5. Micaela @ Mindful Momma: parabens LIVE! (link here)
  6. Lenetta @ Nettacow: food additives LIVE! (link here)
  7. Kelly the Kitchen Kop: CAFOs LIVE! (link here)
  8. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers: pesticides LIVE! (link here)
  9. Mandi @ Organizing Your Way: clutter LIVE! (link here)
  10. Claire @ Saving Money Plan: debt LIVE! (link here)

The Monday Mission here at KS will correspond with the week’s theme, and you’ll find information here about WHY you might want to “get out” a certain topic…then head on over to the hostess blog every Tuesday for multi-level options to help you make a change. You’ll get ideas to take Baby Steps, Making Strides, or a Leap of Faith to get it all out!

I’m thrilled to have such an incredible panel of participants here and a wide range of topics.  I think we’ll all be challenged and learn something new along the way.

Take a look at the themes: What do you have questions about? What will be the hardest topic for you to tackle?

If you’re in whole hog, feel free to grab a button for your sidebar that will direct your readers back to this post, where the carnivals will remain updated as they happen.  You can get the code from the right sidebar or save this image to your own site.  Thanks!


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If you missed the last Monday Mission, click here.

Kitchen Stewardship is dedicated to balancing God’s gifts of time, health, earth and money.  If you feel called to such a mission, read more at Mission, Method, and Mary and Martha Moments.

Carnival button image used with gratitude from Olga Diez and free fonts from Kevin and Amanda.

Disclosure: See my full disclosure statement here.

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