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No Time to Soak Your Own?

March 24th, 2011 · 5 Comments · What to Buy

JoshEWEa’s Garden can help.

Although I usually talk about super frugal, do-it-yourself type methods here at Kitchen Stewardship, the fourth pillar of Kitchen Stewardship is the good use of one’s time. If you’re not spending time with the family you’re feeding so well, you need to re-prioritize and figure out where to make some cuts.

You were first introduced to JoshEWEa’s Garden when I gave away that Nutrimill grain  mill last month and JoshEWEa’s contributed a bag of already sprouted grains for the lucky winner to mill into sprouted flour at her leisure. The sprouted grains and sprouted flour help cover you if you don’t have the large appliances necessary to accomplish those techniques DIY, namely a dehydrator and grain mill.

But what I miss most of all in this grain-free Lent might just be the soaked granola I fell in love with the first two months of the year from JoshEWEa’s.

Super Soaked Cereal (Granola)

joshewea's garden  (7) (475x356)

"Granola" isn’t quite the right term, but when I say that you know what I’m talking about. It tastes an awful lot like granola to me! JoshEWEa’s calls their product super soaked cereal, and you can click on that link to see more of the 50-100 hours that go into each bag.

Here’s the thing – if you don’t have time to soak, are perhaps, ahem, pregnant and running out of energy, or you just don’t mind spending the money to let someone else do the work for you – this product is indispensable.

Not only can you eat the 8 varieties like cereal, covered with milk, but on days when you’ve forgotten to soak your oatmeal and don’t feel like eggs, you can use the soaked cereal as a warm porridge as well. My house hasn’t smelled so good since we tried the pumpkin pecan cereal on the stovetop (sorry, that one’s seasonal, but holy cow, watch for it in the fall!).

My mom was at my house taking care of my kiddos while I was off gallivanting at a blog conference in January, and as someone who makes her own gran0la, has tried my soaked granola from Healthy Snacks to Go, and has spent the big bucks to purchase those little boxes of regular storebought granola, she said that JoshEWEa’s was truly the best granola she’s ever had. She is SO right!

Our family got to try a whole bunch of flavors, and every one was a hit. I almost started hiding it from the kids just because I wanted to save it for myself!! Although I do make and appreciate my own homemade, sometimes, you just run out and don’t have time to make more right away (it is a 2-day process, minimum, after all). When we go back to grains, I’m springing for a few more bags, especially to have on hand in August/September after baby comes!

Soaked Nuts

joshewea's garden  (3) (475x356)

I also have to give a shout out to the soaked crispy nuts from JoshEWEa’s. Again, I make my own, but if you don’t have a dehydrator and your oven won’t go low enough to preserve the enzymes, it’s nice to know you have options for digestible nuts. Plus, I can’t figure out how to get cashews to be not slimy, so I just don’t soak them. Somehow JoshEWEa’s mixed nuts are packed with cashews – that bag was our emergency car stash this winter, and I was so often thankful to have it available! (Did I mention they’re organic? Hard enough to find organic nuts UNsoaked sometimes!)

I’ve been using the soaked pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the grain-free granola (that I need to make more of like, yesterday…I guess it’s eggs for breakfast again…) we’ve had this month.

Nut Butters

I admit, one thing I’ve never made myself is peanut butter or almond butter. I’m sure it’s so easy, but I just haven’t taken the plunge. I buy regular old natural peanut butter at the store and just turn a blind eye to the phytates. I know some people are really bothered by unsoaked nuts, and purchasing soaked nut butter would certainly be a great way to have a convenience item on hand that is NOT a compromise.

That’s what I kept thinking and being thankful for when I was testing out JoshEWEa’s products, in awe: "I don’t have to make this, AND I don’t have to feel guilty about a compromise." Sigh of relief. It’s so seldom that I get to do that…if ever…so I decided I was totally behind this small, family-run company.

Their story will get you behind them, too.

Background of JoshEWEa’s Garden

joshewea's garden  (1) (475x356)

My goody box from JoshEWEa’s Garden – YUM-O!

Working with small, family-run businesses is a gem of this blog gig that I have. Michaeleen from JoshEWEa’s Garden was a reader long before she was a sponsor, and I’ve gotten to know her as a fellow Catholic mother (of 5), just trying to seek out her vocation and help take care of her family. Her story is pretty powerful:

"In March of 2008 I approached our good friends and farm neighbor who runs an organic dairy farm and farm store which offers Weston A Price foods to the local community.  I felt like I might be able to help us financially by helping someone else and so I asked her if I could help her in some way – clean her home, do laundry, cook meals, etc.  She is the mother of 8 and home schools as well. I could see she was very busy running the store as well.   When I asked her how I could help she chuckled and said, “You know what I REALLY need?  She paused and stated, “Sprouted Wheat Flour!” She used to have a local gal who had a commercial kitchen and made it for resale but that lady developed a terrible allergy to the dust from the grinding and had to stop (she now makes fantastic fermented sour kraut varieties!) But, I had never heard of such a thing.  It didn’t matter, it was what she needed and so I was determined to learn about it to see if I could do it and help her. 

[Taking a leap of faith to start a new business,] by May of 2008 we were licensed and I consecrated all of our work and efforts in this kitchen to our Heavenly Mother Mary.  May she bless and make holy the meager work of our hands!

  I want to offer WAPF convenience foods for the home cook – either to combine with what they are already making or to enjoy on their own.

Most customers buy our items as a complement to what they are already producing in the home.  I understand this food is very expensive and we strive to keep our production costs low.  We use the best quality ingredients we can find and source them locally whenever possible.  In fact, I make our own organic vanilla for use in our products.  We follow the WAPF guidelines for all techniques and are in “compliance” with their recommendations for digestible ingredient items.   I want customers to know that any food product we offer is acceptable and supported/recommended by WAPF principals.  All of our products rank in the “Best” category according to the 2011 WAPF Shoppers Guide Book."

 I’m so pleased to spotlight companies that can help you live the healthy lifestyle you seek. JoshEWEa’s is a March sponsor of Kitchen Stewardship (see sidebar ad), and yes, this is more than just a "complimentary mention" in a post, but sometimes a product is simply worth reviewing for you guys. I couldn’t NOT talk about the best granola we’ve ever had! You can check out their products for yourself right HERE.

By the way…To Soak or Not to Soak is still in draft form, obviously. I’m thinking it will make more sense to publish when the free soaked grain eBook (in process!) comes out in a few weeks, since it just got squeezed out on the last soaking grains week I accomplished.

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  • Amy Spicer

    Alright I think I am convinced to try some of their products. I have been toying with the idea more and more lately of soaking my own grains. I am not sure where to get started. One baby step at a time for me. Like you said though why do it yourself when you can buy it without sacrificing any wholesome goodness?! I am heading over to JoshEWEa’s Garden right now. Thanks for the review.

    [Reply to this comment]

  • Kristin

    This is so timely. I am 9 months pregnant and so very exhausted. Having another breakfast option for my 22 month old, seems heaven-sent right now. Thanks

    [Reply to this comment]

  • liz

    I’m doing the grain free thing right now too. I am going to check out the site and look at all their goodies anyway.

    [Reply to this comment]

  • Martha

    I just brought home a small bag of their oatmeal raisin cookie cereal from the FamilyFarmed expo in Chicago this past weekend. The boys tried it out for breakfast this morning. Three of them thought it was awesome, the third really liked it but thought it was a little too crunchy. A little soak will take care of that. :) I hope to order more soon as I haven’t seemed to make the time to make my own. I once tried soaking the oats and then making granola without drying them first. The same son missed the crispy bits!

    [Reply to this comment]

  • Chris @ Get Real Chris

    I think I need to try their super soaked cereal as I have yet to find a soaked granola (I’ve tried just about every recipe out there plus tested several of my own concoctions) that we really like. Thanks for posting.

    [Reply to this comment]

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