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Want to see a funny set of pictures?

redmond clay mask (3) (475x356)

redmond clay mask (5) (475x356)

redmond clay mask (4) (475x356)

redmond clay mask (1) (475x356)

Can you guess what I’m doing? Winking smile

Redmond Clay sent me some goodies to sample, including a Facial Mask made of clay and water. It goes on kind of clear but dries quite obviously white.

The captions under these photos might say something like,

  1. “Let’s take a picture.”
  2. “Hey, my face is so tight I can’t smile!”
  3. “What happens if I wrinkle my brow?”
  4. “I’m busting out of here!”

imageThe facial mud mask is supposed to draw out toxins and deep clean the face in 10-30 minutes. I left it on for about 15 minutes. When I washed it off with warm water, which was pleasantly easy to accomplish, I did have pink, blotchy skin that was a bit stingy/tight, but that went away within 15-30 minutes. Now my skin just feels…fresh. The tube warned me that that might happen and that it was normal – good call on the packaging!

I can tell it definitely did something. Does my face look cleaner the next day? Blemishes smaller? I think so, but it could just be wishful thinking. I’ll have to do it more often! It’s a little weird and much more than I usually do as a “beauty routine,” but it’s far less crazy than those peel-off masks made of who-knows-what that I used to think were cool in high school!

What Can You Win?

The Redmond Trading Company put together a pretty awesome package for TWO lucky winners, valued over $75 each. You can see all the product descriptions and prices HERE. Each winner will receive:

  • 1- 4 oz Redmond Clay Facial Mudimage
  • 1- 4 oz Redmond Clay First Aid
  • 1- 10 oz Redmond Clay Jar
  • 1- 3 oz Redmond Clay Baby Powder
  • 1- 120 caps Daily Detox
  • 1- 9 oz Real Salt Shaker – Fine
  • 1- 8 oz Real Salt Shaker – Kosher
  • 1- “We Eat Clay” Booklet
  • 1- “The Healing Power of Clay” paperback book

Don’t know what Real Salt is? Learn about healthy salt.

What Can Clay Do?

The Redmond Clay product is pre-hydrated in the two tubes I tested, the aforementioned (and photographed) facial mud and the First Aid clay, which helps relieve insect bites, scrapes, burns, abrasions and more. It’s a nice one stop shop item for traveling and camping and such, because it does so much. The property of drawing out comes in handy for many uses…

The ingredients are the same on both tubes (bentonite clay and water), so I wonder if I could use the mask on an owie or vice versa. image

I’m pretty happy with my pre-mixed products, but if this was a place I wanted to be even more frugal, I’d get the jar of clay and mix it with water myself.

I’ll be posting a full review of the First Aid clay later this week along with some other natural outdoor remedy products.

Why Eat Clay?

Clay can also be used as an internal detoxifying agent. Stephanie at Keeper of the Home told me this when I inquired about clay detoxes on Twitter:

redmond clay tweet 2

If you’d like to know more about clay detoxes and how the clay does so many different “tasks”, you can check out Redmond’s About page for info on how the clay works and the varied uses people find for it.

A Discount for Everyone

Whether you win or not, you can take advantage of a 15% discount off your entire order, including the Real Salt line. Use the coupon code “IEatClay” through July 3rd to have some fun with clay and salt.


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45 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. says

    I know these don’t count as an entry, but I just entered and there wasn’t a way to say which product we wanted to try (the first aid clay in my case) and I’m afraid it may have marked it ‘no’ that I didn’t visit the website and I did…promise!!

    Might want to check your form before a million people enter and are confused…

    And I hope my entry still counts too, I’d love to give these a try :)
    [email protected]

    • Bethany W says

      Yup – Heather’s right. It also says to email 5 friends about the course (I think it meant to say the giveaway/Redmond Clay products?). Anywho, we’d be all over that first aid clay. Love to try it.

      • Katie says

        Arg and oops. :) All the entries will count, even though I can’t see the “what I’d like best” in the survey. Thanks for the heads up! :) katie

  2. Ashley Cozzens says

    I would choose the clay that you mix yourself since it seems I could use it many different ways.
    I hope this is where I was supposed to state that!

  3. Kristy says

    I’d like to try the first aid clay. One of my sons gets a ton of bug bites and I’d love to see if this would help stop the itch!

  4. says

    I’d like to try the facial mud. I’ve used clay masks before and they really help my blemish-prone skin, so I’d love to try something that’s simply clay and water!!

  5. Megan Pence says

    I would like to try the first aid clay. always looking for natural alternatives in the medicine chest!

  6. Susan says

    Heather is right, I didn’t see a place to write what I’d like to try…for me it would be the facial mud…my daughter is getting married this summer and I’d like to have blemish free skin. I love Redmond’s salt, and discovered that a product that I use for digestive issues after having my gall bladder removed has bentonite clay as an ingredient.

    • Susan says

      Can I change my mind about the product I’d like to try? ha I’d like to try the Redmond Clay because I can use it internally or externally. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  7. Audrea says

    The first aid looks interesting, especially with little ones. I didn’t see a place to share what I liked on the survery so I’m sharing it here.

  8. Rachel says

    I would like to get the first aid tube. My son loves the ‘mustard’ that we put on! I would also like to try the capsules for travel.

  9. Deb H says

    I think the First Aid tube looks interesting – with kids we always seem to have a need for something to soothe injuries!

  10. Leah Alexander says

    I would love to try the regular clay to mix in to my water for the mineral and detox benefits.

  11. Daphne says

    I’d like to try the first aid. With a toddler running around outside every day we need it for both the bug bites and scrapes!

  12. Julie says

    My daughter and I both have pretty nasty reactions (swelling and oozing) to the bite of a certain bug around here. I’d love to try the first aid cream for that! Not to mention the everyday scrapes, etc that come with 3 little kids. :)

  13. Nicole says

    yes to first aid and facial clay–I used to use redmond clay as a facial as a teen, though it wasn’t through this company…would love to use it again!

  14. Rebekah says

    The survey didn’t have an area to say which product I’d try– so just in case, I would love to try the plain old Redmond Clay.

  15. shara says

    I’d like to try it all! Ha…if I had to choose one, I’d try the baby powder because my chunky monkey little boy has no neck and could use some powder in those fat creases :)

  16. Kori Ireland says

    Like others I am guessing here is where I say which product I would love to try? I did the survey. I would like to try the first aid but the daily detox sounds interesting too! Not sure I could just eat the clay though!

  17. says

    I’m interested in both ingesting the “detox” clay as well as using it to soak produce — here in HI radiation levels in milk, produce, etc., are still too high, and I read that the clay can help remove radiation. Worth a try!

  18. says

    I am fascinated by the first aid cream/clay. and the clay itself seems like the thing to get because you could use it so many different ways.

  19. Brandi says

    I am about to have baby #3 in a month and I would love to try the baby powder. I didn’t use powder on my other two because of the talc so it would be nice to try this one.

  20. Mary Dr says

    In addition to a clay mask, you should also use Citrus Clear’s Spot Treatment after you wash of the clay mask. I had HUGE nose pores and crap in the pores. I’ve tried strips and other garbage and nothing has worked as well. One week after the clay mask + Citrus Clear Spot Treatment the pores shrank and my skin is blackhead / black pore free compared to only a week ago.

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