Food Resolutions and Goals to Eat Well, Spend Less

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It seems like everything refreshes in the New Year – the Eat Well, Spend Less team is no exception. The posts they’ve come up with for food resolutions and goals are truly top notch this month! In case you missed my post this week, go ahead and learn to make multiple batches of stock from one set of bonesfrugality at its finest, getting even more out of your garbage!

I really enjoyed the posts from the others this month, and I absolutely played favorites; they’re listed in order of the ones I liked best, although the top three…okay, the top five! – were neck and neck!

Reclaiming my Kitchen with a Little Organization

from Shaina of Food for my Family


I have made quite the mess in the kitchen. We’re not talking an “I’ve been baking all day and have yet to clean it up” type of a mess. Anyone that knows me knows that I clean as I go, such is the Type A trait that flows in my soul. There are very rare occasions that I break from that rule, but yes, I do color outside the lines every now and again.

This type of mess that I’ve been creating is instead one of exhaustion. It starts with a bit of ingredient shopping at the store. The ingredients are usually purchased in larger amounts than needed, and then only a portion is used leaving the rest of them to sit and occupy space. Multiply this times holiday baking, book making and general family meals. It causes me to arrive home with groceries intended for this cookie or cake, that dish that needs to be made and then realizing that the cupboards are still full.

It is a mess of pushing, of finally giving up and sighing, of placing the food directly on the counter because it’s winter, it can’t go outside, and it doesn’t fit inside the limited kitchen storage space. It’s a mess that makes the Type A part of me wriggle under the thin layer of skin, screaming to get out.

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The Key to Changing Your Diet for Good

from Mandi of Life…Your Way image

What if I told you there was one key that held the secret to actually changing your diet for good?

It’s not really a secret formula or hiring a personal chef or choosing the “right” diet.

No, what I learned from our experiencing transitioning our youngest daughter to a gluten-, dairy-, soy-free diet was that the key to successfully making any diet change is to have a comprehensive list of food you can eat…that you actually want to eat.

Read more of Mandi’s family’s transition to a new diet HERE

Wasting Less in the Kitchen

from Carrie of Denver Bargains image

The kitchen is definitely one of the areas I – and I would guess many of you – tend to waste a lot.  From leftovers that got moldy to just flat out laziness in using all edible parts of the food I purchase, there are a ton of ways that I regularly waste food (and therefore, money) in the kitchen.

With rising grocery costs and less and less time to shop around for the best deals on groceries, I can’t ignore my bad habits in the kitchen anymore.  Here’s what I’m doing in the kitchen to waste less in 2012:

Get rid of the food that I will never use.

I wrote about this in 5 Ways Getting Rid Of Stuff Will Save You Money.  I had a few items in my cupboards that were giving me a guilt trip every time I looked at them.  I thought about the money I’d spent on those rice paper wrappers that I now knew, after they spent three years in my cabinet, I would never use.

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Teaching My Boys to Cook

from Jessica of Life as MOM image

Teaching my boys to cook is a great way for us to eat well and spend less, while they live under my roof as well as after they fly the nest.

Ever since my firstborn could stand up on a kitchen chair, we’ve encouraged our kids to help in the kitchen.

(That’s he and I almost ten years ago. We were remodeling our kitchen, but that didn’t stop us from cooking up a storm together.)

Now that the older ones are older, I’ve realized that I haven’t done the best job in making them independent in the kitchen. In fact, the older kids have been usurped by the littler ones who want to help. We haven’t moved too far past someone standing on the kitchen chair helping mom.

Only the names have changed.

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Eating Well for Baby & Brown Rice Pilaf Recipe

from Aimee of Simple Bites


Diet in the third trimester is requires a bit more thought than usual for one obvious reason: I’m always hungry. Snacking takes on a whole new meaning, shifting from a casual appeasing of the munches to a full on survival tactic.

Thanks to an ever-growing uterus pressing on my stomach, I can’t comfortably eat a regular sized meal. Often my plate holds the same amount of food as my preschooler – and I’m feeling stuffed after the meal; hence, I eat small meals, but more frequently.

So why is a big pot of rice featured in a post about snacking? Because I’ve found brown rice ‘bowls’ to be my latest affordable, healthy, and energy-boosting snack. I’m kind of addicted, actually!

Read the rest and get the recipe for baked brown rice pilaf right HERE

Saving Money on Healthier Foods

from Alyssa of Kingdom First Mom


When I started on my living healthier journey, food was a big part of what I wanted to change. It was a bit discouraging at first, as it seems eating healthier means you spend a lot more money! I didn’t give up, though, and as I continued, I realized that while eating better did cost more, you can still save money when it comes to eating healthier.

Decide what your priorities are.

Are you looking to simply reduce your eating out expenses and cook at home more? Or, are you wanting to spend your money on organic produce? Wherever you are on the spectrum, figure out what is most important to you. If you are trying to go gluten-free, then that needs to be the first thing budgeted for on your grocery list.

For our family, we choose to spend the bulk of our money on grassfed meats, real butter, farm eggs, and raw milk. Right now, with our budget (and the fact that we live in an area where organic produce is rare), we rely on the dirty dozen to purchase our fruits and veggies. Our family is also reducing the amount of gluten we eat, so gluten-free products are also make our shortlist.

Read the rest right HERE

Frugal Budget Considerations for 2012

from Tammy of Tammy’s Recipes image

Tammy lists her budget goals from 2011 and how they did on each one, then reevaluates and creates new goals for 2012.

If you are inspired by seeing what others can do to be frugal, you’ll love this post.

Read the rest right HERE

Using a Variety of Whole Grains

imageOne of my 2012 Food Resolutions is to eat a larger variety of grains. I mentioned that our family is great about using freshly ground white whole wheat flour as a substitute in many of our favorite baking recipes.

Last year I adapted our family’s favorite waffle recipe to create “Healthier” Whole Wheat Waffles, a recipe we still enjoy quite frequently and feel much better about eating.

But I’d like to take it a step further. I want to experiment with using other grains besides whole wheat to bake with. I came up with this delicious recipe for Multi-Grain Pumpkin Cranberry Bread.

Read the rest right HERE

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