Healthy Fats, Healthy Breakfast, and That Probiotic Chocolate Company

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I got a new job.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be the powerhouse behind Kitchen Stewardship and probably working as hard as ever, but once a month I’ll have to invite you over to Attune Foods to visit and read my articles.

This month’s theme is “healthy breakfast,” and I jumped at the chance to write about The Importance of Starting the Day with Healthy Fats.

healthy breakfast fats

I know I’ve often written about healthy fats before, but it’s been a while, and I don’t know that we can have too many reminders about them. You’ll learn:

  • The role of fat in our bodies
  • Which fats are healthy fats?
  • Way to incorporate healthy fats in breakfast

This post has ideas you may not have tried before to incorporate the good stuff into the first meal of the day!

Click to learn more about getting those fats into a healthy breakfast

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How I Connected with Attune Foods

You may remember me raving about Attune’s probiotic chocolate bars in the post about soil-based organisms in probiotics. I’m eating one right now, although I must say there was a certain lack of foresight in ordering them through Amazon when the temps are averaging in the 90s. (Duh.)

Think I can just have chocolate at every meal to fulfill this week’s mission? Tee hee…

I first bumped into Attune at a food blogger’s conference in Chicago called Nourished. I reached out to contact the company myself, hoping we could find a way to work together.

In talking, the social media manager and I realized that we both had husbands with Crohn’s Disease, both dabbled in Nourishing Traditions, and that the company and KS had very similar philosophies on food, eating, and the corporate food system.

I love Attune’s mission: simple ingredients, simply made, and their tagline: What matters most is what’s inside.

They offer the probiotic chocolate, my favorite product, which was designed to bring probiotics to the mainstream (so cool!). Attune also makes a whole wheat cereal with no sweetener that is NOT extruded, Uncle Sam’s, and a gluten free brown rice cereal from Erewhon, also not extruded, lightly sweetened with brown rice syrup.  My kids think getting cereal at our house on Sunday mornings is about the best thing ever! Winking smile

When the company asked me to write for them and work some Twitter parties, how could I say no? Plus, it’s a paid position, and I do a decent amount of writing for free. Winking smile

(The FTC requires that I tell you that, by the way, which is kind of odd. I just wanted you to know that I’m not bragging, just trying not to get arrested or whatnot.)

If you’re on Twitter, follow @attunefoods and the #attune hashtag Wednesdays at noon EST/9 a.m. PST for a half hour chat on various food topics. I’ll be there next Wednesday, July 22nd, chatting about some breakfast topic (watch the sidebar for the details).

If you’ve read this far, be sure to click over to today’s post at Attune to get those all important reminders about making a daily foundation with healthy fats!

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