Can You Trust a Company or Only People?

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Wouldn’t the world be a lovely place if those thoughts were synonymous? If every brand was as good as the individual people behind it? (And that those people cared not only about the bottom line, but about their customers and the good of society as a whole?)

In my little corner of the Internet, I choose to make it happen.

I work with a lot of companies, and the part I love about running my own business is that I get to interact with the people behind the brands. I surround myself with incredible business owners who embody the Utopia from my first paragraph.

They’re real people who have something to sell because they believe it is the best in health or nutrition for their customers. They’re passionate about what they do, kind, generous, and personable.

I’d love to introduce you to a few of them.

I’ve been working with Jeff from LPC Survival (Berkey seller) and Clint from Plan to Eat for almost two years now, which is awesome. I hope you’ve bumped into them as well.

This week I’d like to spotlight five companies who are participating in the Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale, and with whom I’ve also worked before.

MadeOn Hard Lotion

madeon order (2)

MadeOn was the very first company I worked with individually, and Renee and I have a pretty awesome partnership. We’re always coming up with new ways to give our customers more together, like when you buy a Bug Block bar in June and get a free Family Camping Handbook, and the fact that there’s a bonus chocolate lotion recipe in Smart Sweets, along with a $3 off coupon for Hard Lotion.

I also make a big huge order at least every Christmas to give out lip balms and mini hard lotions as gifts. With three (ish) ingredients, this lotion is my ultimate favorite, and the fact that it remains quite frugal is even better. That Renee has become a good friend and is a model mother, entrepreneur and woman of faith makes me all the more proud to promote her products.

And lucky you – Renee is offering four lip balms for just a penny for purchasers of the Healthy Living eBook Bundle. For those of you still looking for homemade Christmas gifts, you can buy the DIY kit and make your own lotions and safe body products to give away.

Real Salt/Redmond Clay

real salt horiz banner

Real Salt may be found in major retail stores, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a small company feel. Grandfathers and grandsons work alongside each other, and there really is a family atmosphere there.

Someone wrote to tell me after the last sale that Redmond slipped in free samples with the freebie! Their customer service is so quick, that person had received her goodies before the 5-day sale was even over. I think Redmond may be the most generous company ever! You will definitely get good customer service, whether you call or visit their Facebook page.

I had been using Real Salt for a while before we started working together 18 months ago (I approached them), but I’ve been very surprised with how much I like their other products.

Here’s my review of Earthpaste and thoughts on Real Salt, with lots of science geek factoids. We also (now) use Redmond Clay for everything, from facials (okay, just zits usually) to stomach pain to natural wart removal remedies. My dad really loves the non-foaming Earthpaste with his electric toothbrush.

If you’re still considering the Healthy Living eBook Bundle, here are the two choices at Redmond:


Option A:

A 9-ounce shaker of Real Salt paired with peppermint Earthpaste, the new, amazingly natural toothpaste that’s got everyone talking. Want more? How about a tube of ready-to-use Redmond Clay First Aid — a bundle worth $22.73! (But you get it free.)

Option B:

A tube of ready-to-use Redmond Clay Facial Mud, a tube of Earthpaste (Wintergreen–our most popular flavor!), and 60 Re-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement Capsules. $29.97 for this option, except that you get it free.

The clay is the most “off the beaten path” item – used externally on bug bites, scrapes, burns, zits, rashes, etc. and internally for mineral support, indigestion, IBS, diarrhea, nausea, and more.

For a short and excellent resource on what do with your clay, check out Redmond’s free download: We Eat Clay. (A hint: both the Facial Mud and First Aid clay are the same thing – hydrated clay – and can be used for any and all purposes. I added a tub of dry clay, the most frugal form, to my bonus order to get free shipping.) You can also check out their helpful natural health videos on You Tube.

Hint: Redmond offers free shipping at $35, so add one or two more items to your cart rather than pay the $9.99 shipping for the free gift.

Wise Choice Market

John is ravenous for fermented black radish (3)

I shared this photo on Facebook yesterday. It’s titled “John is ravenous for fermented black radish.” He really loves the raw fermented vegetables from Wise Choice Market, and I love knowing that they’re so very healthy for his little body.

Wise Choice was started by a dad, Simon Gorman, who saw incredible health results in his own family when they started eating Caldwell’s fermented foods, and he wanted to figure out a way to share the product with more people. He and his team are so passionate about traditionally prepared, WAPF-style foods. The company is truly a rare find (and watch as they add even more hard-to-find products to their list!).

I do struggle a little bit with the cost, because I know I can make my own ferments for pennies on the dollar (like this homemade kimchi that I made successfully), but I also see the benefits.

  • Time: If you work outside the home, and especially if you have a really good job, it’s not worth your time to make your own, and you really can’t buy raw, organic cultured veggies at this quality very many places.
  • Success rate: It stinks to mess something up in the kitchen and have to wonder if it’s safe to eat, or just throw it out. Ferments are a particular fine balance.
  • GAPS and energy: For those starting a diet like the GAPS diet, they need a lot of real bone broth and fermented veggies, but GAPS can knock you on your heiny and leave you with zero energy to make homemade. In that case, it may be better to pay big bucks for food that is medicine than to pay the doctor because you’re sick later.
  • To make your own with less risk, WCM does have a cultured vegetable starter to help your process along.

You can get a $10 credit to Wise Choice if you purchase the Healthy Living eBook bundle. You can use it toward fermented vegetables, bone broth (shipped frozen), or organic sprouted breads, made from whole grains, not flour. It just keeps getting better!

Cultures for Health

wwater kefir (2) (356x475)

Julie from Cultures for Health has been a staple of the real food blog world for years. She sells cultures to make just about everything, from the water kefir my family drinks daily to countertop yogurt that is as easy as pie, to entire cheesemaking kits and dehydrators.

She’s always been incredibly helpful with anyone who has questions about their ferments (which is usually everyone!) and has some great resources for traditional foods prep and recipes.

As part of the Healthy Living eBook Bundle, you can choose either a sourdough or buttermilk starter. You’ll pay about $4 shipping (so you might as well throw in another starter and make it more worth it!). Winking smile

Check this out: If you’re at all interested in sourdough, you’ll get the Sourdough A to Z eBook in the bundle (over 200 pages, $20 value – and I have a few lessons in there) plus the starter ($12.95 value). You’ve already gotten your money’s worth on just two items! If you’re not interested in sourdough but know someone who loves to bake, what a cool Christmas gift.

Hazelnut Kids

I worked with Tracy at Hazelnut Kids when I did a reusable sandwich bag review a few years back. She’s one of the many gems of the Internet who gathers the best of natural toys and food storage products, and she is offering a $10 credits as part of the sale as well.

Similar to my sourdough idea above, you could put the 3 pregnancy eBooks on a flash drive (just don’t keep them on your computer too) and grab a baby toy from Hazelnut Kids, and boom – perfect baby shower gift. Or you could gift Healthy Snacks to Go (’cause you already own it, right?!) with an eco-friendly lunch packing supply from HK. Y’all. The possibilities are endless.

Considering you’re already getting over $300 worth of eBooks that are very applicable to the natural lifestyle, you practically can’t pass up this deal! I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks buy it twice and make the second one into (many) Christmas gifts.

It all ends tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28, at 8 a.m. EST. That’s bright and early. That means that for most of you, it basically is over tonight. Get on it if you’re interested!

Some Seed Winners

The winners of the Safe Harvest Seed Bank from LPC Survival are:

Michelle Strong, Shelly Duggan, and Amanda Savoy

Congrats! Please email me with your contact info by the end of Thursday, or else we’ll sadly have to draw new winners.

Disclosure: I will earn a portion of each ebook bundle sale, and I am also an affiliate of MadeOn, Cultures for Health, and many of the individual ebooks. I don’t get anything for talking about WCM and Redmond, but I have worked closely with both companies. That’s why I know they’re awesome!! See my full disclosure statement here.

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10 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Kassia says

    I just want to say thank you for introducing me to Renee and MadeOn Lotion. She really has incredible customer service and a wonderful product. I’ve contacted her several times with questions and always gotten a very prompt, courteous, and helpful answer…and it’s from a real person, not a form letter. ;). She makes me want to purchase from her again and again because she’s such a pleasure to work with and has been so helpful. Thank you Renee! (and Katie for helping me find her!)

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Love it! Renee even figured out who my mom was and tells me to tell her “hi” whenever Mom orders! 😉 Katie

  2. Elizabeth says

    It seems as though those of us who purchased the bundle when it was first offered didn’t get the same special offers as those who waited– the Hazelnut and MadeOn Lotion weren’t included originally. Is there a reason for the difference? I’d particularly interested in trying the MadeOn lip balms. Thanks!

      • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

        Vicky and Elizabeth,
        I hear your frustration, and I’m sure you’re not the only one. We authors absolutely never intended to bring the sale back, but circumstances were just kind of crazy with the storm.

        A few thoughts for you:
        1. Your bundle included Plan to Eat, which this one doesn’t, and that didn’t require paying shipping – and all of these do, so “free” is relative.
        2. The first bundle also included over $1000 in giveaway opportunities, and this one does not.
        3. You can always buy another bundle and gift the ebooks.

        In the long run, we hope that everything shakes out more or less evenly, although not precisely equally. (Oh, I also thought the first Redmond package was a little cooler – it’s all personal preference, really.)

        The sale organizers had a lot of really tough decisions to make when readers kept emailing them after the storm, and then we weren’t able to provide the exact same freebies. They did a marvelous job, really.

        Thanks for your purchase, and I hope you’re enjoying the ebooks. (Also, check your email from me…)
        :) Katie

  3. Mandy says

    Help! I purchased the book bundle and accidently exited out of the special offers page and i really wanted to take advantage of them! How do i get back to that page? Thanks!

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Check your email for the download links, and I’m pretty sure you can find them from there. You have until Dec. 5th to use them, so there’s time.

      If you can’t find the email, shoot me an email at kitchenstew at and I’ll take care of you!

      Thanks so much for your purchase! :) Katie

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