Are You Having a "Green" Christmas?

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Christmas is a time of great joy, family togetherness and deep traditions, and magic in the eyes of children.

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It’s also the unfortunate recipient of the award for "time of year with most weight gain," both on the waistlines of the people and the impact on our landfills. Americans throw away exponentially more garbage during the month of December than any other time of year.

I see no reason to celebrate the birth of God the Son by overtaxing the earth the good Lord entrusted to us.

In this busy time of year, take a minute to skim my easy-to-read list of 6 Simple Steps to a Greener Christmas, including tips for upping your eco-friendliness in the areas of cards, gift selecting, wrapping and sending, baking and entertaining.

I challenge you to find one new idea to help your family be gentle on the earth this month and implement it as your gift to the Christ Child, your way of ensuring that there will be "room at the inn" for future generations, and not a "Wall-E comes true" scenario.

This isn’t an official Monday Mission, as KS is taking a break from those for December (it’s not a great time to be tackling new kitchen techniques), but I figured you could handle a little nudge in the "green" direction while you’re doing Christmasy things anyway. Here’s the list.

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4 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Ken Rolph says

    I stumbled on your site while looking for information on drying yogurt. I used natural yoghurt from which I strained out the whey. I just flattened it out with the back of a spoon and put it in my homemade drying cabinet. It dried in a couple of days and tasted intensely tart.

    On Christmas trees: we live near the outer edge of Sydney, so we get our trees just up the road in tree farms. After Christmas we run the branches through the shredder and pack the mulch around the strawberries. They love it. I let the main stem dry for several months, then run it through my table saw and thicknesser. This year I got 3 bits of pine wood out of last years tree.

    I’ve only just become able to comment here, as I’ve just had a system upgrade. My computer was perfectly good, oh, last millennium.

    Ken Rolph
    Blacktown Australia

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    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    What a great way to keep the “green” in Christmas! Welcome! :) Katie

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  2. Heather Bessent says

    A few years ago I instituted homemade Christmas in our house. The first year every gift, ornament, etc was homemade. Then that was followed by a couple of Christmas seasons where I was either ill, pregnant, or temporarily working outside of the home (or all three at once…) and it became more lax, as in I will not hold it against myself if I cannot think of all homemade gifts for each child or if there is something special I wanted them to have that is not homemade – but we do ty to use it as a rule of them.
    We really started this more out of our sadness about consumerism and an endless string of meaningless gifts that just get played with for a few weeks before ending up broken and in the landfill. I hated the idea of giving them the latest must have toys just because of some weird obligation to buy things. So it was less about being green than about trying to shift the focus back to the actual joy of giving and gratitude. Green has been a nice fringe benefit.

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