Do You Know How to Avoid Antibiotics? Natural Health and Home Remedies Resources {+ a $75 GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED}

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In a world where the medical community doesn’t seem to believe that food can have any impact on one’s health, I choose to be a countercultural rebel.

I believe food is medicine.

I believe you can choose to pay for nutrient-dense, well-raised food now or pay your doctor later.

I believe that everything you put on your skin or in your mouth has an impact on your health and well-being in some way.

That’s why even at a kitchen blog, it’s not all recipes and tips about how to plan a better Christmas party.

From the beginning, there’s been a natural health component, because taking care of our bodies when we’re sick is a natural extension of our good stewardship – I do think we are called to make choices that won’t harm us further and will have a positive (or neutral) impact on the environment and people around us. (top photo source)

I’ve been wanting to provide a roundup of all the natural health and home remedies resources here at Kitchen Stewardship. Ironically, this post fell on the day after my husband, after exhausting every natural option I could throw at him,  had to succumb to antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection (so bad we were certain he had the real flu).

We’ll take them responsibly, finishing the entire prescription, and then hit hard with heavy probiotics and immune boosting herbs.

In complaining to my friend Donielle about how I was disappointed (to put it mildly) that the natural stuff hadn’t done anything at all, she reminded me that people really used to die from infections, and antibiotics have their place. The natural options for immune system support, like raw garlic, apple cider vinegar water, elderberry syrup and certain herbal tinctures, are most effective as a preventive measure and when the first signs of an illness begin to show.

That ominous scratchy throat or little bit of runny nose is the sign to hit hard, not when you’ve already been knocked on you bum by a virus and feel terrible.

Keep that in mind and grab some apple cider vinegar water – even if you don’t feel sick – while you peruse the natural health resources here at KS:

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20 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. says

    This is one of the areas that I’ve been wanting to explore further in my own health, so that I can share it with others as well. Marking your post so I can dive in to read it later! Thanks for this great roundup!

  2. Crystal says

    The “free” bottle of Lympha Rub is a bit misleading. There is still $4.99 shipping. If you were ordering already, it would be no big deal, but if not, it’s not really free.

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Ah, I’ve never actually done the process, but that’s pretty normal for most companies offering a freebie. It’s still a better deal than $7.95 though, right?
      :) Katie

  3. Brandi says

    The product that interested me the most was the morning sickness aid for new moms. My husband and I are trying for our 4th baby and with the previous three pregnancies I have suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum and had to take zofran through the pregnancies. I had wondered if there were more natural treatments and I would be curious to at try this product.

  4. Joyce says

    The form is a little confusing….do I send you and an email that tells I subscribe to your newsletter, like you and Trilight Health on FB and have emailed friends, post it here or just check those that apply? I just learned of Trilight through you. Their parasite cleanse product looks interesting. Thanks, Katie for a great blog!

  5. Kimberly says

    I have a natural health question. I hope you don’t mind my posting it here, but I need help! I would love to start using some essential oils, but I am one overwhelmed girl! I read your review post on doTerra. My questions are: Is doTerra really the best? There are other oils on the market that claim they are the same quality or better for a lower price. Are EO’s safe to take internally? What do I search for? Organic? Wildcrafted? Any help would be SO appreciated!

  6. Mary says

    Who in the medical community thinks that food doesn’t impact a person’s health? What are you talking about, exactly?

    • says

      I’m speaking generally, the fact that when we’ve gone to a family doctor and asked if there were any dietary changes that could help treat, say, Crohn’s Disease, a disease of the intestines, we are told “no.” When I called to share what we thought was groundbreaking news that 2 days of a grain-free diet had cured 8 weeks of chronic diarrhea, after prescription anti-diarrheal pills had done nothing…and they didn’t care. Plus, it’s pretty common knowledge that one can get a medical degree without learning much of anything about nutrition. So…I don’t feel too badly about saying that! :) Katie

  7. Rachel says

    I think it worked. I like that with Rafflecopter you can tell if you’ve already signed up for a newsletter or like someone on FB instead of having to go check. I deleted this page when I went to double check that I like Trilight on FB and it redirected instead of opening a new page. Then I had to find this page again. A true hardship, I know :)

  8. Gina tate says

    I am subscribed to both of your newsletters and seeing your announcement of the contest is like finding out that two friends are also friends already. There is so much good stuff there at Trilight Health . I have liked both of you on facebook so that I can keep up with the latest and so I can share it with my FB family. REally look into the Honeysuckle, it is good stuff and is it ever sweet!

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