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5 Ways to Pack a Fancy Dish Without Using Plastic Wrap

December 13th, 2012 · 24 Comments · Green Living

I’m so green, it bugs me when people get new plastic wrap to take a dish home when they already brought it covered in something that they had to throw away.

I’m the type to carefully lay the plastic wrap in a hidden location, food side up, and make certain the same piece gets back on my leftovers at the end of the party.

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (6) (475x356)

I’ve already mentioned this week when I gave tips for a more eco-friendly Christmas that December is the worst month of the year in terms of waste generated in America. We live in a disposable society, and it drives me nuts!

I’m fairly adept at avoiding plastic wrap at home (and using aluminum foil is no better, probably worse!), but when it comes to taking a dish to a party, it is definitely more fun to use a fancy serving bowl or platter, which complicates things.

Other than just hosting everything at your house so your food doesn’t have to travel, this month I’ve discovered a few new ways to still use the special dishes – which often don’t have lids – and yet avoid using anything disposable.

This post is sponsored by Beeswrap.

1. Little Bowl Inside a Big Bowl

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (15) (475x356)

If you can find a bowl in your house with a lid that would fit one of your fancy bowls right inside it, you can not only cover the food without throwing anything away, but the dish is now much easier to pack and bring somewhere if you’re traveling a few hours. You can stack other things on top of it.

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (13) (475x356)

In goes the pretty bowl (filled with rice pudding from Healthy Snacks to Go, all dressed up for Christmas with dried cranberries and cardamom), and on goes the lid! I was even able to mound up the pudding inside for an attractive presentation, without the “mush” effect of plastic wrap.

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (12) (475x356)

2. Pack Normally, Serve Beautifully

7 Layer Tex Mex Chip Dip (7) (475x356)

This idea won’t work for layered dips like my 7-layer Tex Mex from The Everything Beans Book (above), but for some party foods that just need to be served in a bowl, why not bring them in your regular lidded glass dishes and then transfer to the pretty bowl when you arrive?

As long as you can rinse out the pretty bowl before you go, you should be able to get to a party and home without any messes or waste. (The 7-layer dip could be done if you had enough time to assemble it on location, I suppose.)

3. Cover with a Plate

I’ve used this trick in my own refrigerator for years. Lots of bowls and pie plates manage quite nicely with a regular old plate of similar size resting on top.

Now I can stack them or pack in an insulated carry-case without getting anything messy. Obviously you still can’t rattle things around too much, or the plate might slide off.

storing pies without using disposables (475x356)

This idea is the only one doubled up from this article I wrote a while back: 7 Ways to Avoid Using Plastic Wrap

4. Steal a Lid That Fits Well Enough

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (2) (475x356)

I could have used a little plate to cover this bowl, filled with Sweet Potato Garlic Dip that I took to a party on the weekend. I decided to try something that wouldn’t break if it fell out of the fridge after being jostled around:

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (4) (475x356)

It’s not a perfect fit, but it will keep the food in and other stuff out, so I’m happy with it.

How to Travel with Food Without Using Plastic Wrap (3) (475x356)

5. Back into the Box

I have a Christmas tray that is rather deep, and years ago I realized that the easiest way to travel with it was to put it right back into the box! I can stack things on top of it and not worry about super huge messes.

Here are some Butternut Spice Bars (from Smart Sweets and the second edition of Healthy Snacks to Go):how to store food without plastic wrap (1) (475x356)

(I didn’t think to take photos until after I brought them to an Advent by Candlelight service.)

Back into the box they go!

how to store food without plastic wrap (9) (475x356)

A perfect fit:

how to store food without plastic wrap (12) (475x356)

If you worry about the food touching the inside of the box, you could always line the top with a silicone mat or waxed paper.

BONUS! Try Beeswrap

This little dealie has to be one of the coolest product samples I’ve received in a long time. It’s absolutely the eco-friendly answer to storing food without plastic, if one of the 5 brilliant ideas above won’t work for your bowl, jar, pitcher, or tray.

Image of Bee's Wrap- set of 3- medium       Image of Bee's Wrap- set of 3 wraps- small

Beeswrap is organic cotton muslin covered with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. You warm the beeswrap slightly in your hands, form a seal on the top of a bowl or around an onion, hunk of bread of waffle (below), and it seals in the fridge:

beeswrap (3)

I saved this half waffle for two full days in the fridge, and it absolutely did not dry out, something I cannot say about the reusable sandwich bags I reviewed a few years back. Impressive!

beeswrap (4)

To clean the beeswrap, you just wash in cold water. (Don’t use on raw meat.)

Beeswrap is described as “an old fashioned solution that feels miraculous in the modern world,” and I totally agree. It’s been really easy to fold and store in my bags and wraps drawer, and I’m just getting started on how to use it.

Try some beeswrap for yourself or a stocking stuffer -  the beeswrap boss lady, Sarah, is offering KS readers a 10% discount with the coupon code ecoholiday12 through Monday evening (12/17).

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You can also browse my own cheap and easy party foods and tips for menu planning at the holidays.

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