Healthy Snacks to Go is Sitting on my Kitchen Table

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…and no, I am not having a grammar verb tense problem today.

I’m not talking about a big pile of snacks.

I’m talking about the book, Healthy Snacks to Go, which is in the hands of over 5,000 happy snackers via PDF and Kindle versions.

It is now available to clutter up your house, get greasy coconut oil stains on it, and, more importantly, be wrapped and put under a Christmas tree.

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That’s the print edition!

With the help of the readers on Facebook, the photo on this beautiful cover does not look like a raw meatball (what the power balls that are recognizable to anyone who owns the book look like to the rookie observer, yikes!).

I wasn’t going to take a new photo for the print cover, but since I realized I had SIX of the recipes currently on hand in the Kimball house, I figured I’d go for it. Winking smile Yes, people really do use this book – often. Including me.


If you’re one of the people who asked me for this or one of the handful who tried to buy it as a gift last year and then realized that it was only a PDF and were disappointed, it’s ready for you!

You can find Healthy Snacks to Go in paperback both on Amazon and at CreateSpace. I can’t make coupon codes at Amazon, but you can use the code 4LSHXCB2 for $2 off at CreateSpace!

If you’re an owner of Healthy Snacks to Go already, it would be a nice Christmas gift to me (and you wouldn’t even have to wrap it) if you could leave a review or just click that "like" button on the Amazon page.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement about this project! I just love hearing how people are using and enjoying this book! It thrills me that many a classroom and lunchbox have benefited from the simple and nourishing to-go snacks people make when they own Healthy Snacks to Go.

My New Favorite Cookbook

I just planned an entire week’s worth of meals from this cookbook. And it’s a cookbook of only soups! I would not make this up.

We’ve been a little under the weather here as a family, so I’m okay with a week of soups (we practically did that last week already).

I was excited to get my review copy of Ladled: Nourishing Soups for All SeasonsLadled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons by Kimberly Harris (of The Nourishing Gourmet) in the mail. I love soup. We eat a lot of soup, summer, winter, and whenever, partly because it’s nourishing but mainly because it makes a lot of leftovers, is super versatile, and is generally frugal.

I couldn’t wait to try a few of Kimi’s recipes!

We’ve eaten the Mexican cauliflower soup and the Carmelized Onion and Potato soup so far. Kimi is a woman after my own heart with tons of extras, ways to customize the recipe, and additional directions for those who might be newer to cooking. She totally takes the mystery out of making all sorts of broths I haven’t tried, from mushroom to seafood (oh, if only hubby liked fish!!!).

How were the soups, you ask?

About the Mexican cauliflower soup, a creamed simple soup with Mexican spices, my husband said, "You know, I totally didn’t expect to like this soup, but it’s actually really good." My 7-year-old son said, "This soup is AWESOME!"

We had fun topping it with shredded cheese, salsa, and avocado, and I think the recommendation to use a squeeze of lime was fantastic. My children also had great fun tasting the limes, including the toddler, which was a hoot for everyone. Any recipe that becomes dinner table entertainment is a good find! Winking smile

The potato soup was okay, but excellent once the optional bacon topping was added. (How can bacon be optional, right?) That’s one thing to remember if you buy Ladled – as you meal plan, be sure to also read the topping options, which are many and varied and often take the soup to a new and better level.

There are gorgeous full-page photos with every single recipe, and I’d show you what our soups look like…but our camera was in my husband’s pocket at a family Christmas party this weekend, and I can’t seem to put my hands on it. I’ll share them on Facebook later on!

Congratulations, Kimi, on publishing a beautiful and delicious book!

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    That is so great about your book! Congratulations!!! I t looks wonderful and 5, 000 in pre-book sales is nothing shabby! I will have to check this out. I am always looking for healthy snacks for around the house so I don’t have to hear whining- because, you know, there is NEVER anything to eat.

    Sherry at

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