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How the STRESS Stole Christmas?

December 20th, 2012 · No Comments · Special Situations

I hope you don’t even need to read my post today.

I’m over at the Attune blog sharing about stress, its impact on your digestive health, and a few simple, quick healthy lifestyle habits for getting through the next week without getting buried:

I’m way too late to offer you any suggestions for healthy real food recipes for your holiday celebrations…that is, unless you’re totally unprepared, which could cause you to be stressed out, which could, as it turns out, negatively impact your digestive health.

Four days is plenty of time, fortunately, to practice some new stress-relieving, healthy lifestyle habits.

Allow me to explain.

As much as we’d like the holiday season to be all about good cheer, family, and joyful spirits, the reality is that there’s an awful lot to do in the month of December, and those lists can get overwhelming.

Couple that with the fact that holiday parties and family get togethers will probably be filled with unhealthy foods that you don’t usually eat, and suddenly you’re asking a lot of your system.

It’s well documented that the gut, brain, and stress are all related – doctors even use some of the same medications to treat digestive health issues and psychological disorders. (WebMD)

Click HERE to find out how stress impacts the body, the negative ramifications of constant stress, and 5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Promote Digestive Health During the Holidays.

But you won’t need to read it, because all your lists have been checked off and discarded for weeks, right? Right?

See you in the comments at Attune. ;)

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