The Best of 2012: Diapers, Yogurt, Oils, Bars, Broth and Vacuums!

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It’s always fun to see what posts strike chords with readers, which ones people come back to and use as a reference. Many of the top-viewed posts, including the popular ones that were written in 2012 and the highest visited of all time, are also a result of Google deciding that the post is worth sending people to.

Perhaps you are one of those Google searches who discovered Kitchen Stewardship via one of these popular recipes. If so, give me a wave in the comments!

I want to take a moment on this last day of the year to thank my four December sponsors, who appropriately are the four companies I have worked with most often this year. A big debt of gratitude goes to:

  • LPC Survival (authorized Berkey seller
  • Green Pasture (the only place to find fermented cod liver oil
  • Mighty Nest (the place on the web to find all things natural and safe for kids, food, and the home)
  • Plan to Eat (an online menu planning software that keeps you in charge of your food – try the 30-day free trial if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more organized, especially with meal planning!)

Thank you all for helping to make the content free to readers in 2012!

Quick note: It’s appropriate to mention in this year-end post that Nourishing Joy has 50+ pages of 2013 Calendar Packs for under three bucks this week, including blank menu plans, calendar pages (with extra space for to-do lists), homeschool organizers, and a vaccine think-sheet printable. More info HERE.

Here are the best of the 2012 dated posts, according to how many times they were visited (if you find a favorite, a Facebook "like" or Pinterest "pin" is an awesome belated Christmas gift for the Kitchen Stewardship team):

Most Popular Posts {NEW} in 2012

Comprehensive Cloth Diaper Review 

7 Tips for the Cloth Diapering Newbie

How to Make Easy Homemade Yogurt 

Healthy Granola Bar Recipe 

Homemade Natural Steam Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

doTERRA Essential Oil Reader Reviews

Quinoa Oat Protein Bar Recipe 

How to Make Thick, Creamy Raw Milk Yogurt (Plus how to fail miserably and laugh at yourself)

Grain-free Quinoa Bars 

Never-ending Chicken Broth

Most Popular Posts of all Time

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk (over 115,000 views this year!)

Homemade Granola Bars

How to Dehydrate Fruit (over 91,000 views this year)

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins 

Natural Remedies for Ear Infections  (over 101,000 views this year)

The original homemade yogurt post

Healthy Homemade Crackers

Natural Sunscreen Review 

How to Clean an Oven Naturally

How to Make Pumpkin Seeds (as you might imagine, most of these views come in the latter half of October!)

Happy 2013! May you be fabulously blessed this year, even if your blessings are in the form of challenges to be met and sufferings to bear graciously.

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