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If you’re thinking about trying the Primal or Paleo lifestyle, you might want this eBook bundle.

If you’re grain-free or planning to try GAPS or another grain-free or low-carb diet, you’ll want these recipes to rely on.

If you need some new sources of whole health skin care, you’ll get  your money’s worth two times over with just the eBooks in that category.

I was invited by Primal Toad (aka Todd Dosenberry, author of Toadally Primal Smoothies) to participate in a mostly Paleo-oriented eBook bundle sale, and I know it will be exactly what some of you have been waiting for.


All 25 authors have taken control of their own health through an alternative lifestyle that encompasses nutrition and food in a way that goes against conventional wisdom while savoring tradition. With the world getting more and more sick at a rapid pace, why not?

Nutrition may be the most important but it’s meaningless without other lifestyle factors. These include play, sleep, skin care, fitness, socialization and in comparison to today’s society, slowing down and enjoying the countless blessings that we are all surrounded with.

How will the ebooks in this bundle benefit YOU? They will help you to…

  • Plan grain-free meals
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Enjoy dairy-free ice cream & smoothies, lacto-fermented foods, homemade pantry supplies, and cook with real food recipes galore
  • Educate your kids about real food
  • Live a simpler, more meaningful life
  • Heal your PCOS
  • Nourish your baby well
  • Go on a semi-strict 21 day Paleo cleanse
  • Make homemade skin care products & cure your skin compulsions & acne
  • Travel and stay Paleo with ease
  • Experience your best family camping trip ever
  • Discover the relationship between music, language, evolution, and the human brain
  • Learn a ton about the Paleo diet, pros and cons, and how to achieve it

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What is the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle?

  • 33 ebooks with a total value of $479
  • On sale for 7 days – January 7 to January 14
  • Sale price of only $39 – 92% off the total value!
  • Includes automatic entry into the epic giveaway with a total value of $1122

Katie’s Honest Thoughts

As with the previous bundle sale, I enjoyed downloading and skimming all the books – there weren’t quite quite a few that I already had and promoted. Of the new-to-me ebooks, a few were closed right away, I copied a recipe or two out of a few others (beef tongue is in the slow cooker from Paleo Crockpot Cookbook, do NOT tell my husband), and I left about half a dozen open because I want to read them more thoroughly.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you have specific interests in the grain-free or Paleo eating style, you’ll love this bundle. It will be a great deal. If you love real food and natural skincare, this bundle might also be a good deal for you.

I recommend checking out the books and considering which ones you’d like to read. Then consider which ones you’d pay full price for, and which you might like to get 50% off or something.

Add up your total, and if it’s more than $39 – and you have some fun money to spend – then you’re getting a good bang for your buck! Here are the books that catch my interest personally:

  • Real Food Nutrition for Kids is a book that I’ve long admired. It goes along somewhat with a real food academic eCourse run by Kristin at Food Renegade, one of the first blogs I fell in love with as a newbie blogger almost 4 years ago now. This text is for elementary school kids, homeschooled or not, designed to teach real nutrition, not low fat high grain nonsense, via the Living Book model. It’s wonderful!
  • The two books by Tracy at about skincare and acne are totally fascinating, well done, and deserve more of my time once I’m finished with Better Than a Box. If you’re only interested in those two texts, you save $20 just by buying this bundle.
  • Renee Harris‘s how-to books on homemade skin products are fantastic, of course, although I prefer to just order MadeOn products myself.
  • All the cookbooks in the first three sections have a place in your life if you enjoy real food – even if you don’t eat Paleo, you’ll find some of the best-tasting and widest variety of MEAT recipes anywhere! Everyone needs a main course, right? I’ve left Indulge by Carol at Ditch the Wheat open because hey – I’m going to need some sweet stuff that won’t drag me down between now and January 22nd (the new book launch).
  • There are actually lots of the other books in the Paleo section and others that are so well done and did catch my attention, but I want to bring your attention to the set by Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health. This guy is an incredible researcher and experimenter, and each book he’s written pushes the envelope of anything else I’ve read. He totally challenges some of the popular Paleo ideas – bringing such balance to this package overall – and his Eat for Heat will have you shaking your fist in disagreement (and then wondering, “Could he possibly be right? I need to read more!”). Those are all open on my computer, tempting me away from what I should be doing…
    UPDATE: A reader shared an Amazon review in the comments and brought my attention to Stone’s use of profanity in his books. I hadn’t gotten far enough to notice that and the poor punctuation, etc. I’m unimpressed by his professionalism.

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And what about the KS contribution?

Paleo/Primal/Grain-free Adaptations for the Family Camping Handbook FREE this Week!

My Family Camping Handbook has been well appreciated by those who have tried the meal plans and camping tips contained within, but it wasn’t really grain-free or gluten-free. I developed a new Paleo/Primal/Grain-free adaptation add-on, including four NEW printable recipe cards, to go along with the Family Camping Handbook.

Whether you’ve purchased the handbook already or not, you can download the add-on for FREE all week by clicking HERE.

I have also posted some similar ideas for a gluten-free camping meal plan (includes some grains, of course) at this post, which will remind you not to explode pancake batter all over your kids. Someday soon it will be a printable add-on to the camping handbook, too.

Want the whole Family Camping Handbook? If you’re interested in just a few other books – say, the Real Food Kids lessons and Wardeh’s always wonderful Lacto-fermentation eBook – you’ll already save over $7 by buying them via this sale, plus get 20 other books for free!

Check this out – this sale include over 3275 total pages plus 150 minutes of audio + video files – that’s less than a penny a page!

Another way of looking at it is that you’re getting the eBooks for about a buck each ($1.18 to be exact).

I have all of the books on file, so if you have any questions about any of them – for example, some come from an evolutionary standpoint, so if that’s not your thing, you might not enjoy those books – just ask, and I’ll do my best to address questions before the sale ends forever next Monday night at midnight, EST.

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The books include…

Grain-Free Cookbooks

Real Food Cookbooks

Treats Without Guilt

Natural Wellness For Kids & Babies

Natural Health: PCOS & Metabolism

Simple Living

About Paleo Books

Natural Skincare

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Important notes

  • The sale ends on Monday, January 14 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Click on the links to the ebooks to learn more about them.
  • Paleo Crock Pot Cookbook is linked to Caveman Feast. Please understand that the PDF you will receive includes 31 crock pot recipes.
  • The PCOS Unlocked: The Manual you will be receiving is 52 pages worth; not the entire guide. Why? It has a specifically unique value and thus $47 selling price. A significant discount code to purchase the rest of the guide is inside.
  • Entering the epic giveaway is super easy if you buy the bundle. The giveaway ends at the exact same time of the sale. Todd will announce the winners on the giveaway page and email them too. Please go HERE to learn more about the prizes.
  • Due to the unique nature of this sale, no refunds will be offered. With the bundle containing 33 ebooks at a cost of 92% of their normal price point, everyone is bound to find immense value well worth $39.

Please remember that no refunds will be offered due to the unique nature of this sale. However, if you buy the bundle then you have easy entry into the giveaway. Simply state that you have purchased the bundle via the “leave a blog post comment” option. If you wish to earn extra points for a better chance at winning, then share the giveaway on various social media sites via the rafflecopter widget.

Good luck and enjoy the bundle if you choose to invest $39 in YOUR wellness!

Disclosure: I will earn commission if you make a purchase of the eBook bundle plus a couple of the books I mentioned specifically. See my full disclosure statement here.

Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price.

7 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Denise says

    What do you think about this review of Matt Stone’s book?

    I was disgusted by the foul language and sexual references and bad slang. It is so distracting that I had trouble focusing on what he had to say. Everything is poorly organized and there is absolutely no support for his theories except his own pee and feelings! The things he brings up make no sense and the whole “book” (I really do not even feel I can call it that!) is laughable. I could have written a book on one of my personal convictions that is better organized and more convincing than this load of nonsense! Lets assumes he is on to something with concentration of urine, even then, before you publish something and tell everyone about it, you need to find some more scientific backing for it, and you need to clean up your writing. No slang, no swearing and nothing perverted, please! Then maybe you can go ahead and try to put something out there.
    I am glad I only paid 99c but I am sad I even spent that. A candy bar would have been more worthwhile than the time I spent reading half of this “book.”
    I will pay more attention to books that are not edited and not published reputably,
    Please do yourself a favor and stay clear of this “book” even if someone gives it to you for free. I would give this zero stars if it was possible.

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Ouch, that’s a rough one. Which book was this about? I do agree that Stone uses more colloquial language then I expect in a real book, like “So let’s get started,” and such like that, but I must not have gotten far enough to get to the offensive stuff. That’s really too bad – he’s a pretty well-respected blogger overall, but really, anyone who is just an “independent researcher” without a degree or a science lab isn’t any different than, well…me. 😉 Somehow people seem to trust what I say though; perhaps I should make a note not to talk too much about urine. 😉

      So….I should probably spend a bit more time with Matt Stone’s books, I guess, before I can say if this review holds water or not. He’s definitely out of the mainstream, even when it comes to real food/traditional foods bloggers.

      I don’t know if that helps very much at all, but I do appreciate hearing all the sides of the story…
      Thanks, Katie

      • Denise says

        I really don’t know because I have heard some positive on his stuff. It was the comment about sexual references and profanity that got me. Maybe I could plow through it, but ever in my mind is “Whatsoever things are pure . . .”

        Maybe I am just too sensitive. There were 70 five star reviews as well as about 10 poor ones referencing much same as this one did. I’ll have to think on it.

      • Denise says

        I apologize – I forgot to answer your question. This review was on Amazon and was in reference to the book Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink

        • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

          Denise – but you’re right – if you read words you don’t want to use, you’ll be more likely to let them slip into your vocabulary. I searched the document and there are going to be about a dozen swear words, but there are also just some crass references. Matt Stone absolutely should have censored himself and cleaned up his colloquialisms too – I admit that it turns me off to have swear words, period, but as a writer myself, I also think it’s ridiculous to say, “It is the devil haha.” Use proper grammar and punctuation so it doesn’t look like you typed your book on a smart phone. That’s my official opinion!!

          Thank you, Katie

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