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The Best Natural Tip for Cleaning a Gunky Dishwasher

January 17th, 2013 · 11 Comments · Cleaning, Green Living

Does your dishwasher ever look like this:

How to Naturally Deep Clean a Dishwasher

even just after you’ve run a cycle?


Mine does right now.

I need to follow my own advice on how to clean a dishwasher naturally this week. Want to know the secret, straight from the mouth of an appliance repairman? Click here for the scoop.

Last time I did it, a few hours later my dear darling dishwasher – the appliance that I shed tears over when it stops working – looked like this:

Naturally Clean Dishwasher

Need that dishwasher gunk tip now? I thought so. Winking smile

While I’m talking "green" cleaning, I get to give a shoutout to one of my favorite natural health companies who is sponsoring KS this month:

Big thanks to Trilight Health, not only for helping to keep the content here free for you, but also for keeping our family healthy with their immune-boosting herbs and stopping the coughing when it does hit us with our "magic drops," the favorite Lympha Rub.  In this crazy flu season, you want to have natural preventive and combative herbs in your arsenal – check out TriLight Health‘s list of common concerns to find what you need!

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  • Kristina via Facebook

    I am doing this today!!!

  • Alison via Facebook

    Interesting to know that it can also replace Jet Dry, which I just bought a bottle of last week. I’ll try this trick as soon as my bottle goes empty!

  • Vanesa

    I have been using, in my dishwasher, 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda and 1 Tablespoon of Borax for each load. I put the powders in the bottom of the dishwasher and not in the cups provided. I rinse my dishes pretty good before putting them in and use the shortest cycle I have with a drying cycle (20mins). I have soft water. I have been doing this for 2 years now and there is no filming on my glasses, virtually no spots. It is inexpensive, easy and non-toxic. And I don’t have to listen to the dishwasher for those long, energy saving cycles…mine was over 1 hour! And I have -0- gunk after 2 years…do I have to wait longer? Where does the gunk come from?

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    I do not pre-rinse my dishes, so there’s the difference. Hopefully your short cycle doesn’t depend on the soap door opening partway in….if it does, like my appliance repairman said, all your borax and baking soda is whisked away with the first rinse, and you’re just pretty lucky your dishes get clean. ??? Katie

    Vanesa Reply:

    You have a point, however, I figure that first rinse cycle is my wash cycle. And the whole thing is only 20 minutes…rinse, wash, rinse, dry. Maybe I should trust the ones who made the dishwasher and use the cups!

  • Stacy Makes Cents

    I don’t even use my dishwasher. Can we still be friends? LOL

    Vanesa Reply:

    Ha! Your one step ahead of me!

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    Hmmmm…good question. I guess so, but don’t invite me over for dinner; I’d feel too guilty about adding to your dishes load! ;) Katie

  • Jill

    Hi Katie,
    I wasn’t sure where to leave this question, so here it is:
    Could you do a post getting to the bottom of vitamin/supplement brands? Are the cheaper ones really not as good? What original brand are the vitacost supplements/vitamins? I’ve had no luck finding out, and I’ve specifically asked vitacost! Vitacost can’t possibly manufacture all that stuff themselves, so another brand must be manufacturing them and putting the vitacost label on it. Do you have any insights into this? Maybe you could do a post on it???

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    This is something I haven’t ever written about, except for maybe here on prenatals:

    The brands that jam a million “vitamins” into one hard pill – not worth it. You’re passing those through. Other than that, I have no knowledge! Some bloggers have to have hit this, though…wish I could help! :) Katie

  • Kate

    I have done this about 5 times so far (with dishes piling up on my counter all the while! Ack!) and every time there is what looks like sand or sediment in the bottom of the bowls after the cycle is done. I think this is the source of the crud on my glasses and it’s kind of grossing me out. I’ve called the dishwasher customer service line twice today and they had some helpful suggestions but nothing that worked. UGH.

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