Launch Party {GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED} over $400 in Real Food Prizes

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It’s a Better Than a Box launch party giveaway, with prizes to help you get into your kitchen, make real food on safe cook- and bakeware, and then go spend some time with your family.

One lucky winner will get a humongous prize including ingredients to cook the homestyle meals in Better Than a Box, bakeware to put them IN, eBooks with even more real food recipes and activities to do with the family once you escape the kitchen.

No need for chit chat – this post is all about the goodies!

Grand Prize

Over $400 of kitchen supplies, ingredients, eBooks and real food goodies (see below for the list, $423.33 value to be exact)

TWO First Place Prizes

TWO winners get Better Than a Box + Easy. Homemade. By Mandi Ehman. (Did you know there’s a 25% off coupon for E.M. in BTAB? They’re perfect companion books!)

7 Second Place Prizes

A handful of people will also win their own copy of the Better Than a Box Premium Package, including Kindle and Nook files + 10 bonuses. (If you’ve already purchased it, you can give the freebie as a gift to a friend, or I’ll happily provide a refund.)


Better Than a Box, of course!

Wise Choice MarketBone broth

Prize: Twin-pack of bone broth, winner’s choice of flavor
Value: $29.95

From the company:

At last you can enjoy delicious real bone broth, also known as stock, traditionally prepared with organic ingredients, and ready for use whenever you need it.

Our traditional chicken broth is just like homemade chicken stock: based on bones and feet from healthy free range organic chickens. Our beef broth is made from grass fed beef bones.

From Katie:

This bone broth is truly amazing; the only place you can buy what you’d make at home, if you just don’t have time. I drink it by the cup – but it would go great in many of the meals in Better Than a Box!


Cultures for Health

Prize: Beginner’s Italian Cheese Kit
Value: $32.95

From the company:

Make Italian favorites such as Mascarpone, Ricotta, Ricotta Salata, and Mozzarella with this Mad Millie Cheese Making Starter Kit. Kit includes recipes, equipment, and ingredients sufficient to make approximately 15 batches of cheese. Perfect for beginners. Each cheese typically cab be made in under an hour.

From Katie:

I’ve not made cheese with a kit, but the water kefir and countertop yogurt starters that I have used from Cultures for Health are awesome, and customer service is second to none!

Mountain Rose Herbs


–      1 bottle White Peppercorns Organic Spices and Seasonings

–      1 bottle Cyprus Flake Salt

–      1 bottle Olive Oil

–      1 pound Veggie Mix (new)

Value: $30.80

From the company:

About the Veggie Mix: This crunchy savory mix of vegetables and spices makes the perfect addition to your favorite soup or stir-fry. Some may prefer to snack on it as is, or add it to sour cream to make a tasty dip for fresh veggies or chips.

Contains: organic Leek, organic onion, organic onion toasted, and organic bell Peppers.

From Katie:

Perfect for making things from scratch when you don’t have a lot of direction about what seasoning to try! MRH spices are excellent quality.

Beeswrap  Image of Bee's Wrap- set of 3 wraps- small

Prize: 3 organic cloth/beeswax food coverings, one of each size
Value: $16

From the company:

Bee’s Wrap is fabric infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. This combination makes for the perfect alternative to plastic for food storage. The warmth of your hands molds the Bees Wrap to the top of a bowl or dish- use for leftovers or for taking a dish to a potluck. Wrap a piece of cheese, the end of a cucumber, or half of an onion to keep fresh.

From Katie:

This stuff is so cool! Great way to avoid plastic when you take a fancy dish to pass.

Zukay Live Foods

Prize:  6 pack of product: Super Root, Super Green, 2 Beet and 2 Veggie Medley Value: $24


From the company:

We want to make the health benefits (and taste benefits) of raw, fermented vegetables available to everyone, and in ways people already eat and drink, so you can fit them into your daily diet real easily.

From Katie:

Any way to get fermented foods and probiotics into my family is a good thing!

Mighty Nest bake 'n store glass food storage

Prize: 12-cup Glass Bake-n-Store
Value: $16.95

From the company:

he Anchor Hocking bake ‘n store glass dish is the perfect glass food storage container. It is naturally nonporous, stain and odor resistant, and allows you to bake in the oven, store leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer and reheat in the oven or microwave. Thick-walled glass that has both durability and versatility to bake or cook in the oven up to 425 degrees.

From Katie:

Mighty Nest has been a long-time sponsor and chooses only the highest quality, SAFE products – no chemicals or other yucky stuff there! Put your BTAB casseroles in this beauty. Smile

Heart of Cooking

Prize: 3-month subscription to Heart of Cooking menu planners
Value: $47.95

From the company:

Do you ask yourself – “What can I eat?” too many times a week because you or your family has a unique diet with multiple food allergies? Heart of Cooking offers allergy free menu plans, nourishing meal plans (for everyone) and custom planners.

From Katie:

Food allergies can be hard to handle when you have to meal plan to accommodate them. Sarah will do the work for you and reduce your stress level! Her recipes are wonderful and she’s VERY organized.

Paula’s Bread Norpro Stainless Steel Cookie Sheet

Prize: Stainless steel cookie sheet
Value: $20

From Katie:

Get rid of your aluminum or nonstick cookie sheets – stainless steel is a much safer material.

Life Without Plastic

Prize: Airtight Glass Container, round
Value: $23.95Round Airtight Glass Container with Stainless Steel Lid - Large

From the company:

This amazing round glass food container features an ingenious stainless steel lid that creates a airtight seal when its silicone button is pushed. To release the vacuum, the button simply needs to be pulled. The silicone seal inside the lid guarantees a perfect seal. The container part is made of heat resistant high quality borosilicate glass and the lid is made of 18-8 food grade stainless steel. Great for freezing leftovers!

From Katie:

We’ve really enjoyed these containers – pushing on the little button in the middle to seal is really different, but I’ve had 3 of them over a year, and the lids are still working! I broke one of the dishes, and it was replaced, no problem. Smile

My favorite is the rectangular one – I can fit so much in it, and I love that they can go right from the fridge to the oven to reheat leftovers.

Attune Foods

Prize: Reusable Shopping bag filled with 6 boxes of cereal
Value: $30

From the company:

What matters most is what’s inside –

What’s inside the box: Simple, pure ingredients that help you feel your best every day.

What’s inside you: Something different in each of us – something worth celebrating

From Katie

I love Attune’s tagline of “Simple ingredients, Simply made.” They know their stuff, rare for a food company. I mention their Erewhon brown rice cereal (not extruded, no sweetener, whole grains) as a good GF option for bread crumbs on chicken nuggets in the book.

Tropical traditions

Prize: $50 gift certificate
Value: $50, cannot be used with other promotions such as free shipping

From Katie:

There are a few things that I buy at Tropical Traditions that appear in Better Than a Box regularly, especially tomato paste and sauce in glass jars. I also love their coconut flour for grain-free baking, shredded coconut, palm shortening, and dark chocolate. They have free shipping about once a month and lots of sales, so follow me on Facebook and I try to share the best ones!

Paperless Kitchen PaperlessKitchen Starter Kit

Prize: PaperlessKitchen Starter Kit
Value: $24

From the company:

Making the break from paper in your kitchen just got easier! The Paperless Kitchen Starter Kit gives you three great essentials that will allow you to keep your kitchen looking spic and span without having to ever reach for a wasteful paper towel again:

  1. The set includes four SKOY cloths
  2. one roll of Bambooee bamboo “paper” towels
  3. 2 PeopleTowels Reusable Hand Towels

From Katie:

Ditching the disposables is a great green goal – my favorite use for my Skoy cloths is to put them in with lettuce to soak up the moisture and make greens last longer!

six wonderful ebooks

    1. Easy. Homemade. by Mandi Ehman
    2. Flourishing Spring by Michele Augur
    3. Restocking the Pantry by Kresha Faber
    4. Real Food Kids by GNOWFGLINS
    5. Real Food…Real Easy!
    6. Wholesome Comfort by Kate Tietje



The contest runs through January 29th at midnight. You must enter via the Rafflecopter form – comments on this post will not count and will be deleted.

Mandatory question: What recipe or food do you miss the most now that you’re on the journey to real food? (don’t forget to answer in the form)

Better Than a Box can help! Check out the crazy deal launch discounts!!

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  6. What catches your interest the most at Cultures for Health?
  7. What favorite food do you buy in bulk (or would like to) that you can get from Mountain Rose Herbs?
  8. What would you most like a Beeswrap for?
  9. What is most important to you in a probiotic food like the ones Zukay sells?
  10. What would go on your wishlist from Mighty Nest?
  11. What catches your attention at Heart of Cooking’s menu planners?
  12. What would go on your wishlist from Paula’s Bread?
  13. Coolest item at Life Without Plastic, in your opinion:
  14. What’s the hardest part about getting rid of paper towel in the kitchen? Would the Paperless Starter Kit help?
  15. What eBook (other than Better Than a Box) included in this giveaway is your favorite?


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52 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Jamie via Facebook says

    Got it this morning! I was only able to skim through it a little bit, but I am already feeling challenged to try to find a good recipe for campbells tomato soup. I just made my grandmother’s tomato soup meatloaf the other day, which calls for 5 cans of the stuff. I, to, would love a “real” version of it :o) I am excited to read through your blog, also, to see the challenges of finding real food and eating seasonally in Michigan. I’m just starting out at this, and I can already tell that your book will be a great addition to getting my recipes switched over to real food :o) Thanks for writing it!

  2. MLBO says

    I was just curious if the end date was a misprint…it says there are 6 days left to enter, but the winner won’t be announced until October? Is that right?

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Whoops! That was a copy and paste error in my haste to get to Bible study this morning. It ends NEXT Tuesday! 😉 Katie

  3. says

    Jamie Roberts – for meatloaf, I would think the soup is a more minor player (although 5 cans, wow) – so probably tomato sauce, a little milk, garlic powder, some sweetener…Good luck!!!

  4. says

    Holly Carter Beck – Hmmmm…Nook is one thing I know even less about than Kindle, and that’s saying something. The Kindle instructions in the download email don’t apply to Nook then? Let me see if anyone else can help you; I’ll post on FB. :) Katie

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Elizabeth – No worries – you won’t have to wait beyond NEXT Tuesday! 😉 Katie

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Lena, Are you on a mobile device? Rafflecopter doesn’t play nicely with phones. :( Try on a laptop or desktop. Sorry about that! :) Katie

  5. julie spady says

    I saw your website today for the first time thru simple organized living and I am having so much fun reading everything! I was in time this morning to sign up for your free ebook better than a box, but had a problem actually downloading it. Please help!

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      I’m hoping you’re the fourth person: I have a theory about why you didn’t get an email – the code was used 104 times instead of 100, so I bet 4 people didn’t get the email because they crossed with others…just email me at kitchenstew at with the email address you used with the coupon (I can’t find a “Julie Spady” in the database). I’ll make sure you get the book! Thanks for the interest! :) Katie

  6. Jamie via Facebook says

    Yes, the “actual” meatloaf only calls for 1/4 of a can, but you cook it in a dish with the rest of that can + 4 more cans, and that becomes “gravy” to put on a baked potato to have with the meatloaf.

  7. says

    I like Melody’s method for the nook file. It’s easier than what I did which was to save the file to my computer desktop then plug the nook into my computer and move the file from my desktop to the my files>books folder on my nook.

  8. deborah345 says

    Enjoyed seeing the other blogs and it was helpful that I didn’t have to sign up for newsletters, facebooks, twitter followings. I am over extended already on what I have time to read. Would love too if somehow we could add another 24 hours in a day and the energy to go for that many hours before sleeping.

  9. Samantha via Facebook says

    I bought mine through my Nook…which instantly loads it into the library (99 cents)….I too had trouble getting it to open….white screen…little timer thingy spinning and spinning. So I tried opening some other books…same thing. I restarted my Nook and it opened with no problem. Anyway…maybe a temporary Nook glitch???

  10. Sonya says

    I actually miss many slow cooker recipes that all seem to use Cream of ___ soups. My attempts at making my own just have not worked out in recipes for me.

  11. patty-leigh says

    you say “open to US residents only” but then in the fine print it says “have a mailing address within the sponsors boundaries.” So if I live in Canada but have a mailing address in WA, can I enter? :)

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Yes! Absolutely! I just have to work with my sponsors and where they’re willing to send mail, but you can receive the prizes anywhere. :) Katie

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Hmmmm, it’s a great big box right under the green words “survey form here.” ??? It also links to “giveaway” on my Facebook page:

      Hope you can get it to work! :) Katie

  12. Britney says

    I miss a chicken casserole of my mom’s… it’s made almost entirely from cans and boxes and I’ve not found good substitutes.

  13. Maureen Hann says

    Hi! I ordered the e-book version yesterday (yay!), but there is no way to select a page from the bottom of the screen (like you can in Is Your Flour Wet?), so I can’t jump ahead to a page but I have to “flip” through page by page.
    Any input?

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      I think you’re talking about the PDF, so that should just be part of your Adobe (or whatever brand) reader. I’m guessing you just need to go into Options or something and get that menu bar turned back on. When I view Better Than a Box in my reader, I can enter a page number and jump to it or type a word and search for that, like a recipe title.

      Hope that helps!
      :) Katie

  14. Paz says

    My “real food journey” is definitely still in the baby steps, of starting to do any cooking at all. Slight exaggeration perhaps but lets change it to regularly.
    When I do “cook something special”
    its generally white sugar laden lemon squares. I love them and I am sure to miss them if I swear off white sugar entirely. Working on cutting down on the sugar with much success but still a lot is needed.(cupfuls)

  15. Jo-Anne says

    I miss being able to use canned soups in recipes and packaged onion soup mix….disgusting now, but it was sure easier!

    Even “healthy cookboks” include these items.

    I bought a bulk meal prep book, and discovered that I cannot use most of the recipes, which was a real let down, as my friend and I were going to organize our freezers!

  16. Susan says

    I don’t miss anything. I went cold turkey and I’m a little obsessed with this journey. I think it’s fun and delicious, and I have my children to thank for it.

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