One Quick Tip: How to Get Your Husband to do More Dishes (& Like it!)

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My husband has been doing a LOT of dishes lately, mostly because I was working hard to launch Better Than a Box, but also because they’re more tolerable now.

How to Get Your Husband to do More Dishes - One Quick Tip

If you’ve read Kitchen Stewardship for very long at all, you know I’m famous for uber long posts.

This new One Quick Tip series is an attempt to write a super short, quickly helpful post that you can pin and share and use right away in your kitchen (or sometimes the rest of the house).

You can follow the One Quick Tip pin board so you don’t have to read the longest posts in the world but still keep up on the tips, things that speed your day along, increase nutrition in the kitchen, or make life more manageable in some way. Of all the encouraging comments I’m getting on Better Than a Box, it seems people most appreciate the small strategies that can help them be more efficient with their work.

I was going to start OQT in December with one for covering bowls without plastic, but it turned into SEVEN ideas, and I got to introduce Beeswrap to the KS community, which many people loved.

Enough talk – this is supposed to be a short post! (See how I struggle…)

Tip: How to Get Your Husband to do More Dishes (Happily!)

For $1.99 at Office Max, you can get a business card holder. (It’s more pricey at Amazon, but available.)

OfficeMax Mesh Business Card Holder, Black

Buy one.

Don’t put business cards in it.

Put a smart phone in it.

Get some TV or movies streaming, like the old season of Alias my husband is watching now:

How to Get Your Husband to Do More Dishes Happily (6) (475x356)

See husband do dishes?

How to Get Your Husband to Do More Dishes Happily (2) (475x356)

He looks happy, doesn’t he?

And I’m happy, too. Smile

Now you can make a pin board for tips and share this greatness with the world. Winking smile 

And When YOU do the Dishes

It’s truly a coincidence that my post on the Oreck blog this week is about combining exercise with….doing the dishes. I hope you like it!

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  1. says

    This is so funny! Love it. I’m lucky, my husband is always happy to do dishes. And last night, I started putting them away…he stopped me and said let me do it, it’s fun! My jaw dropped, but I didn’t argue 😉

  2. Julie says

    I came home the other day and my husband was watching a movie on his iPad propped up on the window sill while he did dishes. I wonder if a business card holder would support that baby. Or maybe I can permanently install it. Great tip; I wouldn’t have thought to leverage that for (or against) him!

  3. says

    Okay so I got a great big chuckle out of this but I have a problem with this and my husband has another:

    – We don’t use cell phones for the same reason we don’t use microwaves and tv’s… they just aren’t good for you. We watch DVD’s occasionally on the computer if we feel the hankerin’ for a movie.

    – My husband was annoyed because he feels that this reinforces the negative stereotype that the media is always pushing that men don’t do anything but sit on their bums and watch tv. He actually got pretty annoyed.

    I know this was supposed to be a cutsey post, but with everything else attacking our menfolk, we probably shouldn’t be helping it along. Sorry to be the party pooper!

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Mrs. Yoder,
      You know, I was even more unfair than you peg me as, because I’m taking credit for my husband’s own brilliant idea! :/

      So yes, I suppose I am reinforcing a negative stereotype, but the title just popped into my head as I gazed on his brilliancy from behind. Truth be told, every year that goes by, my husband watches less and less TV as he gets more engaged in family life and just “life.”

      I hope your husband can handle a post I think will go up next week, called “How to Boil a Husband!” It was my husband’s idea, too. 😉

      :) Katie

  4. says

    Hm…I might use this one – for me! I’m the main dishes-doer right now (haven’t always been, won’t always be). My husband is a great washer of dishes – but he dislikes loading the dishwasher. I don’t mind loading the dishwasher, but dread the hand-washing of the non-dishwasher-safe (and/or too big). It was courtesy of the dishwasher-loading of my husband, though, that I discovered that it’s possible to efficiently fit *many* more dishes in our dishwasher than I’d been able to – and I was the one to switch which side of the sink the drying rack is on to make hand-dishwashing more streamlined. Here’s to switching up dishwashing – just might discover a better system!

  5. says

    Sometimes I feel like we live parallel lives, Katie… My husband has just found a 20 minute ESPN radio talk show to listen to on his iPod. Hence, he has done (no more than) 20 minutes of dishes for the past week or so. It’s funny to see him smile/chuckle every once in a while too. Now if I could just get him to use more soap…

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      That’s us, too – DH is totally supportive and definitely pulls his weight, but a sweeter deal is always nice! And actually, I wasn’t very fair to him, since it was HIS idea with the business card holder he doesn’t need at work. :) Katie

  6. Kate S. says

    jYou’re just lucky that your sink is set into the corner like that. I wouldn’t risk my phone or tablet near my regular sink/counter set up and a sink full of water. That’s a rexipe for an expensive disaster.

  7. Karal says

    This is one of my husband’s favorite things. However, I don’t like it so much b/c it takes him longer to do the dishes when he watches b/c he stops doing the dishes to watch and just stands there at the sink. Oh, well….

  8. Cindy L. says

    Hubby doing dishes….oh a good one! But we do have 5 children under 18, so they’re ‘assigned’ on different days. You know how that turns out…he’s supposed to help our youngest boys with the task. If they watch TV during that, it’s never getting done. My hubby gave up dishes and cooking when I gave up full time work to stay home after 4th child in 1997! Sigh. Sad but true.– Happily, he’s slowly boiling too, Katie, and I’m so proud of him for it!

    But to be fair, I’m the TV watcher. And I have a computer/TV monitor mounted to the wall near the sink. and over my kitchen peninsula. I do my paper work from there. My printer sits under the counter and I have a Mac mini and it hangs on the wall next to the monitor. It kept my counter free for all my jars of chicken and compost scraps, and kefir and kombucha, and containers of fresh ground flour….(read: totally cluttered counters!) Hubby is a computer nerd, so he’s happy to get me what I want in that regard. Anyway I watch cooking shows while cooking, or Wardeh’s videos, or can watch YouTube videos for cheese making, while I work. I can pay a bill quickly, do a bulk food order online, check my email, without having to find an empty work surface to sit down and spread out (which without a designated office in my home, there are few of…) It’s awesome. And I can quickly find recipes, so no need to print out and keep in a hard cover binder anymore….

    But what I really want to know is–where does he find Alias on STREAMING???? I’ve been trying to rewatch it for years but I only find the discs on Netflix!

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Your comment cracks me up! I think it might be Netflix – he has some box that sends our TV to his phone, so he can watch DVR’d stuff and Netflix. :) Katie

  9. says

    I do that with a magazine that folds flat and a pewter thing that’s supposed to be a recipe card holder! But drying my hands to turn pages does slow me down.

  10. Rural Housewife says

    That is too cute! I actually do this while making cheese. Since I have to stand there and stir (to make sure it doesn’t burn) I turn a show on on my iPad and watch it while I stir! Cheese used to only take 30 mins or so, but now that I am doing 3 gallons of goat milk at a time, it can take over an hour.

  11. says

    Genius! I will be trying this… My husband usually disappears after dinner to watch you tube on his phone anyway.. Now he can watch and help! Haha.

  12. Kelly L. says

    When I saw that top photo, I thought you were posting a pic of OUR kitchen windowsill! My husband caught up on The Wire, the whole entire series, during dishwashing duty after dinner. Great minds think alike, right?

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