Is Food God’s Plan for Natural Fertility? {Guest Post}

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This is a guest post from Donielle at Naturally Knocked Up.

I get asked a lot what I write about, and when I mention my subject matter, natural fertility, I’m usually met with blank stares. For a lot of people, the concept of doing anything for their fertility is never thought of, as most couples are able to conceive without any problems. Many others think it’s synonymous with “doing nothing”, as that is about the amount of information you get from an average OB on how to increase the odds of conception. (at least in my case it was!) In my book Naturally Knocked Up (light-hearted name, serious subject) I describe natural fertility as this:

It’s an active approach to fertility that does not involve medical intervention, but instead takes a different course of action through a commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes.

It’s about leaving the control of our fertility in the Lord’s hands yet doing all we can within our own power to create an environment within our bodies that is hospitable to new life.

I often think of a farmer preparing his soil for the summer’s crop. They must tend to it, nurture it, and give it the nutrients it needs in order for the seeds to grow. They also have to actively take care of invasive weeds, make sure there are not a lot of rocks and large stones, and plow the fields before planting. Yet, the farmer can not himself make the seeds grow. So, like the farmer, we too should be preparing our bodies and building up nutrient stores, for when it is time for life to be created within us.

I am a big believer that the foods God created can nourish and heal our bodies. I’ve seen it in my own life, and I’ve seen it in many others as well. I once struggled with poly cystic ovary syndrome, or annovulation, making it difficult to conceive. I would go six to eight months without ovulating, yet I ate what was considered a “healthy” American diet; lots of low-fat foods and high in whole grains. I even worked out at least 4 days a week.

Yes, I was thin, but my body wasn’t working. Over the course of eight months, I began to change my diet to include only whole foods, no refined sugar, and plenty of good healthy fats. (butter, coconut oil, evoo, lard) My body changed right along with my diet and I began ovulating regularly for the first time. Eating the food the He created for us was healing my reproductive system!

And of course, that’s not to say that there haven’t been bumps in the road since then. In 2011, we lost our third baby due to miscarriage and the stress and upheaval on my system seems to have cause my thyroid to slow down a bit. But I can also say that less than two months after my diagnosis, using certain foods again is causing my body to change for the better.

I often get frustrated at the conventional medical model of disease prevention, for they base their ideas and theories off of science and studies. I prefer to trust in the One who made me and created the food that I eat, for not matter how advanced science is, there are always things we don’t understand or have full knowledge of.

Eating and living well is important for every one of course, and we know that the rise in childhood disorders as well as pregnancy complications can be tracked back to nutrient deficiencies of the parents. So whether or not a couple is having a difficult time in conceiving, I think it’s pivotal that we take care of our bodies the best that we can, doing all that is within our control to make sure that when a life is created, our bodies will meet the needs of that little one.

I filled my book with as much information as I could, without going too far over my word count. It includes everything from natural living to cleansing, what to eat and how to exercise, as well as alternative therapies (from my perspective as a Christian – though I know we all hold slightly different beliefs in this area and highly agree that no ONE alternative therapy is the answer. There are many to choose from!) and a discussion on how stress can affect fertility. But there’s always more to include and couples are always looking for more ways to live a bit more naturally to help keep their bodies healthy.

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This is a guest post from Donielle at Naturally Knocked Up. Thanks, Donielle!

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