Eat Well, Spend Less: Back to Basics in the Kitchen

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The first of the year is a perfect time to think about the basics – here at KS, we’ve got the Back to Basics Baby Steps Mini-Challenge with all the foundational Monday Missions, and the Eat Well, Spend Less ladies are also talking back to basics. The posts are awesome this month, some great reminders of how to keep it simple, what to prioritize, and how far we’ve come.

Back to the Basics of Feeding Your Family

from Shaina of Food for my Family

imageLet’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.
Dinnertime is ever evolving in our house. This year we embarked on the path of swim club family, dragging the eldest to and from the pool a mere five nights a week for two-hour-long swim sessions. Combined with basketball, swim lessons for the younger crowd, catechism, homework for four, and time to wind down and read at night, dinner can seem like a necessary chore in the midst of more important matters.
Still, I remain convinced of the importance of teaching your children how to eat. We continue to be the family that ventures to the market and the grocery store together, that stands in the kitchen sharing the daily duties of getting hungry mouths fed, that sits around the same table night after night. I’m not going to lie. It is not easy, but I do believe that it is worth it

Read the rest right HERE for true commitment and inspiration!

How to Cook from Scratch when You Don’t Know How

from Mandi of Easy. Homemade. 

Although I dreamed of being the perfect housewife and stay-at-home mom — keeping a clean, organized home, cooking healthy, delicious meals…and always with a smile on my face — none of it came easily to me. Least of all the cooking part.

I truly hated to cook, but it wasn’t the actual cooking I hated; it was the not knowing what I was doing. I had questions about every single recipe I tried (at the time, “Google it” was not part of my vocabulary, so I called my mom…every night). And I ruined a ton of meals, which I also hated, not just because it made me feel like a failure but because I was wasting so much food in the process.

Over the years, I kept trying (my family insists on eating, after all), and I slowly got a few recipes under my belt that I felt fairly confident preparing…except sometimes I would still mess those up too!

Read how Mandi employ baby steps – oh yeah! HERE

How to Make Roasted Brown Chicken Stock (and young love in the summer)

from Aimee of Simple Bites

imageThe first summer we were married, our situation wasn’t exactly ideal for two starry-eyed newlyweds doing life together. I finished late at night at a popular fine dining establishment where I worked the line and Danny rose early to meander through the Plateau to morning class at McGill. One of us was always tired when we greeted each other at the end of a day, and one of us frequently smelled of soup, but I’m not telling who.

Fed up of only seeing my husband from midnight to 6 AM, I petitioned my boss for day position as a prep cook. I may have stammered, blushing, through my reasoning, but he only twinkled his eyes at me and agreed, that just for the summer, I could work days, and he would find someone to cook the fish and the foie in my place at night.

This will be my new go-to when people tell me, “My chicken stock isn’t tasting all that good – it’s a must-read right HERE along with the sweet love story of Aimee’s early marriage.  

Lessons Learned from a Pantry Challenge

from Jessica of Life as MOM

imageA pantry challenge is a concentrated effort to shop the kitchen before heading to the stores. I learn lessons afresh each time I do it.

It’s in January that we do a type of clearing house, using up what’s in the fridge, freezer, and pantry, rotating stock, and trying to cut our expenses a little. We have so much after the holidays, that it’s actually pretty fun for the first few weeks of the pantry challenge.

While we could certainly “live” off the food in our home for an extended period of time, it would produce some very interesting, not to mention monotonous, meals. I don’t forbid myself from spending money. I just try to shop my kitchen first and only buy what we really need.

Read the rest right HERE with Jessica’s 7 excellent lessons learned…

Food Goals for 2013

from Amy at Kingdom First Mom

Our family does not have a ton of food goals for this year, as we are doing fairly well at maintaining the goals set in previous years. We are definitely not perfect, and have backslid in a few areas. As always, these are goals for our family; do what works for you and your family!

{One goal was…}

Include the girls in meal planning and preparation whenever possible and as often as possible. The girls love to help me in the kitchen, and as a card-carrying member of the Type-A Club, I sometimes have a hard time slowing down and getting on their level so they can learn. I am much better than I used to be, but I definitely still need to work on this.

Read the rest, with French rules from a book Amy recently read and was inspired by, right HERE

How to Cook Pasta Like a Pro

from Carrie of Denver Bargains

We’re getting back to the basics for this month’s Eat Well, Spend Less; and I’ve chosen to show you some “secrets” to cooking pasta like a pro.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m practically an Italian when it comes to cooking pasta. I’d be really nervous if I had to cook for Mario Batali. But, I’ve learned some tricks that make cooking great pasta easy…

Read the rest right HERE


And if you missed my contribution, I had a lot of fun writing “How to Boil a Husband,” and it has been resonating with many whose husbands aren’t immediately on board with real food…

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