One Quick Tip: How to Keep Winter Hats and Mittens Dry

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If you followed my Organizing in October series in the fall, you learned that I’m seriously disabled in my organizational skills. I had wire shelving dealies that I couldn’t even figure out how to use in the cupboards after that organizing effort (jury is still out on whether the changes I made were helpful or not!), and I thought of a great way to use one of them this winter:

Best Way to Dry Winter Mittens and Hats

Rather than having all our winter hats and mittens stay soggy in a basket OR be simply on the floor near a register vent, and without having to put holes in the wall to hang them up nicely (which would take us until summertime to “get around to” at the rate we do household projects!), I set this up in 60 seconds.

Best Way to Dry Winter Mittens and Hats (1) (475x356)

I figure the air flow is improved and the kids have totally loved the routine of having a definite place to put them. The 7yo boy learned that Mom is super smart the day he was lazy and left all his stuff in the garage – talk about COLD mittens and boots, and a still snowy coat and snowpants!

Most of my One Quick Tip ideas will be more centered in the kitchen, but hopefully someone will get inspired by the simplicity of repurposing a kitchen item for winter gear. (I see Amazon even sells a two-tier shelf for big families, hee hee!)

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You can follow the One Quick Tip pin board so you don’t have to read the longest posts in the world but still keep up on the tips, things that speed your day along, increase nutrition in the kitchen, or make life more manageable in some way. Of all the encouraging comments I’m getting on Better Than a Box, it seems people most appreciate the small strategies that can help them be more efficient with their work.

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  1. Gayle says

    This is genius! Having just moved up to the semi-North and had my kids in snow for the first time, this is much appreciated. I hooked gloves and ski masks to my octopus lingerie hanger from Ikea last week, hung it over the baseboard heater in the bathroom, and cranked the heat in there while closing the doors. What you’ve put up is a much more comfortable solution, and one they’ll be able to do instead of me!

  2. Rebecca says

    One of those bright ideas that seem like they should be obvious, but of course they aren’t! :)

    We use a small drying rack and put it near our woodstove. We hang all our coats, hats and mittens on it when we come in and they dry right out (I was born and bred in Maine, so I’ve had a lot of experience with snow and wet winter gear!)

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