My Favorite Readers Get a Freebie Favorite Lip Balm! {Today Only}

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valentine lip balm

Everybody plays favorites.

Favorite sports team, favorite drink, favorite ferment, favorite color – all the normal stuff. Winking smile When Renee at MadeOn Hard Lotion asked me if I wanted to give my readers a gift of MY favorite lip balm, there was no question which one it would be.

I have a peppermint lip balm in three jacket pockets, my purse, my makeup bag, and my nightstand. I need one in the downstairs bathroom too, so I should make an order today – because all orders of any size (except ebooks only) get a free peppermint lip balm all day long (Feb. 11th through midnight PST)!

Happy Valentine’s Day, KSers!

Forget high fructose corn syrup laden sweets – we’ll talk about those later today with Tiffany – I get my yummy on with 3 simple ingredients + peppermint essential oil. It’ll wake up your lips while shea butter and coconut oil moisturize them. Zero degrees up to 45F in the past week means all my skin is a little dry and crazy. The beeswax seals everything in and keeps the onslaught of the elements OUT.

I like to put the hard lotion on my kids’ cheeks before they head out fort-building or sledding in the snow. We gifted some to their religious ed teacher, and weeks later she raved about how much it’s helping her kids’ eczema: "I feel like it really stays on practically all day when I just put it on once!"

And you don’t have to worry about any weird ingredients seeping through your skin and causing who-knows-what kind of havoc in your body – no parabens, no petroleum, no chemically-enhanced fragrances. (There are even tinted lip balms for those of you who want to get a little fancier.)

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to the gift of happy lips, and stock up with the gift packages so you’re ready for baby showers, bridal showers, and end-of-year teacher gifts.

Giving fun stuff away is one of my favorite things – so enjoy a little extra with one of my favorites, peppermint lip balm, added to every order placed today.

Disclosure: I do make affiliate commissions at MadeOn if you make a purchase there, but I also spend them back making a few big orders every year and give the stuff away at every gift opportunity I get! Plus this is a fun deal, so everyone wins!

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5 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Aubrey R says

    I’ve heard of this company before, but this gave me the incentive to try them. Thanks! Hope I wasn’t supposed to do anything to get the freebie to work…I just placed an order for what I wanted. :)

  2. Angela says

    I am in love with Hard Lotion and have gotten a few friends hooked! I’ve made my own bars from Renee’s DIY kits and I discovered something….I re-melted one of my own bars and added 2Tbsp olive oil. This way it remained creamy and is SO much easier to apply….really great for a face lotion! Also I re-melted a bar and added olive oil + zinc oxide (a $6 tube at Meijer) for a nice creamy diaper cream. Hard Lotion (or the creamier version) is so phenomenal, it is the ONLY thing that has made my 1yr old’s weird rash on his back go away (though I sometimes mix the lotion with 1% hydracortizone cream).

  3. Bethany T says

    Thank you for this great offer! I purchased some bars and goat milk soap. I can’t wait to try them. I just found your blog recently and I enjoy it so much. Have a happy Valentine’s day!

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