Is Orange Juice Part of an Unprocessed Food Diet?

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If your goal is an unprocessed food diet, how do you define "processing?" People point out to me sometimes that when I can tomatoes, make yogurt, or even simply cook an egg for breakfast, I’m "processing" it.

In yesterday’s Monday Mission on high fructose corn syrup, I came to the conclusion that if for no other reason than that it’s a strong marker for processed food, HFCS should be avoided (there are plenty of other reasons).

I learned more about high fructose corn syrup and how sweet things are "packaged" in nature during my research for this month’s Attune Foods blog post:

Peeling an orange

Ever heard of an orange juice tree?

Dug up a potato, only to find it skinless?

Seen a picture of people harvesting white rice?

In nature, we find unprocessed foods with starch and sugar in them also have a good amount of fiber; nowhere do we find fructose or glucose, both “monosaccharides” or simple sugars, all by themselves.

Click over to read the full story about the unprocessed food diet, fructose and fiber on the Attune blog in Eat the Orange, Skip the Juice

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6 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Alma via Facebook says

    I recently got a juicer, It was great for the “trial” drink, but I still prefer the fiber that comes from it’s original packaging. I think we will stick to fruits and veggies in their natural state. So many nutrients would be wasted otherwise. ;-)

  2. Macy via Facebook says

    That is why I love my Blendtec. I can make a glass of orange juice (or any whole fruit or vegetable juice) from the whole orange, pith and all!

  3. Alaina via Facebook says

    I tend to agree, but once in awhile, orange juice graces our home. There are times when I just want a glass. I guess, for me, it is a treat food.

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