Do You Freeze in Glass? Super Strong Glass Storage {GIVEAWAY-NOW CLOSED} from Mighty Nest

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Whenever we talk about making homemade bone broth (stock), the storage question always comes up:

  • Can it?
  • Freeze it?
  • In what?
  • For how long?

Personally, since I don’t have the pressure canner necessary to can homemade stocks, I always freeze it, and I always freeze in glass so that I can transfer it into jars while warm and not wonder what might be leaching into my nourishing broth.

One of KS’s long-running sponsors, Mighty Nest, knows a lot about safe materials. They won’t let nasty chemicals in their door, and they won’t ship them to yours, either.

Every time I browse their store to see if I want to barter some products for some advertising, lo and behold, I end up with a big huge box coming my way! After John broke one of my 8×8 glass dishes (I nearly cried), I got a replacement from MN that I am in love with (it’s this one).

Anchor’s new “True fit” lids are truly the bomb, so now I’m ahead of where I used to be since one of my 8x8s didn’t have a lid. I guess John is forgiven…


I’ve also been reviewing the Duralex Lys square glass storage bowls, and they’re really nice. The glass is soooo thick, so I don’t think John sliding it out and letting it fall a measly 3 inches (seriously! I couldn’t believe my baking dish broke with that tiny of a fall!) would do any harm. If it did, it’s a super nice feature that the Duralex glass is tempered, so no tiny glass shards that I have to break out the cotton balls to clean up.

DSC08001 (475x356)

Here is the container hard at work in my kitchen, holding soaked graham cracker dough (from Better Than a Box) for the Southern Style pudding. The lid is definitely water-tight, which I tested with that slightly runny Valentine’s Day pudding for the school party last week (below). The large 68-ounce that I have is really deep, and I whizzed up almost 3 whole pie pumpkins/squashes in it a few weeks ago, then made grain-free pumpkin pancakes in the same bowl after removing some to freeze. Love that!

Heart Strawberry Pudding (16) (475x356)

They would be perfect for freezing broth as well, since (a) square containers waste less space than glass, (b) they’re easy to pour into, even hot liquids, and (c) you could pop out the whole block of broth after resting the container in some warm water for about 10 minutes – in case you ever forget to plan ahead, although I know none of you ever find yourself in that dinnertime crunch situation, right? Duralex  is also ovenproof, so you could reheat leftovers or bake a casserole right in there.

My only concern is the longevity of the lid, which seems a wee bit thinner than I’d like, but it goes on and off and through the dishwasher great so far…

A Gift for You!

duralex glass storage containersFor a giveaway today, Mighty Nest is offering winner’s choice of all 5 sizes of Duralex Lys glass containers OR 3 of the 68-ounce size (~$40 value either way). I have no idea how you’ll choose, seriously.

Enter below, but first, a little about our sponsor:

About MightyNest

Founded by two parents, MightyNest is an online store, resource center, and community dedicated to helping parents create healthy, safe homes. Our mission is to give families the ability to research, get advice, and buy natural, non-toxic products all in one place.

From kitchenware to skin care, MightyNest‘s safety experts have built the web’s broadest selection of products that are free from known toxic ingredients such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Parabens, and more.

MightyNest is a place where people feel motivated and welcomed, not discouraged or judged; somewhere people are empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. For the growing number of parents seeking high quality, healthy and safe alternatives to everyday products for their family, MightyNest is their most trusted resource.

Use the coupon STEWARDSHIP10 to save 10% off your order!


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35 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Greta says

    I would love to say “material,” but replacing all of my plastic with glass has been cost-prohibitive, so I guess my answer is “price!”

    This would definitely be a blessing; thanks for the offer!

  2. anna says

    I look for a good seal and durability in my glass containers. Would love to try this product out. I also like different sizes for my packed freezer

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      You have to click on the Rafflecopter form, which probably can’t be seen on a mobile device, if that’s what is getting in your way. :) Katie

      • Gina says

        I am on your blog with my computer and I don’t see anywhere how to get on the form to enter? Don’t know what I am missing? I looked where Heather said I don’t see anything.

        • Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship says

          I’m at the mercy of the system here…maybe it was down temporarily? Try clearing your cache and trying again, so sorry for the hassle!
          Thanks, Katie

  3. says

    Flexibility. I’d mostly like to switch to glass because we don’t have a microwave, so most of our leftovers get reheated in the toaster oven. I hate making extra dishes when I have to dig around for an oven safe dish!

  4. Jill says

    I have a question about Better Than a Box (which is great, by the way): How many printable recipe cards are included? I got 4 in a separate download page. I read on the keeper of the home blog that there were 18 printable recipe cards. And I also didn’t get the video demo of the salad dressings that was one of the extras, or the invite for plan to eat. (I bought the book when it was just released.) I think I’m missing some of the features. What should I do?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      I was just made aware of the massive “oops” about the recipe cards last week, and then my site had technical problems that took hours to unravel Sun-Wed this week….so, the short answer is that there were supposed to be 18, but I need to send out an update to all purchasers. I’m going to correct a few typos etc. in the book and then send everyone new download links for the book and the cards all at once. The video was a link in the thank you email – if you downloaded right from the payment page, you may have missed the email in your spam box. PTE invites go out every Wed. so you definitely should have that too…check your spam box from the dates around when you purchased and if you don’t see both things, just email me at kitchenstew at and I’ll get you all fixed up! Thanks so much! :) Katie

  5. Brittany says

    Probably safety and usability. I’ve been slowly replacing my plastic, but I still have a few big containers hanging around that can’t be beat for holding large amounts of leftover soup. (Don’t worry, I reheat it in a pot on the stove.)

  6. Amanda Yoder says

    Actually, I didn’t realize you could freeze glass safely so I am SO glad you did this article! I always wondered how the all natural foodies could freeze chicken broth, etc. and avoid BPA/plastic problems! I am still a little scared at the concept, but I will try it soon! For picking a storage container, I have BPA free plastic we do use for lunch sometimes because of the breakage concerns, but I use pyrex or anchor (made in USA glass) for most other storage and slowly we’re hoping to transition to that for lunches as well! we want to avoid the plastic leeching problems

  7. says

    When choosing containers, I look for flexibility (go from stove or fridge to oven?), longevity (I’ve pretty much stopped buying ones with plastic lids- they break), and price. I love the vintage Pyrex with glass lids when I find them at antique stores. :)

  8. says

    Well my mind is always occupied with many thingand moves very fast but for me I guess I would have to say material safety and sustainability followed closely by longevity

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