What’s Better: Energy Star or Old Clunky 1950s Refrigerator? You Decide!

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If you get a nice tax refund, you might have a large appliance in mind for the funds (or a half a cow…just sayin’).

If you do, I hope my news today isn’t disappointing. It’s super discouraging to me, and I’m not even sure what to do about it…

Appliance Obsolescence

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An excerpt from “Energy Efficient vs. Green Friendly

Want to know how to help keep your appliances running longer? I have the perfect solutions:

1. Hand wash your dishes and use your dishwasher as a great big drying rack – it will never stop running or do a poor job cleaning your dishes that way, and you’ll also save a ton on dishwasher detergent!

2. Vacuum as little as possible. Hire children to pick up fuzz and crumbs from the floor every few weeks. Your vacuum won’t need its belts changed for years.

3. Wear your clothes at least five times before washing them. Turn kids’ stuff inside out or pretend the food stains are just from breakfast that day. Your washer and dryer will thank you!

4. Avoid the oven. Try not to make anything other than salads from scratch. Eating out and using someone else’s oven is the best way to beat the fact that appliances are made to break within 5-10 years nowadays.


You think there’s a better way to keep your large appliances out of the landfill?

Unfortunately, the new government regulations for energy efficiency cause many appliances’ life spans to be shortened.

Find out the reason why plus some that might be pointing right back at US in our computer chairs HERE. See you over there in the comments for some solutions!

If you don’t want to be discouraged and just want to laugh at me, you should probably stick with the excerpt above. Winking smile

Either which way, check out what Blessed Pope John Paul II had to say about this issue in his encyclical “On Social Concerns”:

“…side-by-side with the miseries of underdevelopment, themselves unacceptable, we find ourselves up against a form of super-development, equally inadmissible, because like the former it is contrary to what is good and to true happiness. This super-development, which consists of an excessive availability of every kind of material goods for the benefit of certain social groups, easily makes people slaves of ‘possession’ and immediate gratification with no other horizon than the multiplication or continual replacement of the things already owned with others still better.

This is the so-called civilization of ‘consumption’ or ‘consumerism,’ which involves so much throwing away and waste. An object already owned but now superseded by something better is discarded, with no thought of its possible lasting value…nor of another human being who is poorer.”

I’m tired of “stuff” too – as I said in the “No Junk” Easter Basket ideas from yesterday!

A Winner!

The winner of the Natural Medicine Audio and eBook package from last week ($115 value) is Katie Siemens. Congrats, Katie! Watch for an email from Jenni with all your goodies.

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