Ready for Cloth Diapers? (or not?) How to do it Frugally and Successfully

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When I started with cloth diapers (on baby number 3!) just over a year ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t really want to take a lot of time to research on the Internet, and the cloth diaper forums can be overwhelming (and suck you in).

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My colleague Erin Odom had a similar experience – she says, "I made every cloth diapering mistake in the book. I washed them the wrong way. I ruined several diapers with diaper cream. And I almost quit using cloth diapers when my daughter developed a yeast rash that spread to the diapers."

The difference with her is that she tackled her problems head on and plunged into research, questioning, experimenting, and even working at a cloth diaper store. Now she has all the answers.

And she’s "saved her family thousands of dollars" by using cloth diapers.

Erin, a natural momma of three beautiful little girls, has compiled her vast wealth of cloth diapering knowledge into a 200+-page eBook, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert.

It. Covers. Everything. (Unlike some cloth diapers that fall off little tushies.)

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert Party

I’m super excited to share the book with you today, because for this week Erin has an amazing deal going

First, the book itself is selling at a promotional price of $9.95, which is about the cost of using disposable diapers for one week. I know that you’ll save much more than that by using Erin’s tips to successfully (and frugally) switch to cloth.

Second, the book comes with freebies all this week – you can get a free nursing cover, sling, nursing pillow, and more (you pay shipping) with the purchase of Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert. You’ll also get exclusive discount codes to about a dozen different cloth diapering and natural mothering shops, so you can "Buy the book, Build your Stash" and get going without going broke with the investment.

Finally, Erin is hosting a Facebook party tonight on her Facebook page, all about cloth diapering – and she has gathered over $700 in prizes, including an entire set of cloth diapers for one lucky winner. Phew! See all the details HERE.

The party is tonight at 8 p.m. EST and the sale is running all week.

Cloth Diaper Guide


In case you’re wondering how it’s going here, I do have some "after one year" updates planned for April or May, including which brands have played out already, which ones I like that I didn’t used to and vice versa, how to strip cloth diapers, and even the laundry soap disaster that just about has me running back to ‘sposies! I’ll let you know what I do when I write these last few posts. I’ll update all 25 in the cloth diaper review with my latest thoughts, too.

The candida post is coming, for those of you waiting for it! It’s a long one; might have to split it up into 3 or 4 parts, but I can’t decide when to pull a "to be continued…" on you!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of this book and will earn commission, but I also got to review it and even give a suggestion for one little fact that Erin missed, which is now in the book! So I’m invested in its success and believe in Erin’s work.

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8 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. vgs1895 says

    I washed diapers for 20 years. The old-fashioned not-cute ones with the ugly vinyl over pants. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything.

    Saved a ton of money–but—I have a theory. I don’t believe in potty training (I never potty trained at all–just provided them with a little potty and let them see us use the toilet).

    Anyway, my theory: With cloth, the toddlers can really feel what it’s like to be wet. Not horribly wet, because I never let it get that bad–but just ‘wet.’ Since I didn’t care if they used diapers on their wedding days, all of my kids just knew that when they didn’t like the feeling of dampness, they should tell me.

    When they were ready (anywhere from 28 months old to 3 yrs, 9 mo) they did it instantly. They would simply come up to me and literally tell me they wanted to wear underwear. I explained that this was for real, and they did it. No bribes, no pull-ups, no cutesy underwear (though that did come later), no nothing.

    I’m a relaxed mom–had our last one at 46–so I didn’t let things like diapers or weaning or anything that bother me. Some of our kids are adopted, some not, so there’s nothing genetic to help them potty train.

    We never had ANY accidents, and they never wet the bed. They now range from 18-35 and none are still in diapers to my knowledge.

  2. Jennifer says

    We used gDiapers. Super cute and found sellers on eBay and Craigslist offering great deals on used covers in excellent condition. (Ex. I found 18 lg covers with liners for $105 on CL and they were immaculate.) Also bought a few when on sale at Babies R Us. The biodegradable inserts are awesome for traveling and cheap through Amazon Moms and Subscribe and Save. I wasn’t thrilled with the cloth inserts, so I made my own with soft micro fleece on the outside and thick, absorbent microfiber inside that never touches my little one’s skin. I stitched them in a way that would allow them to be more flexible than the g brand. We have loved using them, and our 16 mo yr old has never had diaper rash or any issues down there. All really easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

  3. says

    We’ve had some nasty poops the last few days and as I rinse them out, I can’t help thinking how glad I am they aren’t ‘sposies! Even though there have been a few blow outs, I know there would have been about three times as many if we didn’t have cloth!
    I did a diaper trial after going through a few packs of disposables from my baby shower. I was able to decide what I liked and what works for us. I like the cheap route – so we have flats and prefolds. They fit when he was a newborn (with bulk) and they with creative folding, they will continue to fit until he potty trains. I love going to the dryer for diapers instead of the store, even on hard days.

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