Real Food Diet: 5 Keys to a Healthy Lunch

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I just packed the last lunch of the school year.

*sigh of relief*

(Yes, I packed it in the morning. My son didn’t miss the bus…but it’s possible he had to run down the sidewalk. Morning Katie often scolds Nighttime Katie for giving her all the work, but Nighttime Katie is not the sharpest pencil in the box.)

chicken nuggets lunch

As we move into summer, I have a lunchtime challenge for you to avoid monotony and maximize nourishment at the noon hour. Check out the healthy food challenge and some resources for lunches over at the Attune blog today:

If you hear a strange noise on the first Sunday evening after school gets out for the summer, it’s me.


Maybe jumping up and down.

All because I won’t have to pack a lunch five times that week.

And realistically, I often do most of the packing in the morning, but I know I should do it before I go to bed to reduce the a.m. rush. (Really, I should follow my own advice from the simplifying real food post and pack as I’m making or cleaning up other meals. Life is not always ideal.)

I know that just as it’s easy to get in a rut when packing school lunches (string cheese again, anyone?), we can quickly fall into a pattern when eating lunches at home.

Whether it’s PB&J, cheese and crackers, or soup and salad every day, if you find yourself getting monotonous at lunch, I want to challenge you to think outside the box (but still inside the “healthy food” box).

Read my 5 Keys to a Healthy Lunch and the Summertime 7-day Challenge right HERE

Of course, I just realized that my son starts a summer camp right away on Monday, so I’ll be…well…packing a lunch. Perhaps my celebrations were a mite anticlimactic…

Can’t wait to hear your good ideas – see you in the comments over at Attune!

Disclosure: I am a paid writer for Attune Foods.

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  1. Janet via Facebook says

    Another great thing about teenagers they can pack their own lunches!!!!!

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