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And the survey says…60% of you order food online.

That’s even more than the number who have ordered KS eBooks, by quite a bit.

Don’t worry, my feelings aren’t hurt – I’m glad you’re smart enough to prioritize food over information, because hey – you gotta eat. Plus, I give plenty of information and recipes away for free, and that can rarely be said about food (except maybe in this post). Winking smile

When I took a survey of readers here at Kitchen Stewardship in December 2012, 60% really did check the box for ordering food online. I feel pretty safe in assuming that the new order-your-delivery-pizza-online feature is not what these fine kitchen stewards are referring to.

Whether you live in a rural area without health food store options or simply find it easier or less expensive to shop via a screen than a trip to a store (moms of toddlers, raise your hands), it can’t be denied that people are increasingly ordering lots more online, including food. It’s no longer a fringe thing.

I hope you’re already familiar with Wise Choice Market, as I’ve mentioned them before, but in case you’re not – and especially if you’re in one of those groups who really needs to order online for whatever reason – I’d like to introduce you.

Wise Choice Market fermented vegetables

Wise Choice Market seems to be becoming a one-stop-shop for Weston A. Price foodies. They began by selling just one product: naturally fermented, raw, organic vegetables. They’ve now expanded into

All shipped frozen to your door. Convenience at its best!

Sprouted Breads

Sprouted grain bread made from whole, live grains

We had some of the sprouted manna bread this morning for breakfast. Each loaf is made not from flour, but actually baked with the whole grains intact. The bread is dense, to be sure, but they taste great and really fill you up.

One note: they come frozen and unsliced, so you want to plan to let it partially thaw out, maybe half on hour on the counter, the first time you serve it. Then you can power through it with a bread knife, cutting the whole loaf and freezing again in slices, which can be toasted right from the freezer.

Real Bone Broth

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth (1) (475x356)

Although of course I think you should make your own chicken and beef stock, there are times you just might need to buy some, including if you can’t source good chicken, truly don’t have the time, or perhaps are too exhausted, like if you’re starting GAPS and have heavy die-off reactions.

I remember reading about a blogger on GAPS intro who paid her friend to make broth and sauerkraut for her because she could barely get out of bed. That was the first thing I thought of when I read that Wise Choice Market was going to begin carrying chicken and beef stock, made traditionally with a vinegar soak, organic vegetables, sea salt and a 24-hour cook. If you don’t have a friend you could hire to make it for you, there aren’t really options other than this brand. It’s expensive…but it’s truly, truly delicious. I wouldn’t even use my sample in soup; I drank it all, one cup a day.

Fermented Vegetables

John is ravenous for fermented black radish veggies from Wise Choice Market

Similarly, there aren’t a lot of traditional, raw, organic cultured veggies available on the marketplace. So many brands pasteurize their stuff or don’t ferment things long enough. For once, here’s a company who isn’t choosing to do things the fastest and easiest way.

If you want to prioritize fermented foods and don’t have time to smash cabbage and make sauerkraut or kimchi, I thought the cultured veggies were delicious and last a long time if you take once spoonful a day (or with each meal), even though the bags look small at first (they’re compressed).

The picture above is the only other person in my family who will eat them, although we’re working on the kids. John is literally ravenous for fermented black radish there, and at 22 months now, he still gets about as excited when I get the jar of ferments out as when he catches sight of the bag of chocolate chips.

That’s the way the whole family reacts, by the way, whenever we splurge and get the amazing soaked cereals from JoshEWEa’s Garden, resold by Wise Choice Market. They are truly a treat, but nothing to feel guilty about!

The Giveaway

Wise Choice Market’s offer today is super generous:

One lucky reader will get a prize package valued at $105, including:

Some Happy Winners!

The winners of last week’s Tattler canning lid giveaway from LPC Survival are:

  • Elizabeth (cameogirlemh@…)
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  1. Lark says

    Curious about the stock that has a “traditional vinegar soak.” I am new to making stock and wonder what that is about. I am also trying to figure out how to make beef stock without stinking up the whole house. I really do not like the smell. The gas grill would use too much propane and I worry about constant temperature of a wood fire. Extension cords to my slow cookers put out side perhaps?
    Any ideas?

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