Monday Mission: Make Something Frozen Homemade

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Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to find a new homemade, frozen treat recipe to create.

I’m sure most of you have made something homemade for the freezer before, but it’s just that time of year to have fun with the freezer, isn’t it?

There’s always something new you can do.

Homemade Popsicle Recipes - silicone popsicle molds

Maybe you’ve always wanted an ice cream maker and this is the summer you get one.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing up frozen bars on Pinterest, like one I made from one of those ebook sales – it had a grain-free crust, almond butter filling, and chocolate-coconut topping. We called them “frozen homemade Twix bars,” and they were definitely a treat! just making ice cream 300 white

Perhaps you need new homemade ice cream recipes – we’ve enjoyed the eBook from Just Makin’ Noise a ton! (get it here for a donation to her ministry)

Or it’s highly likely that you have a sudden yen for popsicles, homemade.

If you need popsicle molds, here’s where to find them. (Or you can use Dixie cups, but they’re not quite as convenient.)

If you need a great recipe, you can browse or follow the pin board the folks at Mighty Nest share with me: Real Food Popsicle Recipes for Summer

We’ve already collected almost 30 recipes, and I need to get out of there before my keyboard gets covered in drool.

Because I want to endanger other keyboards as well, here are some of the recipes we’ve tried this month…

Homemade Whole Foods Popsicles


First we tried these chocolate pudding pops made with avocado, but even though my kids love the “chocomole” from Healthy Snacks to Go, which is similar, folks only sort of liked these. I think the coconut milk thins out the chocolate and sweet flavors, and I wasn’t a fan of the added cinnamon (even though I love cinnamon!). Strange, eh?

That brings us to my first popsicle making tip: make a small batch with a new recipe.

And also to a benefit of the Kinderville molds: They don’t drip all over like a popsicle on a stick.

They do get messy in other ways, especially with pudding:

IMG_0799 (475x317)

If you want to try an avocado pop, there are a few more on the Pinterest board, including this one which is sweetened with dates (needs a high-powered blender, but I bet it’s yummy!).

Our next attempt was a tried and true favorite: DSC04425 (475x356)I modified one of the recipes on this post and used equal parts (or so) coconut milk, orange juice, and fresh strawberries. Amazing.

Also, if you have a bit left in the blender, it’s quite a fun adult drink for date night with a little splash of vodka. Winking smile

How did we make so many popsicles in a few weeks, you ask? The second benefit of the Kinderville molds is that they’re dishwasher safe, and they really get clean quite well (except the avocado pudding, which understandably got stuck in the bottom a bit. We got it out with a bottle brush).


Then I made these Strawberry-Mango Mint Popsicles, but I didn’t want to buy a mango, and apricots were on sale…hence my third tip. Don’t use apricots in anything that’s not sweetened. Sad smile

I even tried to pour everything back into the blender after I tasted the mixture and realized it was toooooo sour, which is super easy with the Kinderville molds (bonus!)…but the honey all stayed on the bottom of the blender. Phooey badooey. We put honey directly on the popsicles and could eat about half before the kids said, “Not worth it.” The toddler, however, drank a popsicle’s worth of leftover mixture! To each their own…

I have a feeling that if you like mint,  you’d love the actual recipe.

Finally we tried another tried-and-true treat that we hadn’t made in a while: Probiotic Fudge Bars from Smart Sweets. I think we all liked them even more than we remember! They use yogurt cheese, plenty of cocoa, pure maple syrup, and egg yolks for extra creaminess. Oh, my:

IMG_0761 (475x317)

IMG_0756 (475x317)

Leah is demonstrating another cool part about the Kinderville molds: push-up pops! My oldest, who knows what push-ups are, thinks this is particularly nifty.

They’re pretty easy to get out with a quick run under warm/hot water. Even the toddler managed to  not have fudge all down his chest, although he was ready:

IMG_0760 (475x317)

If you want some, be sure to hop in the giveaway where 3 winners will each get a set (and I share another favorite feature in that post).

As far as drawbacks to the molds, they do fill up quickly. Having only four means that I almost always had popsicle mix leftover, even with quite small batches. As I mentioned above, my husband and I reclaimed one partial batch for adult drinks, and some others went into “little bites” molds that I also received from Mighty Nest – they’re designed for making a freezing baby food, but they work alright as (really messy) popsicles:

IMG_0809 (475x317)

Let’s fill the comments with other great ideas!

What’s your favorite frozen summer treat?

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7 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Melissa says

    Banana Mango Swirl! 4 tbsp. homemade Almond milk, 1/2 of a banana, and one whole bag of Woodstock Farms Frozen Mango. Blend, scrape down, repeat until uniform consistency. Put in bowl covered for 15-20m in to firm up. YUM!!

  2. Rebecca says

    Mango and coconut milk is yummy, although my kids are not into exotic fruit so much.

    Frozen over ripe bananas defrosted and blended with cocoa powd and PB make great popsicles, no issues with re freezing the banana mixture. And I often make extra of whatever smoothie we are making to freeze a pop worth or two, so we always have a mix.

    Not really a kid fav, but I love savory pops, and blended smooth, gaspacho or any cold veggie soup is awesome as a popsicle, or frozen bloody mary mix.

  3. Cory says

    I made the avocado popsicles you mentioned in the post this weekend. You don’t need a high-powered blender:) I don’t have one, and mine turned out perfectly smooth (I have some sort of retro-beehive Osterizer). Just make sure you don’t skimp on the step that has you soaking the dates, if you are Vitamix- or Blend-tec-less.

      • Cory says

        As fudgesicles, yes, they were very good. Great texture, good flavor. Both kids liked them, and I think the only complaint was that they were too rich.

        Our response to the pudding was kinda meh…the three-year-old returned his bowl of pudding, telling me, “I don’t fink I wike dis chocowate.” I didn’t like the pudding at first (I honestly don’t like honey and chocolate combos, so maybe next time I’ll use just dates, or sub in some sucanat), but ended up licking the blender jar clean…

  4. Sarah says

    We love the avocado fudgecicles from whole life nutrition too – and agree that you don’t need a high powered blender. My food processor works just fine. We like it as pudding too. To each their own! Our new favorite today is orange kefir pops – 2 c of o.j., 1 c milk kefir, 1/3 c or less honey, 2 tsp vanilla. So yum! The juice is a big treat around here, and I love it when our pops give us a healthy dose of probiotics!

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