It’s the Simple Things…How to Save the World, One Step at a Time

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Do you ever wonder if all the minor things you do to conserve energy, be sustainable, and reduce waste even make a difference? Like the fact that all my natural sunscreens (above) are in a bag that is reused instead of new? (This One Quick Tip post offers a reuse idea!)

I don’t know the answer for sure, but I can be in solidarity with you, and let’s all just keep doing the little things…

My article at Green Your Way this month is about one tiny conservationist habit I have:

Sometimes the easiest things are still worth mentioning.

I was watching my husband peel the biggest plastic bag you ever did see off a new mattress today and thinking about my modest little pile of “plastic bags to reuse so I don’t have to throw them away.”

Even though my contribution to keeping trash out of the landfill is but a drop in the ocean, it still makes me feel good about doing what I can.

What is my bag collection all about?

Hop on over HERE to find out, plus some ideas for taming the little toys that seem to get out of hand at my house (how about you?)…

Monday Missions

The middle of summer, when it’s 90F and vacations are looming on the calendar, isn’t proving the best time for ME to be motivated to try a bunch of new things in the kitchen. In case many of you are in the same place, the Monday Missions will take a little summer vacation themselves for a few weeks…if you really need something to challenge you, some of the missions can easily be done more than once, like “try a new grain” or “step up your natural cleaning game.”

Feel free to browse the archives for ideas, or check out some of our past canning posts or summer themed articles!

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4 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Lenore Diviney says

    We have a rabbit and I get the big bag of litter for him, it is very sturdy plastic and I use it to sweep all the hay shavings and lawn mower shavings off our shed floor. I even rake under the rabbits cage and all the poo and yucky hay goes right in without me touching it! the hay goes to the compost, the waste to the trash and I refold the bag for use next time. Since his litter is only paper the bags are pretty clean, not sure what else I will use them for but I am saving all of them. lol.

  2. Jennifer says

    Oh, my goodness. If your husband and mine ever met they would have a hay day talking about all the things you and I collect—bags, boxes, glass jars. I also keep the bags inside boxed cereal. Those are great bags for crushing crackers, pounding meat, double wrapping things in the freezer or holding a few bags of a particular frozen item or a meal that is frozen in separate bags. I reuse fruit/veggie bags, too. They twist up and tie in a knot so well. If they get a little yucky inside they go into the diaper bag to for holding wet/messy cloth diapers while we’re out. Of course then they get tossed!!

    My husband makes fun, but he always has a big surprised smile on his face when he’s fumbling around with some gadgets or tools and I come out with the perfect container for him.

  3. Lindsey says

    We had a big plastic mattress cover and reused it as a slip n slide in the backyard.

    I’m wondering… what do you use for shampoo? It’s the only product that I haven’t yet found a good natural substitute for. I’ve tried some natural ones, but they just don’t work as well, and some of them don’t seem so “natural” when you look at the ingredients. I’ve heard of the “no poo” method, but according to my stylist friend, the p.h. of the baking soda is too low and essentially opens your hair follicles every time you use it, which damages the hair like dying it does. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Great idea! Now I’m sad we recycled it… :( Paint tarps would have been good, too. Shucks.

      I did no-poo for a few years, but now I use NaturOli’s soap nut shampoo or Miessence brand or a homemade/Etsy-sold shampoo bar (that one makes the hair a little brittle). But – I’m not very picky. My hair usually lives in a ponytail. :) Katie

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