Health Warrior Chia Bar {GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED}

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Want to eat a bowl of oatmeal and milk laced with tofu and salmon?

Yeah, me neither.

The nutrient density would be great, but, erm, the taste would be a little odd.

Health Warrior Chia Bar GIVEAWAY

Perhaps a chia bar instead. Check out these facts on chia seeds:

“Ounce-for-ounce, chia seeds have more omega-3s than salmon, more fiber than oatmeal, more plant-based protein than tofu, and more calcium than 1% milk, plus magnesium and antioxidants.” (from Health Warrior, our post sponsor)

These little chia bars from Health Warrior passed the test with every member of the family, and in fact, I actually snuck one in the middle of the day the moment they arrived because I was so curious about how they’d taste. (Yes, it was the chocolate peanut butter flavor.) Winking smile My kids were playing outside; they didn’t know.

I thought it was pretty cool that when my husband and 8-year-old son ran a 5K, I happened to have bars made of chia, called “runners’ food” because it powered “the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico on their legendary 100-mile runs, and before that it fueled Aztec warriors and messengers on their cross-empire journeys.”

Health Warrior Chia Bar at 5K

Chia is know as a superfood, and many are incorporating it into their diet via smoothies, egg substitutes, and even puddings, I’m a pretty boring chia user myself, mostly forgetting about my bag of chia seeds until I make a smoothies and then tossing in a few tablespoons.

Health Warrior’s chia bars are made mainly of chia seeds, and they come in 6 flavors: chocolate peanut butter, acai berry, coconut, coffee, banana nut, and apple cinnamon.

I’m a little jealous of our giveaway winners today, because I didn’t get to try the 3 brand new flavors (the last 3) and I have a feeling apple cinnamon would be right up my alley. My favorite of the 3 I did try is coconut – made with white chia seeds, it’s not only pretty but also really tasty.

There is one ingredient I’m not crazy about – agave syrup. I’ve never accepted a product review with agave before, because I’ve come down on the side of “it’s too processed.” So many health food products use agave in their products because agave has been marketed as “all natural” so well.

I don’t agree that it’s super natural, but in these bars, I decided to go for it anyway because the main sweetener is brown rice syrup, and agave is pretty far down the list, almost an afterthought. Besides, I know many KS readers disagree with my stance on it. What do you think? Would you buy a product with agave in it as a secondary sweetener?

Health Warrior’s Chia Bars are at least free of soy – tough to find in an energy bar!! They’re also vegan, which doesn’t matter to me, but matters to some, and they have 4-5 g of sugar per bar, equivalent to one teaspoon sugar.

The Prize


THREE winners will receive an assortment of Health Warrior Chia Bars (two bars each of all six flavors), a $20 value.

And a COUPON for you: Use the code KS15 for 15% off purchases through, expires August 31st.

Last Week’s Winner

Miss Kathrine DiBello is a very happy girl today, because she won the gorgeous handcrafted wooden spoon set from Polder’s Old World Market! Don’t forget that if you mention you’re from KS in the comments, you get a free small crocus spoon (so cute, value $25!).


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12 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Melissa says

    I agree with you about agave! Many folks think agave is low glycemic index/safe for those with blood sugar issues. This is false advertising at its best! the reason it seems low gi is because gi is measureing glucose and agave is about 90% frFRUCTOSE. it is highet in fructose than high fructose corn syrup according to the source I read!

  2. Lily says

    Entered the Rafflecopter already, but wanted to say that I really want to win this, because I want to try each flavour before committing to a whole box…I wonder where you can buy single bars in stores?

  3. Christi says

    I find the “research” on agave nectar from Weston A. Price ( to be a little suspect, and it seems they are the only ones making these claims. If you read the article and the comments that go with it, you will see there is quite a soap opera going on. There is other WAPF stuff that I find to be decidedly unscientific so if they are the only source, then for me, I’m eating agave.

  4. Kimi says

    Chia seeds are on my grocery list! Thanks for sharing your opinion on agave nectar…there is so much to learn in the health food world and so many varying opinions on just about everything, I’m finding!

  5. says

    I’m diabetic, and I am one of those people for whom agave works wonders. It doesn’t make my blood sugar spike, and I vastly prefer the taste over stevia, though I do use stevia for some purposes.

  6. caroline says

    I recently received a ‘homemade frappucino’ receipe from my sister (the one who got me addicted on them 11 yrs ago). I certainly wouldn’t call it a health food but it certainly less sugar/calories than the traditional version. The only ingredient I am still trying to source is the sweetener. The recipe calls for either splenda or stevia. I’m trying to cut out artificial sweeteners so no splenda for me, and I’m allergic to stevia. My mom had suggested agave syrup but I knew there were some negatives that I couldn’t remember so thanks for mentioning it. Haven’t decided where I stand though.

  7. Dawn W says

    As I followed through the Rafflercopter I thought about the agave syrup. I wish things were not so complicated when it comes to finding “good for you foods”. Your website is amazing,but I seem to find a lot of conflicting information on the internet. I guess, the education continues on agave nectar. :0

  8. says

    I’m honestly 100% for or against agave. I use it sometimes just not as frequently as I use organic sugar or maple syrup. I am,however,vegan so finding a bar that is vegan is pretty exciting to me-I don’t think there are very many out there. Thanks for the review and giveaway.:)

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