A Ritzy, No-Waste Lunch is Coming to Someone {GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED}

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Let me tell you a little bit about behind-the-scenes at Kitchen Stewardship, just for fun today.

You may have wondered how I end up working with certain brands or small businesses, or how I determine what products are a good fit for the discerning KS audience.

One way brands come my way is through incessant “PR” emails in my inbox. Ironically, most of them are usually personal finance, adult beverage recipes, and a handful of food products. I do a lot of deleting before opening!

Every so often, maybe 1 in 100 or 200, something comes across my desk that is a genuine good fit, like last week’s giveaway for Health Warrior chia bars – and here are the lucky winners of that one:

  • Trina – sourty…
  • Maren – marenir_
  • Marie – marie.hope.mar…

Please email katy at kitchenstewardship.com with your mailing address and enjoy the goodies! For everyone else, feel free to use the code KS15 for 15% off purchases at the Health Warrior site (through 8/31).

I digress.

The other most common way I connect with brands is by seeking them out myself with a “cold call” email telling them I think their product sounds excellent in the real food or natural living field and asking if they’d like to send a sample and work with Kitchen Stewardship.

I’m sure those businesses treat my emails a lot like I treat the ones in my inbox! Winking smile

Today’s product is a rare endeavor. The third and very rare way we connect is when I approach a brand I already use and love.


I’m thrilled to introduce you to Itzy Ritzy, makers of our family’s favorite reusable snack and sandwich bags.

Why We Love Itzy Ritzy Reusable Bags

When my new ad manager and I realized that we both used Itzy Ritzy bags, we had to try to make something work with them. I’ll be updating the big reusable sandwich bag review in September and adding Itzy Ritzy as one of our most-used for a couple reasons:

  1. Zippers instead of Velcro. Especially for quiet places like church, no parent wants to figure out how to get past the rrrrrrrrrrip! of Velcro just to get to the snacks for a toddler. Zippers are quiet. They’re also really simple for kids to mange, both opening and closing.
  2. Waterproof for wet things. When I’m packing grapes, carrot and cucumbers, strawberries, or a whole host of other moist fruits and veggies, I always reach for our Itzy Ritzy. The inside is made like a wet bag for cloth diapers (they sell those too), and it keeps the moisture in like no other bag we’ve tried. The bag’s open-from-the-top design is also better at containing crumbs than some of those that fold all the way open. Note: as the bags have aged, they become not completely waterproof, so I wouldn’t want to put anything that is actually liquid in them. They do get wet on the outside sometimes if the contents are particularly wet, but it’s still so much better than any other brand we have.
  3. Super easy to clean. Most of my bags are, but a lot do open up all the way to get crumbs out of the corners. With Itzy Ritzy, I just turn them 100% inside out, rinse and/or wipe the inside, which is white but almost never stains (some of my others do quite easily), and hang them on our utensil jar to dry. Every last crumb and speck of food residue is always gone, and I feel confident that they are clean. On the rare occasions when someone leaves something in there for too long (not naming names here), I can put the whole bag through the laundry for a super duper clean.

A Note on Plastic

I know, in an ideal world, everyone would avoid all plastic, even BPA-free plastic, just in case. But in that world, I’d have leaky strawberries and baby carrots making messes in my cloth lunch bags that I don’t have time to clean up in the real world, so I’m going to embrace the next best thing – BPA-free materials that I don’t have to throw away and that are easy to care for.

Did I mention they’re also really cute?


We have a princess print for our girl, a black and white one for our little guy and that gray print with animals for our big guy. We really do use them all the time, and although I take photos of everything we eat, I was shocked to find that I don’t have any personal pictures of our Itzy Ritzy bags.

I would snap a few today, but we’re away from home, and although I do have one or two of the bags with me…I don’t have the card reader for my camera. Typical.

The fact that I’ve never slowed down to take a picture of our bags in use really is a testament to the fact that they’re workhorses – real products that we really use all the time, mostly when I’m rushing around like a crazy woman trying to get a meal or snack to go packed for the whole family and haven’t a moment to take a picture!

Time to Share – The Prize


I’ll be jealous of whoever wins the prize package from Itzy Ritzy. They’re getting a $50 value:

You can read more about how the company started small (and is getting bigger) here.


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  1. Cathy says

    Their wet bags look like they would be good for camp pillows–stuff them with a jacket and sleep on them while camping and then use them for wet swim suits on the way home!

  2. Grace S. says

    What fun lunch would be with these! (I subscribe to your blog and the newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win.)

  3. Robin R says

    I already subscribe to your blog an newsletter.

    I tried to become a fan of Itzy Ritzy on Facebook, but couldn’t find a business page, just a personal page using that name.

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