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EAT the Rainbow, Don’t Just Taste It

August 13th, 2013 · No Comments · Natural Health

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Do you remember the Skittles ads years ago where a whispering voice at the end intoned, “Taste the rainbow?”

Pretty effective marketing, if you ask me, considering those ads ran when I was in high school and it still feels like a common phrase that everyone should recognize.

If only fruits and veggies had a marketing budget of millions and teams of people dreaming up slogans and commercials for them…

The advice from nutritionists to “Eat the Rainbow,” is, luckily, gaining traction in our culture. I hope someday it is as ingrained and natural as the Skittles ad was, because eating the rainbow is all about balancing our good health.

I’m so grateful for companies like Attune Foods who DO put a chunk of their marketing budget toward promoting whole, unprocessed, healthy foods – they allow me to write articles like this that don’t talk about their products at all:

What would you guess is the most eaten color on a school lunch tray?

I’m wagering on brown. (Maybe white. I like to hedge my bets.)

Deep fried chicken. Pasty beef patties. Rolls. Pretzels. French fries. Buns. Pasta. Gravy. Chocolate milk. Brownies. Cookies. Corn dogs.

A rainbow on a plate much prettier to look at than a bunch of brown food, but it’s got a far greater nutrient variety, too. Don’t just taste the rainbow with a bag of sugary candies…eat the whole rainbow, every day if you can.

It goes way beyond a multivitamin. Here’s why…

Learn about your colors like you did in preschool, but the “advanced real food version,” right HERE.

I look forward to hearing your comments over at the post!

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