3 Cooler Efficiency Tips for Real Food Camping (& a Free Camping eBook!)

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Drowned butter.

Floating eggs.

No-longer-cold hamburgers.

Forget killer mosquitoes and torrential downpours. The perils of cooler living can be the most tenuous part of camping – who wants to waste expensive real food ingredients!

3 cooler camping tips for safe food

My eBook, The Family Camping Handbook, is packed with tips for surviving camping in the deep woods and is particularly geared toward families with young children – you CAN camp with little ones and live to tell about it!

Better yet, The Family Camping Handbook also will give anyone the tools they need to take their real food camping instead of processed meats and white bread buns. The recipes have guided many a family (and even at least one girl scout troop!) to a successful and delicious time in the woods.

camping handbook free on Kindle

This weekend as an end-of-summer Labor Day weekend gift to you – since Labor Day is totally a gift-giving holiday – I’m putting the camping handbook FREE on Kindle from Friday through Sunday.

You do NOT have to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books – try a desktop or mobile app, or just use Amazon‘s "Cloud Reader" in your regular browser. It’s really, really easy – it just kind of happens when you buy a Kindle book.

Please pass the deal along to your camping-minded friends (or people you want to convince to come along with you) and share the real food love!

Better yet, send folks to this post for these 3 handy dandy cooler tips:

  1. Freeze water in square or rectangular plastic containers (most space efficient shapes) and use them as ice in your coolers. You’ll still want to buy some ice to really get it distributed around the cold food, but the added bonus of the boxes of water is awesome: After a day or two, you’ll have some ice cold water to pour off into your bottles for drinking.
  2. Freeze your meat, cheese and bread as well. Consider anything that won’t lose quality when frozen as a target for this process. If you pack shredded cheese, bacon, butter or burgers frozen, you extend their "cold time" that much longer. Don’t use the strategy on lettuce, onions you’re not going to cook, or really any sort of raw foods. Yuck. Mush.
  3. Rather than use disposables, pack one lidded cup for each child who will drink milk. Even when empty, keep these cups in cooler, then refill as needed. You don’t have to feel like you’re doing dishes all the time since the milk residue on the cups will stay cold.

Camping Gluten-free? It’s possible! Here’s last year’s gluten-free camping food menu complete with a dorky real food explosion. Winking smile

Grab the Kindle camping handbook for free AND get the GF menu plus recipe cards for free too, when you sign up for the KS monthly newsletter.

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  1. says

    Thanks for offering your ebook free this weekend! I’ll definitely be downloading it! We are still relatively new to the real food eating lifestyle and we are very much a camping family! We have 4 kids (8,6,4 and 1) and spent 2 weeks camping this summer in Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, etc. I have to laugh when people say you can’t camp with kids! You can and they love it but you have to prepare for everything! lol Can’t wait to read your book! Have a blessed holiday weekend!

  2. Brenda L says

    yay! I won the Crock On! cookbook! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! What do I need to do to claim my prize?

  3. Rebecca says

    MY mom always had 2 coolers, one had drinks and food for that day in it, the other one was the “deep freeze” and we were forbidden to open it or face permanent banishment. The deep freezer keept meals and meat frozen solid for a week since my mom only opened it once a day to get out that day’s meat and add ice.

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