DIY Sprouting Kit Tutorial and Fresh Greens All Winter Long

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How to Grow Your Own Sprouts (No Soil Required) at

I don’t do everything DIY, I just can’t, but when it takes almost no time and saves ten bucks, I’m all over that.

I see "sprouting kits" for $10 and more at our local health food store, but I have a super simple way to make sprouts practically for free. I’m sharing that (and my new philosophy on winter "gardening") at this week’s Green Your Way post:

The joke in Michigan is that we definitely experience all four seasons…sometimes three in one day.

Although the weather is inconsistent and sometimes crazy, like 40F temps in August, 80F in October or March, and swinging from 45F in the morning to 80F in the afternoon this time of year, I really do appreciate seasonality.

I embrace the turning of the fall leaves, the blustery winds that mean we can get out our tubs of sweaters and scarves, the advent of new green buds and unearthing the sandals again in the spring. I love that I can run outside barefoot and tend a garden (albeit not always so fruitfully) in the summer and keep extra food in the “garage fridge” – which is just shelves in the garage – in the cold winter months.

I look forward to the apple, pumpkin, and squash harvest this time of year while in the same breath mourn the impending disappearance of truly fresh food. I’ll have to leave the open air of the Farmer’s Markets soon and retreat to a weekly circuit trapped in the cement and metal crate of our local big box grocery store.

My lettuce, cucumbers, and other salad fixings will no longer be fresh from West Michigan soil, but rather the traveling sort, flown in from California, Canada, and sometimes beyond.

This year for the first time, I’ve begun to wonder about the nutrients lost in that trek, and how it will affect me. I will miss getting my feet dirty in the garden and harvesting my own fresh food. Will my body miss the immediate delivery of vitamins?

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Don’t forget to keep your focus on real food as the holiday "season" approaches here…Halloween through Christmas can be a tempting time. Here’s everything I know about a healthy Halloween, including real food treats for kids, "green" party game, natural face paints and how to take the paint off naturally too. I’ll share on Thanksgiving and Christmas as they come as well, including a Twitter chat I’m hosting for #attune on November 6 at noon EST – watch for it!

A Peek Behind the Scenes at KS

Deciding what opportunities to share with you of the dozens that cross my email is pretty difficult – it seems like every day there is a "great deal!" or some sort of freebie related to real food or natural living.

I don’t want to feel like I’m selling things all the time (and neither do you, I know!), but I do want to be able to (a) share truly great opportunities for people who could benefit from them and (b) make an income on KS for all the information I do share for free already.

Once I decide to share something, I have to figure out HOW. Will it have an actual blog post dedicated to the idea? A quick mention at the end of another post, just a Facebook update, or a dedicated newsletter share? How do I present it without sounding over the top excited (even if I am pretty excited about it)?

Facebook has made it much harder for me to connect with you that way, because it’s really common for only 1% of the people who "liked" the KS FB page to actually see one of my updates. That bums me out, because Facebook used to be kind of a nice, quick, not-in-your-face way to share a sale or opportunity of some sort. I figure people clicked like on the page because they’re interested in what I have to share, but Facebook disagrees.

So I have to make things really interesting on Facebook, worthy of "likes" and "shares" and comments, in order for the post to be seen by numbers of consequence. Here’s what happened last week:

I shared a gut health course from an affiliate partner this way one day:

Pardon me for asking you some personal questions, but have you ever experienced bloating within one hour of eating? How about…

*A pulse that speeds up after eating?

*Sweat with a strong odor?

*Hemorrhoids or varicose veins?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, click here {{you’ll be glad you did!}}:

It had over 8600 views and 800ish clicks, but really ticked people off and apparently sounded spammy. You can see my responses to the negative feedback here, along with some very positive feedback from people who took the course or learned something from the promo page.

I pointed out that there is a free lesson included on the page, so that at least is worth checking out if you’re interested in the subject.

The following day I shared a little "quick share" of the same class, which Facebook only showed to 1400 people and far fewer clicks, even though it shared what I thought was equally interesting information and a note about the free lesson:

People didn’t like the way I presented this online gut health course yesterday…so I wanted to be less "advertise-y" and more authentic today (even though it piqued a lot of interest yesterday, so I’m not apologizing for that!): Lydia Shatney, certified nutritional therapist, has a "Heal Your Gut" course that launches tomorrow. It’s expensive. But it’s less expensive and time consuming than a few visits to a naturopath (not that it should replace a relationship with a doctor, but it does include a private Facebook group where you can ask Lydia questions).

THE GREAT PART: There’s a totally free lesson included, covering some of these facts:

* Constipation affects up to 28% of Americans

* Constipation affects women twice as often as men and is more common in people over age 65

* Diarrhea is a symptom, not a disease. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of something disagreeable, be it food, microbes or toxins

* About half of Americans over 50 have hemorrhoids

Want to get the audio and written info for this lesson? Look for the free lesson link here:

(How was that? Better on the sharing of information?)

So. What does Katie learn from this?

Sounding like a spammer is great marketing promotion strategy!

Just kidding. I don’t what I learn…mostly that keeping the balance and being authentic is key, and that I can’t please everyone.

I was going to only share that course on Facebook, because I don’t think it’s a perfect fit or a need for everyone, but I also know that some will really benefit. Now it’s cluttering up a post, but it was good to get that off my chest. Smile  (I do make commission on the course, but I also much enjoyed listening to it myself.)

If you’re interested in the course for yourself, even if I sound spammy – Lydia extended registration for two more days (through the 21st) and is raising her prices in January, so this is the lowest you’ll be able to pay for the course. It’s already begun (one week in) but you can catch up quickly. Here’s the link for more info (and the preview lesson).

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