Get Smelly This Christmas…No, in a Good Way {GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED}

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Back in the very first post I ever wrote – which honestly seems like another lifetime, both in family life and on the Internet, so much has changed! – I teased about my then-3-year-old son’s obsession with good-smelling soap.

I was of course writing to warn of the dangers of antibacterial soaps and throw Bath & Body Works under the bus, more or less, but it’s still kind of funny that I am getting really into smelly soaps now, and he could care less. Winking smile 

I still get irked by the overly chemical, sharp scents of commercial soaps and it turns my nose when my kids wash their hands at others’ houses with the B&BW pump soaps. It just stays on their hands so long and is so pungent!

The soft aroma of my linen closet when I open the door, on the other hand, reminds me to slow down and take a deep breath before I frantically grab whatever I’m heading in there for before rushing back into daily life.

The hallway closet is where I store my soaps, because storing them in the moist bathroom can shorten their lifespan and decrease quality. (Did you know that?) It’s also really important to keep your bar soaps on a soap dish to help them drain rather than allowing them so sit in a mushy puddle of wasted soap.

When you’ve got quality body products, made from food and other stuff of nature like pure essential oils, you want to take good care of them and your investment in good  health. I feel good about the soaps that my family uses to shower, bathe and wash their hands, because I know where they come from.

Not only do I know what’s in them, from coconut oil to almond oil, from organic orange peels to beeswax to coffee and oatmeal, but I also know who made the soap, how many kids they have, and their passion for family life and caring for the environment and your health.

Here are my soap makers from Harmony Acres and their story:

Harmony Acres family

So if supporting small businesses is important to you, if you like the idea of knowing not only the ingredients in your personal products but the people behind the products, and if you dig smelly, non-synthetic scents…you’ll love Harmony Acres.

More Than Just Soap

I just made my Christmas order last night from Harmony Acres, including many soaps (how can you choose just one or two scents once you start reading them?), natural lotion, (above) baby lotion, the herbal big people balm, and I pondered the deodorant and Tooth Powder but decided "next time" for those. The story behind the tooth powder will crack you up!

The herbal balm in particular is exciting because it’s the kind of thing that I’d love to DIY, but I really don’t want to buy all the (expensive) ingredients…so I’m pretty happy to buy it from someone else. It includes:

organic emu oil, herbal blend of organic comfrey leaf/root, plantain, nettle, calendula & chamomile infused in oil blend of olive, avocado, organic shea, cocoa butter & castor; beeswax; essential oils of lavender & tea tree; vitamin E.

I know a lot of those ingredients are really powerful (comfrey, plantain) and not things I exactly have lying around… 

Appalachian Spring Natural Deodorant   Uncle Walter's Tooth Powderâ„¢

Win it!

THREE lucky winners will get an early Christmas gift of this KS Prize Package, which includes one Handmade Bar Soap with Soap Saver, one 4 oz. Lotion and one Soothing Mint Lip Balm ($26.95 value). You get to choose the scents, and you’ll wish for smell-o-screen on your computer reading the descriptions, believe me.

While you’re waiting to see if you won, you might want to grab some Christmas gifts for teachers, co-workers, and other folks for whom you need to buy a little something but hate to contribute to the clutter in their lives. Use the coupon “kitchenstew” for 10% off (expires June 1st 2014). If you start reading customer reviews and testimonials, you’ll see a ton of good feedback on the quick turnaround, so hopefully that is still true during this super busy season!


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All photos from Harmony Acres. 

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    I have been turning bars of soap into liquid soap for decades… just because it is more convenient for me to use. In the shower – without getting too graphic – I pour some on my head and work it over my skin. what could be faster and easier… if you want to luxuriate in it, then take a bath.

    I usually use a bar of Irish Spring and a cap full of a non-skin sensitive liquid detergent and whiz it up in a large (Ninja – 70 oz) blender – makes many quarts of liquid soap. Be sure to chop the soap first before you put it in the blender. And you may have to bottle some liquid after the first blending and then add more liquid detergent and water as usually all the bar soap will not go into liquid form the first time.

    And if you want to make it easier, put the bar of soap in water several days ahead of time.

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