How to Naturally Save Money — Mid-Week Deals Preview

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I’m working hard behind the scenes this week on 2014 goals for Kitchen Stewardship, planning my editorial calendar for the next few months, prepping a reader survey to hear what YOU all want to see more (and less), and preparing to invite some contributing writers on the team.

For five years, I’ve never really had the desire to have anyone else write here to save me time, because I always had an over-abundance of ideas to write about. I finally have hit the point where, even though I still have long lists of ideas, I’m not writing them well enough because I’m distracted by too many other things on my plate. So I’m pretty excited, actually, to have some fresh perspective and passion here on KS – I think writers who share once a month will bring their very best to the table, and I will also be able to spend more time writing each individual post of my own, hopefully increasing the quality and depth (but not length, my goodness!) of the topics I cover.

Today I’m sharing a bit of a sneak preview of a new bi-monthly feature here at KS, tentatively titled “How to Naturally Save Money – Saturday Deals.”

I know it’s not Saturday…but there’s some neat stuff going on this week I wanted you to know about before Saturday! Winking smile That’s why it’s a “sneak preview” and not just the first installment.

The reason I’m doing this is because I do get a lot of neat opportunities crossing my desk, from eBook sales and free opportunities, to discounts on products from online stores and free Kindle books. I used to just add good ones to the end of a post or share them on Facebook, but that’s starting to feel clunky and excessive. I want my posts to be stand-alone articles and helpful to anyone, anytime without all the baggage of time-sensitive sales cluttering up the ends.

So I decided that every other week, I’ll just share everything all at once, and if you aren’t interested in either freebies or deals, you can just skip the whole post. You won’t hurt my feelings. Winking smile


In this first deals post, you’ll find:

  • KS eBook sale
  • free Google Hangout on Google Plus (and upcoming real food topics)
  • launch event for High Protein, No Powder (a book of real food smoothies and snacks)
  • Coffee Table Conversations (12 weeks of mentoring on healthy living topics, starting next week!)
  • Green Your Life eBook bonus deal (
  • Cleansing for Conception (3-week challenge)
  • Plan to Eat meal planning online (giveaway and free trial)

KS eBooks on Huge January Sale!

The first deal this week is a sale on my own books – I wanted to do something for January to help people who are determined to start their year off right with a renewed (or brand new) commitment to real food and/or natural living, so you can get anything in my store 50% off if you buy at least 3 items.

This includes already discounted packages and even the brand new The Healthy Breakfast Book, so it’s a pretty unique opportunity to stock up or share with friends!

You can see all my books and discount packages HERE and read more about each book at their individual pages:

Getting the 50% off deal is easy – after adding at least 3 items to the cart, use the code “2014” for huge savings.

Q: Can I share with friends?

A: Of course! As long as one eBook has one owner and resides on one computer, you can gift copies of the books to friends or go together to make the deal work.

Want to Learn About Google Plus?

I’m one of those people who hates learning new things – I held out on joining Facebook at all for much longer than my peer group and didn’t start a page for KS for even longer than that.

But as an online businessperson, I feel like I should get better at branching out and understanding the various social media platforms – last year I concentrated on figuring out Pinterest and now have much more interesting, active and useful boards (follow me HERE!), and this year, the new goal is Google Plus.

It’s actually been kind of fun so far, and I like some of the interfaces better than Facebook, particularly on mobile.

If you are curious to learn a little more about G+, I’m hosting a Google Hangout On Air (HOA) on Monday, January 13th from 9-10 p.m. called “How to Use Google Plus {for Everyone}” and it’s totally free. My guests are Chef Dennis Littley, who has been using Google Plus for a few years and knows a TON about it, and Laura Fuentes of MOMables. Both guests have actually had conversations with people at Google, which feels about as hard to do as finding a customer service number for Amazon, so I think that’s pretty cool!


You do have to have a Google Plus account to join, but if you use Gmail, you probably already have a default one you didn’t know about. You won’t be “on air” too (so come in your PJs!) but you can ask questions live via the chat. You can also click “Maybe” on the invite if the time is bad for you and you’ll get a notification with instructions on how to watch the replay, which is available immediately following the show.

The cool part about this isn’t really that I think everyone should be on Google Plus…but that I’ll be running them once each month on a real food or natural living topic, so it’s a pretty great opportunity to learn from some top names in the real food world, for free. The next Hangout is January 27th, tentatively on “Baby Steps to Real Food Living.” I’ll let you know how to sign up for that one and who the guests are as the date gets closer!

High Protein, No Powder Launch

I’ve had Tiffany Terczak’s book High Protein, No Powder for a few months now, and we just love it. I even shared a sneak preview recipe back in the fall, Apple Pie Smoothie, and you can see more about the book there.

The book just launched to the public this week and includes two purchasing options. The first option is “Just a Slice,” which includes the PDF version of the book for $5 for one full week beginning January 7th. The price goes up to $8 on January 14th.image

The second option is “The Whole Pie,” which includes

  • the PDF version of the book
  • Kindle files
  • a 20-page PDF mini-eBook “Homemade Ingredients”
  • three printables (substitution chart, making any smoothie a high protein smoothie and dial by protein chart)
  • one-year subscription to new smoothie and bar recipes (delivered via email monthly)

“The Whole Pie” is $10 beginning January 7th and will go up to $13 on January 14th.

See more HERE.

Tiffany also lined up three weeks worth of incredible giveaways in celebration of the book launch, including a Blendtec and a Magimix food processor and over $1000 worth of goodies total! You can see the Blendtec giveaway HERE.

Coffee Table Conversations

Coffee Table Conversations- We'll mentor your healthy living journey this year!

If you bought the last Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle in the fall, you already have access to this 12-week online conference, but if you didn’t, it’s amazing.

Each week has a live webinar, a private Facebook group, and a ton of information. See more HERE.

I’m kicking off next week on Tuesday, January 14th, with “Slow Food in a Fast Food World.” The other topics are here:

  • Allergen-free cooking — January 21st, 2014
  • Fitting fitness in to a busy schedule — January 28th, 2014
  • Real food for beginners — February 4th, 2014
  • Intro. to alternative and herbal remedies — February 11th, 2014
  • Natural pregnancy & birth — February 18th, 2014
  • Fighting fatigue & boosting energy — February 25th, 2014
  • Using essential oils — March 4th, 2014
  • Greening your household — March 11th, 2014
  • Natural baby care — March 18th, 2014
  • Gearing up for gardening season — March 25th, 2014
  • Eating well on a tight budget — April 1st, 2014

Early bird pricing is on NOW and ends soon! Find out more.

Green Your Life eBook

Green Your LIfe: Get Started Today!

Emily McClements has been a trusted colleague of mine for a long time, and we were fortunate enough to meet in real life once. We write together on Green Your Way, and this month Emily released a very helpful new eBook, Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living. It’s over 250 pages and includes personal testimonies, resources, research, DIY projects and more to help you get started with natural living – or just get more consistent or comfortable with it.

If you buy the book during the January launch special, you get a FREE membership ($14.99) value to the 4-week Green Your Life challenge held in February. Participating in the challenge will give you the personal help and motivation you need to not only get started, but keep going with natural living habits. And what an amazing deal! Read more HERE.

Cleansing for Conception

Here’s what you get when you register for the 3-week Cleansing for Conception Challenge:

    • Cleansing for Conception ebook – This downloadable PDF ebook will help give you ideas on what to include in your own cleansing protocol. ($8.95 value!)

cleansing for conception

  • Community support via a private forum – an important part of any positive change we make regarding our health are the friends that help encourage you! There’s a forum available for at least 30 days to ask questions and gain support from both Donielle and others taking the challenge
  • Menu Plans – “But what do I eat?!?” can be a common question when one takes a look at even short-term dietary changes. You get help along the way with a few different meal plan options.
  • Podcasts – Experts and holistic professionals chat about cleansing to help keep you motivated and to provide you with tons of extra information.

Registration will be open until January 18th, but if you register by the 13th you can save 25%. Read more HERE.

After the 18th, registration for the challenge will close and no more new members will be accepted.

Plan to Eat Giveaway

We’re extending the Plan to Eat giveaway at KS for one more day so you can catch it after getting this email – check it out right HERE for not only a chance to win one of three year-long memberships, but also some of my meal planning tips and philosophical wanderings. Plan to Eat also offers a 30-day free trial of their system so you can see what you think – I loved that I could see my meal plan and auto-generated shopping list on my phone at the grocery store yesterday!! Saves money and time after you get it all set up.

Let me know what you think of “Saturday Deals” if you don’t mind!

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