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It’s painfully obvious that I think differently than most whenever I’m in a crowd of people or at a party.

While many throw away humongous piles of wrapping paper without a second thought, I tend to make a neat pile of pieces large enough to reuse next year.

Paper towel, for most people, is the best and quickest way to wipe up a big spill – folks will grab the end of a roll and pull like they get a gold medal for obtaining the most consecutive squares, then bunch it up, wipe up most of the puddle and go back for a few (dozen) more paper towels to really dry it up.

When I kill a bug, I tear off half a sheet of toilet paper. I have to contain myself so I don’t make an audible “gasp” at the paper towel races.

And when most people store leftovers or bring a dish to pass to a party, they cover it in ample aluminum foil, ball that up and throw it away, then exercise their paper-towel-pulling arm when getting a new sheet to cover the dish on the way home.

I cringe, hopefully inwardly, and do my utmost to think of all the ways I can cover food without throwing anything away.

I’ll often use a plate or towel over a bowl at home, and I still have the same aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes that I bought before I started this blog. They’re not going anywhere quickly.

But sometimes, there just isn’t any way to avoid the plastic wrap – you have an odd-shaped bowl or a small piece of bread or a few pieces of cut veggies. It’s time to get out the plastic bags or wrap…or is it?

Enter the Solution


Bee’s Wrap is organic cotton muslin covered with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. You warm the Bee’s Wrap slightly in your hands, form a seal on the top of a bowl or around an onion, hunk of bread or waffle (below), and it seals in the fridge:

beeswrap (3)

I saved this half waffle for two full days in the fridge, and it absolutely did not dry out, something I cannot say about the reusable sandwich bags I reviewed a few years back. Impressive!

The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep food fresh and allow you to use the Bee’s Wrap again and again.

beeswrap (4)

Bee’s Wrap is described as “an old fashioned solution that feels miraculous in the modern world,” and what could be more true. It’s a little like hearing a child call a dad “Papa” or seeing someone wear a bonnet – but it makes so much sense!

To clean the Bee’s Wrap, you just wash in cold water. (Don’t use on raw meat.) I learned my lesson the hard way in that I forgot the “cold” part one time when I got it really messy, and I think I may have melted some of my coating away with the hot water I foolishly used. Sad smile It doesn’t work as well as it used to, but it’s still a good covering for a loaf of banana bread in the pan or wrapping small things up tightly (like half a banana, for example. We always seem to have a portion of a banana sitting around our house…).

Want Some?


Two KS readers will win a set of 3 Bee’s Wraps ($18 value):

3 wraps- 1 small (7″x8″), 1 medium (10″x11″), 1 large (13″x14″)

Or you can take advantage of the special 10% off code “KS2014,” good through Monday, January 20th (grab them quickly!). Shop here.


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28 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. says

    On a similar note . . . we were reading some stuff my Grandfather wrote about his childhood. Before plastic, they used to bring their lunch wrapped in wax paper, then they would use the paper to go down the slide at school 😉

  2. Christi says

    I can completely relate to having to refrain from my horror over waste in general. The paper towel thing really gets me. I was at a friend’s house and there was a spill on the counter next to the sink. Instead of reaching for the washcloth at the sink, she pulled off a paper towel and wiped it up. I’ve had to learn to bite my tongue because most people admire my frugality (or Eco-conscience, or whatever word applies), but have no desire to develop it in themselves. *sigh*

    • Christi says

      Oh yes, and I’ve taken to using actual fabric for wrapping most family gifts. I can either use some tape on the fabric or ribbons to tie off the ends.

      P.S. I’m definitely checking out the beeswax product you talked about!

  3. Keilah says

    Thanks for sharing this post! I had to share something funny from the holidays. My visiting family kept asking me where the paper towels were. My answer? “I don’t believe in paper towels! Here are some cloth rags.” This confused our little girl, who quickly thought of Santa. “Mommy doesn’t believe in paper towels or Santa Claus.” Thankfully, our families mostly love us for our quirks.

  4. Helen says

    Does wrapping a banana keep it from browning? I just wash the banana well and slice it in half while still in the peel. I leave the 2nd half sitting on the counter and when we go to eat it, just slice off the brown end.

  5. says

    So glad to learn about this. We use reusable towels and we switched to roasting pans with tops for things that I use to cook that I covered with aluminum foil. I will have to say I keep a roll of plastic wrap but don’t have to use it often. Got some glass containers with tops to store leftovers.

  6. Heather says

    I have never heard of these before, they are awesome!! I have also been known to fold up foil to use more than once, and I nearly always reuse ziplock bags. My mother would love them too. I learned my crazy frugality from her!!

  7. Abi Craig says

    I have some of these . . . and like them a lot. The different sizes are nice to have.

    And hurray for saving wrapping paper . . . when I was a kid we used to remember what we had received the year before in the same piece of paper!

  8. Laura says

    I just want to write to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am an Earth conscious hippy mama through and through, and sometimes feel like I’m a fish swimming up stream! All of the things you mentioned; saving wrapping paper, grabbing recyclable items out of other people’s trash and cringing at the general waste our consumerism world has produced! At my baby shower a year ago, my only request was that no gifts were wrapped in new paper of any kind and that the event be as reusable/recyclable as possible. And the hosts did a GREAT job honoring my requests. Thank you for having this blog and posting your passion to preserve God’s great gift. I found you because I’m on a war path to get B&BWorks to STOP using Triclosans and producing so many harmful anti-bacterial products! So I’ve passed on your form letter to my people on FB. Thank you…truly thank you for this Blog….sometimes it’s just reassuring to know there are other fish swimming upstream right along with me. :)

    • says

      Aw, that’s about the coolest baby shower I’ve ever heard! I was at a wedding shower a few weeks back and kept thinking, “If I’m ever the recipient of this many gifts at once again, I’m going to be a total brat…” 😉

      I LOVE that that old letter is helping still – if you get any traction, let me know and I’ll fan the flame!!! :) Katie

  9. casey says

    Is this strong enough to rest another bowl on top of? I don’t use much plastic wrap/aluminum foil anymore but I do use press n seal for some leftovers because it allows me to cover the bowl AND then rest another one on top of it. I haven’t had much luck covering with a plate and then placing another bowl on top of the plate, it usually falls off.

    • says

      Maybe? I actually love the “plate on bowl” trick, so I’ve never really tried the Beeswrap this way, nor in the freezer. If you just want something between your food and the lid, it might, but it’s definitely thicker than plastic wrap, so your lid might not close. Think a T-shirt thickness plus beeswax, so thicker.

      I’ll see if the owner can pop over and answer…

      :) Katie

      • casey says

        I was thinking the thickness would be too much – plus I wonder if it would get brittle in the freezer? This may be a non issue since I just got my belated christmas present from my sister – a Foodsaver vacumn sealer. Now I just need to cook something so I can freeze it!

    • Sarah Kaeck says

      Hi Casey,

      I think this definitely depends on the weight of the bowl you are setting on the Bee’s Wrap. Bee’s Wrap is thicker than plastic wrap and has a pretty strong seal, but I have not tried stacking bowls. I would say it would work with lighter dishes. Thanks for the question!


  10. casey says

    Also would it work in the freezer? When I freeze things in Tupperware I usually put a layer of plastic wrap between the food and the lid to help seal it.

    • Sarah Kaeck says

      Hi again,

      We use Bee’s Wrap for freezing bread for shorter periods of time- about 2 weeks. It works great! Katie is right on about the thickness issue and getting a lid on. I haven’t tried this yet so can’t give you an answer from experience.


  11. says

    Another option for green food wrapping is to reuse bags that purchased food came in. We especially like the bags that line cereal and cracker boxes (though obviously, grain-free or hardcore DIY people will not have these!) because they are so tough, great for the freezer, don’t stick to themselves, and are easily cut open if a flat sheet is needed. They can be held over a bowl with a rubber band.

  12. Liz S. says

    Hi Katie,

    Such a great product. I went right over and made a purchase! (I couldn’t make the discount code work. Not a big deal for a $18 purchase, but I thought you might like to know.)

    I too hate using plastic wrap (at least clean aluminum foil can be recycled), but sometimes just haven’t had an alternative. Now I will. I’m so excited to try them out.

    Thanks for sharing great products like this :)

    • says

      Thanks for letting us know – I emailed Sarah at Beeswrap to see if we can get the coupon code figured out. Did you try it in a few ways (uppercase, lowercase) to see if it was just a minor typing issue? I’m sorry you missed out on the discount, but I hope you love the Beeswrap! :) Katie

      • Liz S. says

        Yes, I tried the code uppercase, lowercase, with and without spaces, thinking it was a typing error too. I’m not unhappy about it though. I got a shipping confirmation email from Bees Wrap this morning, so I’m going to be watching the mailbox in anticipation :) thanks!

  13. Mary Ellen says

    I recycle like a maniac but I am guilty of using a lot of paper towels. However, I do re-use them. I’m a bit germaphobic… so I often dry my hands on a single paper towel while doing food prep. But, I don’t throw it away. I keep it on the table and re-use since it’s basically clean. I might wash off the table with it or wipe up something from the floor, dust something off, etc.

    When it comes to food storage, I have a number of hermetically sealed jars. I originally bought a number of one-quart jars when I used to culture vegetables (which I’d like to get back into but haven’t had the time). Since I haven’t been doing that, I use the jars for food storage… toss that peeled half onion into the jar and store in fridge. I keep peeled onion, carrots, celery and other items in the jars and things seem better than when kept in baggies. I use glass bowls for cooked food storage, but I admit I often put a layer of plastic wrap between the bowl and cover because it seals better and keeps the cover clean. I rarely use tin foil, but when I do, I will save the foil by gently folding it and then reuse it after the party, if necessary (when taking a dish home) or else wiping off food and recycling.

    Just wanted to share!

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