Valentine’s Cards Without Candy

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In another week, all the heart-shaped everything will be gone and Pinterest will be back to being many shades of color rather than a menagerie of red and pink.

Just in case you’re still looking for something to include in Valentine’s cards for your kids and want to avoid candy and sugar, here’s what we did last year to rave reviews:

Healthy Valentine's Cards for Kids

It’s not the most frugal option, I’ll admit – we bought these pouches (found on Amazon with my affiliate link) without any sugar at Costco, but they were still probably 25-50 cents a kid. (?) But they were cute!

Healthy Valentine's Cards for Kids)

If you want a super frugal, DIY no-food-at-all option, my son chose this mustache idea and we’re DIYing the mustache straws.

I have a bunch of other no-sugar and no-food Valentine’s Day card ideas on my healthy Valentine’s Pinterest board:


and don’t forget to try a heart-shaped breakfast!

Sweetheart Breakfast - Heart-Shaped Food for Valentine's Day

If you happen to have the joy of planning a party for your child’s class, please be inspired by my healthy Valentine’s Day party treats:

Healthy Valentine Snacks for Kids

Enjoy the week, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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12 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Robyn via Facebook says

    Target has lots of non-candy valentine options that are fun. Puzzles, crafts, jokes, tattoos. Our school doesn’t allow food gifts of any kind. Lots of pencils and stickers, which is fun!

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  2. Anitra says

    The applesauce pouches are a fantastic idea! I suggested it to my kindergartener. At first, she wanted to give candy to everyone, but I pointed out that there is one girl who has a lot of allergies and we don’t know what candy she could eat. Then we talked about how it’s better to give everyone the same kind of treat if we are able to (rather than candy to everyone and applesauce to the allergic). So, now I need to go buy more applesauce pouches – my daughter even made a request for which flavor to get (cinnamon, her favorite).

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    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    Hooray! Good job, mama! :) Katie

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  3. Nicole Handy says

    I used to buy the cinnamon applesauce pouches with the Apple and cinnamon as the only ingredients. But when they changed the packaging they added Apple juice concentrate and Apple concentrate to the ingredients, which means they’re adding sugar. That is one common misconception that Apple juice concentrate is fruit juice. From what I have read, it does not even resemble juice or anything you would have in the kitchen. The applesauce pouches with concentrate have 2 g more of sugar in them then the old recipe. This is also why I stopped buying stretch Island fruit leathers. Many of my friends believe there is no sugar added, but it is just one more trick by the food industry. Probably still a better option than candy for Valentine’s Day though. :)

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    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    Really? I’ve not seen that…I don’t think they can add actual cane or beet sugar w/o listing it in the ingredients, but I suppose the apple juice concentrate would be more of the fruit sugars. Dumb food scientists…

    [Reply to this comment]

    Nicole Handy Reply:

    Robert Lustig is the doctor that I first heard this information from. I heard him explaining it on a radio program and then I checked out his book “Fat Chance”from the library. He has an e-book on Amazon called Sugar has 56 names: a shopper’s guide.”

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