3 Trillion Dependents…Too Bad They’re Not All Tax Credits {Free One-Hour Talk on Gut Health}

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Michael Pollan says that the fact that bacterial cells outnumber human cells in our own bodies by a ratio of 10:1 begs the question: Who really are we?

I have no need to get existential about it – but the staggering fact remains that we are host to trillions of bacteria, most of whom (most of which??? There I go getting existential!) are friendly and even vital to our survival.

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I’m going to have trouble keeping to the hour show length on the next KS Connect *Plus*, my bi-weekly Google Hangout. It’s all about gut health, and my guests are Lydia Shatney, certified nutritional therapist from Divine Health from the Inside Out, Orleatha Smith, LPN from Level Health and Nutrition and Amanda Torres of The Curious Coconut, whose story of transformation has me just shaking my head at modern recommendations (as does Orleatha’s!). 

Lydia wrote the great guest post from last Friday called 5 Reasons You Have Stomach Pain After Eating (and other not-so-fun bowel symptoms that don’t really belong in a title). If you’ve got any gut pain or "IBS" going on, it’s a must-read.

I’m going to stop myself from adding any more information today, but I hope to see you Monday, 2/24, 9-10pm EST (6-7 PST, this Monday!) sharing your questions about gut health (in text; you don’t have to talk or be on video, don’t worry!).

You can also RSVP by clicking "maybe" and you’ll get reminders about it in case you can make it live OR also the link to watch the replay on You Tube. It’s totally free, just a good chat with some smart women who are passionate about real food and gut health (which go hand in hand more often than not, of course).

Here’s where to go to get more info and register. 

I don’t think you even need a G+ account to watch the show live and definitely not on the replay, although in order to ask questions you probably do. (If you have a gmail account, you have one. You just might not know it!)

Let me know if you have any questions about how to attend OR if you have a question for the speakers and can’t make it live; I’ll add it to my list.

See you then!

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  1. Janice says

    Came back to the post about ginger tea and just noticed the caption regarding all those tax credits. Thanks for making me laugh. It’s been fun watching you grow more knowledgable and share this knowledge with us! Thank you!

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