The Best Grain-free Granola Ever! (Please vote for me)

I entered a mainstream recipe contest, and I’m up against folks who like to push conventional turkey bacon, white flour, white sugar, ETC. for breakfast. My competitive streak is kicking in, and I want to win mostly because I want to show the world that breakfast recipes ought to be made from REAL FOOD!

If you’re going to take the time to cook from a recipe, you might as well use healthy ingredients, right?

The recipe I chose is our family’s ultimate favorite granola – it makes for a quick breakfast or snack on hectic days, is completely gluten-free and grain-free, is really filling and satisfying, and a quadruple batch fits just right in my largest bowl.

You can’t find the recipe anywhere but The Healthy Breakfast Book and Healthy Snacks to Go, two of my eBooks, until now:

Cardamom Spiced Nutty Granola (2)

Grain-free Cardamom Spiced Nutty Granola

I’d so appreciate your votes! You can vote once a day, and you don’t have to register or fill out a whole form or anything (annoying) like some contests. A quick click on "vote!" and typing in the "I’m not a robot" phrase and you’re done.

Share with your Facebook friends if you would, and let’s get real food on the front of Better Homes and Gardens magazine!!

The recipe in first place right now is from a blogger who has a much, much bigger Facebook following than me, so I’m coming from behind for sure, and with only a week left in February to make it happen. But her recipe uses white flour and white sugar, and I didn’t even think the photo was all that great in today’s gorgeous food photography landscape now that Pinterest is around.

I can’t lose to that!

Help me out by clicking RIGHT HERE and voting once a day until February 28th. We’ll see what we can do with our real food nourished muscles!

Cardamom Spiced Nutty Granola (1)

I’m often asked about this recipe when I mention that we’ve eaten it, and I always have to say, "It’s only in my book…" But now you can get it! I hope you love it!

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