Monday Mission: Try a Natural Remedy with Ginger

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Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to try a natural remedy with ginger.

Ginger Home Remedies for Colds, Sore Throats, Migraines and More

Since you already have fresh ginger on hand for The Ginger Challenge Series (and now always will forevermore because of the super ginger storage tip!), you might as well have some natural remedy recipes to boost immunities, soothe sore throats and nail migraines before they nail you.

I admit I haven’t taken this mission myself yet – other than making and enjoying ginger tea and cooking with fresh ginger, I haven’t branched out so far. (Although ginger tea, as I mentioned in last week’s mission, is a great bridge between a beverage and a remedy since it really serves both purposes. Master tonic, on the other hand…not so much.)

Since I’m a failure at the homemade natural remedies (at least with ginger thus far), I turned to my natural living blogger community for help. And people came through! This post is packed with ideas to use your fresh ginger in all sorts of teas, infusions, broths, and other concoctions to keep you at your best.

Before I turn it over to the blogosphere, though, a few notes:

Don’t Forget to Read the Fine Print on Ginger

The Ginger Challenge

First, why should we use ginger medicinally as a remedy for anything anyway? Ginger has many healing properties, like:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • gut-healing/protecting/balancing (fights nausea)
  • improves circulation/raises body temp
  • anti-carcinogenic
  • cough and cold treatment and prevention
  • detoxification

Sources: 1, 2, 3

And second, you’ll see notes about ginger and pregnancy, both that it’s wonderful to alleviate morning sickness and also to use with caution if pregnant. What’s the truth?

I read this on Dr. Weil’s site which makes sense – basically that you could probably drink ginger tea all day long and not reach the limit of what someone who is pregnant should reach, but if you want to try a ginger supplement, you should follow the recommendations in the article about how much to take and how to space it out. I can only imagine any of the remedies below would be well within the range of acceptable for someone who is expecting (but I’m no doctor! Don’t take my word for it.).

I also looked at our longtime sponsor TriLight Health, where they have a special safe pregnancy section for their herbal tinctures. Ginger is in a number of them specifically for pregnant women, such as:

  • RespaClear – A combination of herbs and formulated to address respiratory issues, give immune system support, fight viral infections, and soothe an upset stomach.
  • IntestiCalm – A formula designed to soothe the inflamed mucus membrane of the bowel, reduce intestinal cramping and provide mild astringent herbs to reduce excess liquid in the bowel.
  • Morning Soothe – Morning sickness support during times of nausea during pregnancy.
  • MoveEZ – Constipation and bowel support

Other formulas that incorporate ginger, all of which are in my medicine cabinet personally along with IntestiCalm and MoveEZ above, include Tummy Plus, Sinus Minus, and NR Glow, which my kids think is the best-tasting immune-booster TLH offers. I think they like the zing; you’ll never believe what spicy food is included! They’re tough kids… Winking smile

TriLight Health sponsored this post, so please thank them for making these resources possible with no cost to you.

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What Can Ginger Do for Me?

These natural remedy resources, ranging from hot broth and tea to a daily elixir that will knock your socks off, all include ginger. They’ll help you tackle headaches, sore throats and general immune boosting.

Thanks to my colleagues for coming through with these great ideas!

A wintertime work horse tea to support your health with a bonus pro tip on ginger peeling

Ginger Tea for Colds and Flu (with a rocking ginger peeling tip)

Soothing and Healing Sore Throat Remedy

Soothing and Healing Sore Throat Remedy (hint…it’s not a tea!)

master tonic

Cold and Flu “Master Tonic”

master tonic

A different version of the “Master Tonic”

power shot immunity booster

Wintertime Power Shots (immune boosting, throat soothing)

sore throat tea with ginger

Soothing Sore Throat Tea (plus a quick way to prep it!)

elderberry rose hip syrup

Elderberry Rose Hip Syrup (with ginger of course)

carrot celery ginger juice for migraine relief

Migraine Relief: Carrot/Celery/Ginger Juice

Add to the post! Share what ginger natural remedies  you’ve tried successfully (or even not so successfully) in the comments. Thanks!

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