$ave Naturally with Saturday Real Foodie Deals (3/1)

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Real Foodie Deals

The four pillars of Kitchen Stewardship are nutrition, environment, time and budget. It’s very difficult to balance all of them and feel good about it, which is why I’m here to share tons of tips and resources in all four areas.

Today’s feature focuses on the budget – I collect opportunities to save money all week long, including eBook sales, free digital bonuses, discounts on products from online stores, free Kindle books and product giveaways. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection! For more up-to-date sales that might not last until the next Saturday Deals, be sure to follow me on Facebook, or better yet, join the KS Connect Community on Facebook for only the cream of the crop, 1-3 posts per day.

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What’s the Deal This Week?

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Whole Earth Summit

This is a FREE online event, airing March 11-13 with presenters such as Joel Salatin, Vandana Shiva, Ocean Robbins, Vicki Robin, Anna Lappe & many others. Outreach for this event is expected at 10 million+ people worldwide. 42 extraordinary visionary leaders will be addressing water, food, the commons, social transformation, ecological activism, regenerative design, collective vision, and practical models for making a difference.

I finally got around to listening to some of the talks from last fall’s GMO Summit, a similar adventure, and they’re both chilling and vital to my understanding of the issues. I love that all these talks are available for free — as long as you listen within the 24-hour period. If your schedule doesn’t permit that but your budget permits some educational spending, you can purchase the talks plus supplemental info to have forever (which is what I did in the fall because I knew I’d want the information for Kitchen Stewardship). Register HERE.


Zulily is a shopping destination, offering daily discovery of new boutique items—all at an average of 50% off. New sales from between 50 and 60 companies launch daily and typically last 72 hours. Zulily has featured some of Kitchen Stewardship’s favorite products including Squooshi, Kid Konserve, Kleen Kanteen, Enjoy Life baking chips, Peeled Snacks and Barefruits. CLICK HERE to sign-up and shop by category.

Cast Iron on Sale on Amazon

Cast Iron Sale

There is lots of cast iron cookware currently on sale on Amazon! Some over 50% off. The kind I use, Lodge is included in those, look for the griddle and skillets! If you have been reluctant to try cast iron yet now is a great time when price shouldn’t be holding you back.

Mighty Nest gives 15% to Schools

Consider the alternatives to storing healthy food in chemical laden plastic… then tell us: are you ready to give glass a try? If you pledge to switch one plastic items to glass, Mighty Nest will donate 15% of your order to your local school! Info and take the pledge here.

Heal Your Gut eCourse

The Heal Your Gut eCourse is starting March 5th! If you have experienced stomach pain after eating (or other not-so-fun bowel symptoms) or would like to know what you are doing with 3 trillion dependents in your gut – this is a great opportunity to heal you gut!
What Heal Your Gut Covers:

  • Digestion 101 – How it works – How it can dysfunction
  • Healthy Elimination
  • Adequate Absorption – You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb
  • Food Sensitivities, Intolerances and Allergies. How to do an Elimination diet, plus supplemental support to heal leaky gut
  • GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Lesson with Certified GAPS Practitioner, Melanie Christener, plus a Q&A audio
  • Fermented/Cultured Foods & Probiotics
  • How magnesium supports digestive health
  • Holistic Treatment Options for Candida
  • How to put it all together and implement
  • and much more!!!

The course is led by Lydia Shatney, certified nutritional therapist, and you have personal access to ask her questions and tap into her expertise, an opportunity many don’t have, especially in rural areas. The course costs far less than just a few visits to a naturopath and you’ll come away with far more information. Click HERE for more info.

Keeping it Real Giveaway

Are you new to a real foods diet? Are you overwhelmed and confused about how to transition off of a standard American diet (SAD) and start feeding your family wholesome, nourishing foods? Would you like recipes that are easy, delicious, and free of gluten and grains?

This new eBook contains gluten-free recipes the whole family will love. Transitioning to a real food diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring. It’s exciting and empowering. This book will arm you with the tools you need to make that switch.

Jessica also has a launch giveaway going with $175 in gift certificates to Tropical Traditions for 3 winners (go directly to her blog, linked in “about the author” on the book page). Open through March 6.

Feel free to share real foodie deals you’ve found on the web this week in the comments, or ask questions about the goodies listed here. I mostly only share things I’ve used myself, so there’s a good chance I’ll know the answers!

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