You Could Bake in My Shiny Sink…or Something Like That

Cleaning with baking soda

I’m at Life Your Way (formerly Green Your Way) today waxing poetic about my favorite versatile white powder:

Wine stains on the counter. Crayon on the wall. The hated baked-on brown guck making an ever-lasting ring or a 10-minute cleaning job on your slow cooker.

If these are messes that send you running for the Comet, the Magic Erasers, and the bleach because it doesn’t feel like natural methods are strong enough, there’s one simple tool you can use to knock all of them off your list without hurting your surfaces or your home’s air quality.

Read the rest at "No More Magic Erasers or Scrubbing Frustrations"…

I’m sure you use this substance in your home, probably in multiple ways, but I hope you find a new wonder in today’s post!

See you in the comments over there!

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