An Easter Egg Hunt Style Kindle Sale–All KS eBooks!

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KS is having a big Kindle sale this weekend through next week! Kindle Lunch Box Sale

I’ve never had a Kindle sale, honestly, so I figure why not go all out? Winking smile

All seven books are going to be half off the entire time, but also one surprise book will be only 99c for 24 hours only, one book per day! You could have such a happy real food Kindle by this time next week. 😉

If you don’t have an actual Kindle, you can buy one right here OR just read the books in a Kindle app on your tablet, phone, or even regular computer.

For those who are not so techy, when you check out at Amazon it will say something like "sending to [Name’s] Cloud Reader" and then will open in a browser window for you. It’s pretty painless. Then once you close that window and have no idea where your book went (this was me for about a year; I wouldn’t close any Kindle tabs  until I’d read the book!), you can just go to and as long as you sign into your account, ta da! All your books are right there in your browser. You can also start from Amazon and under the "Your Account" dropdown menu, choose "Manage Your Kindle." Yes, even if you don’t have a Kindle. Winking smile

The Kindle version of each of my eBooks is pretty stripped down so it will look good even on the older B&W Kindles – so no allergy icons, photos, or tables like the PDF books have. Many people also like to print recipes when they buy the PDF…but those aren’t on sale for 99c, so it’s your call! Winking smile

The Treasure Hunt

Kindle Smart Sweets SaleThe sale runs for seven days, from Friday, March 28th through Thursday, April 3rd. Each day, one of the books will be 99c, but I won’t announce which one in advance. It will be like a hidden Easter egg hunt! Fun, right? Winking smile You can follow me on Facebook (or join the KS Connect group if you want to make sure you see the announcements, since Facebook is so fussy lately).

Want to Know More About the Books?

I’m probably biased, but I think the eBooks here at KS are really high quality. I’ve become known for very thorough recipes – I make it my goal to answer every possible FAQ immediately, so everyone can make it right away, from novice cooks who might have questions about how to use/where to find certain ingredients to folks with allergies who might be wondering if various substitutions will work.

Every recipe has been tested and re-tested, both in my family and by other readers and recipe testers, and I get a lot of good feedback that people really tend to like the ones I choose to include. We’re just a normal family with normal tastebuds – we experiment with gluten-free and grain-free recipes at times, so those are in there too, but just about everything is just "normal." In a really good way!

I try to make real food very approachable by using basic ingredients, blending the best flavors together, and providing tons of variations so there’s no excuse not to try something. I also strive to make traditional foods understandable by including lots of research and science geek notes, just the kind of thing you come to expect here at Kitchen Stewardship.

For details about the individual titles, click the picture to go straight to Amazon for the description and reader reviews (only a few of which broke my heart!). You can also peruse all the books here at Kitchen Stewardship to get page totals for the PDFs (Kindle’s page guesstimations are fairly inaccurate in comparison) and more information on the content.

Kindle with Healthy Snacks to Go

Regular Kindle price: $7.95

Kindle Camping half

Regular Kindle price: $4.95

Kindle Everything Beans Sale

Regular Kindle price: $7.95


Regular Kindle price: $7.95

Kindle Better Than a Box half

Regular Kindle price: $9.95

Kindle Lunch Box Sale

Regular Kindle price: $8.95

Kindle Breakfast half

Regular Kindle price: $8.95

The prices won’t show up as a "sale" on Amazon with the old price lined out and the new price highlighted – I’m not able to make that happen, I can just change the price. It also takes 1-12 hours to update the price, so even I don’t know when each 99c sale will begin and end exactly!

Let me know if you have any questions about the books, and thank you all for any reviews you’re willing to leave if you buy one or have purchased in the past (even if you’re not head over heels for the book; I’d rather hear constructive feedback than nothing at all or an over-hyped positive fib). We all know Amazon’s proof in the pudding is in the reviews!

You can scan a list of all the books in one place on my author page right HERE.

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7 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. says

    What happens if we have a book from before but it isn’t formatted for kindle? Do we need to buy it again to see it on our kindles in a usable way?

    • says

      Good question! Typically when I published the Kindle version of an older ebook, I would email all those customers with the Kindle file…but you may have missed it if your Paypal email isn’t your primary or whatever.

      First, I THINK Kindles can view PDFs, but don’t quote me on that b/c I don’t own one. But also if you’d like the file, just email me and as long as we can find your old transaction I’m happy to still pass that along, and it would be lovely if you could review it on Amazon too. Thanks!!
      :) Katie

      • Barb S says

        Yes, PDFs can be sent to your Kindle. Look in your Kindle Account page under Personal Document Settings for instructions.

  2. CW says

    I’ve printed Kindle book recipes. I view the recipe in my cloud reader and then use the print option I would use to print anything online. Sometimes I have to fiddle with it (use landscape mode or shrink to fit) to make it print right, but it does work.
    I hope that helps encourage others to buy your books. They are very thorough and full of good ideas.

  3. Diana says

    I just got the collection of your books complete on kindle. I had many already in PDF, but to have a quick check I always had to search through either my pc or the parts that I printed. Now I can just have a quick look in my kindle to check something, which I really really like. Thanks for the sale :-)

  4. Erika says

    Katie, a huge thank you for this sale! I got six out of your seven books (I already had one). I am so excited to read them and start cooking!

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